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'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL


ALPHA MALE RULE #1: seek to improve your money, job, status and looks. This is the most important rule that will make all the other rules flow effortlessly. when you have money, job, status and looks you will naturally exude an abundance mindset which will attract many female prospects. This in turn causes a ripple effect that feeds into the abundance mentality and alpha male traits. The alpha male trait/s and mentality needs to become a part of your inner being and personality so that you execute a 80/20 rate of effectiveness in dating and relationships. When you have the money, job, status and looks most of the attraction will come naturally.

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL
Altered Carbon Example: Kovacs upon the onset of the show was given a job proposition. This job proposition gave him the money and status. As a envoy Kovacs had a high status in society. This job gave him a unlimited credit supply. There is no doubt that money and status will give you an abundance mindset. This raises your value or in other words your 'SMV' which stands for 'sexual market value'. Kovacs takes care of his health, his body, his hygiene, etc. Therefore he has the money, job, status and looks for attraction and alpha male trait/s abundance mentality.

ALPHA MALE RULE 2: Don't please or validate women initially. Don't dance around like a monkey to entertain women and joke around all the time. You want to be a girls partner and not just her friend. Friends get 'friend zoned'. This may make you seem like a jerk but honestly if you are a guy you will inevitably be called a jerk by some girl no matter how nice you are. Trust me.

Altered Carbon Example: Kovacs is a serious dude. He hardly jokes around. He may have a sarcastic sense of humor but he generally keeps a masculine frame. When you keep a masculine frame the girl has no other choice but to have a feminine frame. This is the position you want to be in. If a girl sees you as feminine or just a 'friend' then you will be easily forgotten or taken for granted.

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE RULE 3: No Fear of Loss. This bleeds back to the first rule of money, job & status. When you have money, job & status you will have an abundance mindset that causes no fear of loss. This alpha male trait will help you not act needy and push girls away. 

Altered Carbon Example: Kovacs threatens the fear of loss with Ortega to see how much she cares. He doesn't chase after Ortega or show interest. He lets her chase. You only want female prospects that value you or they won't respect you. Once they don't respect you or value you then they are gone. Value and respect are more important than simply being 'liked'. You can be 'liked' and be forgotten. 

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE RULE 4: Keep a masculine frame. Don't argue with women. That's feminine. Don't be overly emotional. 

Altered Carbon Example: Kovacs acts emotionless to Ortega when she argues. Again when you have the job, money and status a lot of things don't bother you as much. 
'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE RULE 5: Elicit a range of emotions. Love and hate produce the same effect. These emotions keep you on the girls mind. When you deliver emotions to the girl whether good feelings or bad they make the girl obsess. On the other hand indifference will make the girl forget about you. This relates to why girls end up liking a 'jerk' or a 'bad boy' because of how they make her feel. A 'nice guy' doesn't create that range of emotions. A 'nice guy' causes indifference and is easily forgotten or taken for granted.

Altered Carbon Example: Kovacs drives Ortega nuts. Kovacs drives Ortega through the roof. Kovacs makes Ortega crazy. There is a fine line between her hate for him and her love for him you almost can't tell the difference. She obsesses about him night and day. This might not be healthy but it still maintains the attraction nonetheless. Ortega goes from wanting to punch Kovacs to kissing Kovacs.  

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE RULE 6: Don't make a girl the ONE and only. Keep your options open. Women do. Trust me. Probably more than men do. This helps with the abundance mindset. When you think only one girl is the ONE then you have entered into scarcity mindset. Naturally if you have the money, job and status then you will see yourself as a man of high value and not be so patient with one woman. Guys who have money, job and status don't seem nice cause they have options.

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

Altered Carbon Example:  Kovacs doesn't hide that he is looking at other girls. In fact Kovacs tells Ortega that a female of high status was in his apartment the night before. You would think that this would push Ortega away but this makes her chase him even more because since Kovacs has the money, job and status the chase is worth the challenge. Girls won't chase guys who have nothing to offer especially if they are taken. 
'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL
ALPHA MALE RULE 7: Law of Attraction. Focus your effort on girls that are attracted to guys like you. You don't want to stress over a girl that isn't even interested in your type. There are plenty of girls that like your type and personality. When you focus on girls that are attracted to your type you won't have to do much work because they will naturally be attracted to you anyway. The attraction will come easily.

Altered Carbon Example: Ortega is attracted to guys like Kovacs. In fact she used to date a guy that looked just like Kovacs. Either you will look like a guy the girl dated or you remind her of someone she's been with or the type/personality she is attracted to.

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

Lastly the number one secret to Alpha Male Traits/Mentality and the ultimate red pill is as follows: *Do all this for yourself not the girl.* Don't seek to increase your money, job, status and looks for a girl. Do it for yourself. Girls will come and go. Girls will leave you, ghost you, cheat on you, blame it on you, break up with you then try to get back with you, etc. Don't do it for her. If you do then she becomes the ultimate prize and you disqualify all the other rules. You cannot change a girl or control a girl forever. The only thing that is guaranteed in life is what you do for your life, future and happiness. Let everything else fall into place.

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

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Who is Jesus Christ & How i saw Jesus in Heaven | Questions on Heaven, Jesus & Dreams | TKC Series

Questions on Heaven, Jesus & Dreams 
When I was in college in a particular dorm room with a particular room mate i had a lot of strange dreams both pleasant and unpleasant. For example one night i dreamed in my room that there was a dog not too far from my bed. The dog transformed into a upright fox creature. That was strange. Additionally i had a dream where my roommate had a dungeons and dragons card game. The card game box had a circle like emblem in the middle. In the dream the circle like emblem opened up and tons of black insect like creatures came out and flooded the room. That was terrifying. These examples are two of many dreams i had throughout the past decade. One of the more pleasant dreams in that same dorm room was a dream of Jesus in heaven.
How I Saw Jesus In Heaven 
One particular night I had a dream where i saw Jesus in heaven. I didn't see myself in the dream but i saw a group of people gathered together before a stage like platform. I could see the sky and clouds past the stage in the background and at the center of the stage was Jesus on top of a white horse. Now the white horse was levitating in the air like we see in the Santa Claus movies with the reindeer. The white horse was galloping in the air as Jesus sat on the white horse. Jesus had long white hair just as the book of revelations depicts him and his skin was tanned. Not too dark and not too white. The most exciting part of the dream was Jesus' eyes. Out of his eyes came a bolt of lighting almost like a beam just like cyclops from X-Men. The light from Jesus' eyes hit the crowd from right to left as if immersing the crowd of people with his glory transforming them into his image. The light from Jesus' eyes hit the crowd from right to left like a wave til it got to me and once the light from his eyes hit me i woke up. Now when i woke up i could still feel the electricity from the dream. The room in my dorm was electrified and pulsating with his light. The fact that i can still remember this dream less than a decade ago shows that it was a actual experience that imprinted on my soul. 
The kainos club is a community of like minded believers or spiritually curious people that want to be enriched on spiritually related topics particularly in the realm of Christendom. Although we will delve into spiritual topics that can apply outside of religion but ultimately will help in your personal life growth. The Kainos Club stems from the word 'kainos' which in the greek means 'new in kind and not seen before'. Therefore as new creations in Christ we are a technology and a species that has yet to be revealed. The entire scope of our being is far beyond what our minds can conceive right now. Additionally we will provide advice, feedback, inspirational stories, prayer requests, one on one coaching, etc to those interested. In a nutshell here is what the kainos club will provide:
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What is Time According to the Bible and How Time Travel is Possible!

In the book of revelation Jesus says that 'I am the beginning and the ending'.
The Bible tells us that in Him we live move and have our being.
The scriptures also tells us that the cosmos or aeons (spans of time/ages) were created through the word of God (i.e Christ)
If Jesus is the beginning and the ending then herein lies the mystery...
Genesis says 'IN THE BEGINNING God created the heavens and the earth'
So in other words in Christ the heavens and the earth were created in.
All of creation is in Christ! That is why scripture says 'where can I go from your presence?'
Space-time exists within Christ. God fills everything that means all of space and all of time. Christ exists in the past, present and future simultaneously. 
He is the one who was, is and is to come. The great I AM. It is because He is the great I AM, the eternal one, that He can exist in all of time: past, present & future and know the end from the beginning because it is from Him all time and creation unfolds on earth as it IS IN HEAVEN!
Additionally in the book of revelation jesus says that 'I am the alpha and the omega'. Jesus exists in the beginning as the alpha or the first/originator and at the same time exists at the ending as the omega or last/finisher.
 Jesus calls things that are not as though they were because they already exist in heaven but have not yet been revealed on earth. King Solomon says there's a time for everything.
The past, present and future comes from the one who is, who was and who is to come. He fills all of eternity because he is outside of time and eternal. 
Time itself originated in and through Christ; He is the beginning of time and the ending of time. All matter is held together by Christ he is the universal life force that creates and sustains.
If Christ is in you and you are in Him the one who is, who was and is to come, the one who is the alpha and the omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the ending through whom all creation exists and has its origin in then how does that change your relation to time and matter? 
And if you are co heirs with Christ in everything the Father has granted the Son then what in all of creation from the Milky Way to the farthest galaxies and through all of time past, present and future will God withhold from you?
In a nutshell through Christ eternity was placed in our hearts and it is the Holy Spirit that helps us understand the works of God from beginning to end!

In Greek and roman culture the first and last letters where placed on tombstones signifying the time span of a persons life for example: alpha June 12 1978 - omega January 10 2010 - this further illustrates the concept of Christ being the alpha and omega. He is the very essence of time as we know it. We live move and have our being in Him.
What always perplexed me was how God created the cosmos and the ages through his word. Was it simply that God spoke creation into existence? Yes. Was it Christ the word creating the world? Yes but even deeper the word as described in the scriptures is the SEED!!! 
The seed of conception to the universe was Christ the word by which all of creation has undergone a birthing process.
In other words all of creation past present and future was contained in that seed Christ the word or divine sperma and the womb of creation in Christ the Holy Spirit nurtured from conception to pregnancy of creation. God provided the seed His word and the Holy Spirit as a mother sustained the womb of creation in Christ.
The scriptures tell us that all of creation groans as a woman in labor. So the Bible provides us a connection between creation and pregnancy. Science has shown us that the universe has been expanding since the beginning just like how a pregnant woman's womb expands as the baby grows. Revelations chapter 12 illustrates this concept as well as to the woman in labor who gives birth to a male child.
Creations original blueprint is 'as it is in heaven'. The scriptures tell us that Gods word has gone out of His mouth and it shall not come back void but it will accomplish what it is set out to do. That divine seed was conceived in the beginning with the entire DNA of the mind/thoughts of God for creation infused in the created order like a hologram so that between the beginning and the end the universe will line up to the blueprint of heavens purpose spoken before the creation of the world.
Things that have already existed in heaven have yet to manifest in the earth. For example jesus the lamb was slain before the foundation of the earth way before Christ ever walked the earth. God said that he knew us before we were in the womb and saw all our days! 
The book of revelation reveals the new Jerusalem and Mt Zion and a new heavens and a new earth that have yet to be manifested in the physical dimension but the reality of these things already exist. That is why all of time has already happened as realities in heaven but not on earth. Earth moves at a slower pace for now.
All these things in heaven God spoke into creation and have only been shown to the world through mystery in shadows and types prefiguring what is to come and a greater reality. Such as Adam being a type of Christ. The temple of Solomon a type of the temple in heaven. Etc. These are realities that God unveiled on the earth as shadows to point to a future truth.
You see through Christ in between the medium of time all of creation is birthing these realities to manifest on earth as it is in heaven so that Gods kingdom can be brought to the earth. Christ made all this possible by His death on the cross.
The blue print is in genesis. When God created everything and said it is good. Though the world may not seem like it is good the words God spoke to create the heavens and the earth have to line up to his blue print in genesis. If God rested on the 7th day why would God need to rest in the future at another time. It is the earth that hasn't yet lined up with the blue print of heaven and Gods word his seed will conceive and birth what he has spoken since the beginning.
Everything is just a unfolding of what has already happened. That is why king Solomon said everything that has happened under the sun has already happened!
In essence Christ is the womb in which Gods purpose in creation is birthed. This is why God created the universe and the ages past present and future through Christ so that all of creation might line up with 'as it is in heaven' the blueprint DNA of Gods plans. Christ is the Amen so that's a surety all will be well and everything will be accomplished because it already exists in Him and has already been worked out for our good.

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Evidence of The Merkavah & Sacred Geometry in Art

Many years ago whilst in high school bored out of my mind I drafted the ELO! character which has evolved over the years.  (while in france it manifested as a flower)

Whenever inspired or disillusioned as a method of motivation I would draw the ELO! character to refocus my attention towards positive vibes. 

Usually music was the primary fuel in this process. It could speak to me in ways nothing else could as if possessing the power to heal. 

ELO! reminded me that no matter how far I’ve fallen or how bleak life seems to be there’s always hope as long as you get back up and keep moving.  

ELO! taught me that some of the most powerful and liberating moments are in your lowest and darkest times.

 Only recently did I realize that the ELO! character I was drawing for years was a Merkavah. If you look at the picture above you can see the Star Tetrahedron which is also called The Star of David or Solomons Seal. Within the drawing you'll notice some of the sacred geometry that makes up Metatron's Cube of which the Merkavah is a part of.

The Merkavah is a light/spirit/body vehicle of ascension that transports you to another dimension. In essence it can be used to manifest your dreams sort of like a shape shifting tool. I used ELO! as a focus wheel and a mechanism to realign my purpose and goals into orbit.

The archetype of the Merkavah is what I plan to attain within my music and performances. To deliver mind altering transformative content that changes people’s lives and transports them into a whole new world. I intend to deliver an energy unparalleled of other worldly experience.
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What is Blockchain Crypto Currency vs the Fiat Monetary System | Why Invest into Blockchain Bitcoin?

What is Blockchain Crypto Currency Technology?

Blockchain is a digital technological ledger like infrastructure of collecting, storing, transferring and/or transacting forms of value such as data, information and currency in the language of cryptography. 

This is done on a decentralized network or web of computers spread across the world by volunteers who compete to decode and hash out encryptions via difficult calculations. 

This hashing process produces a web of nodes that communicate with each other organically until a general consensus has been reached. The first person to decode the encryption receives the reward of some bitcoin and is able to share the information that he/she decoded with the rest of the blockchain community. 

The information that was decoded is then verified among the blockchain community as valid. This information, data or value is then stored on a 'block'. Each subsequent block of information, data or value is intrinsically and automatically connected to its previous predecessor for the very reason that each block contains the 'dna' of its former block. 

Therefore these blocks of data, information and value are arranged in a chain like manner hence the name blockchain. By the very nature of how this technology is developed it reinforces credibility in a very secure system to collect, store and transfer/transact forms of value.

What is Blockchain Crypto Currency vs the Fiat Monetary System?

what is blockchain crypto currency

Blockchain Crypto Currency 

  • Decentralized - not run by a super elite party with bias interest. we include the general consensus. 
  • Autonomous - not controlled by one entity. we all self govern each other. we hold each other accountable.
  • Credibility - created in the language of cryptography. In order for a block in the chain to be fraudulently changed the hacker would have to hack all of the computers on the blockchain ecosystem AT ONCE to change one block of information. 
  • No Inflation - limit to how many coins can be mined. Bitcoin has a max supply of 21 million ever to be mined. The federal reserve prints 38 million notes a day!

what is blockchain crypto currency vs fiat monetary system

Fiat Monetary System

  • Centralized - run by a super elite party with bias interest. they are not for the people. these people have their own agenda that aren't for our best interest.
  • Non Autonomous - controlled by one entity. decisions they make are not held accountable. 
  • Credibility - the dollar is debt currency. it has no value. and people can create fraudulent money. Recently the Deutsche bank was raided for money laundering activity. This wouldn't be a issue within a blockchain structure.  
  • Inflation - 38 million dollar bills are printed each day. we are no longer on the gold standard. the dollar is backed by nothing. the more the dollar is printed the more it is devalued and thus becomes worthless. Bitcoin will be maxed out at 21 million. 
Why Invest into Blockchain Bitcoin? 

what is blockchain crypto currency bitcoin vs the fiat monetary system

The current fiat monetary system is obsolete and not secure. Paper money has no intrinsic value ever since President Nixon took the United States off the gold standard. Blockchain Crypto Currency Bitcoin has been compared to gold as the 'digital gold' and blockchain Crypto Currency Litecoin as the 'digital silver'. These blockchain crypto currencies along with ethereum has been declared as assets to grow your money and safe havens to store your money on. 

In fact there are certain blockchain crypto currencies that allow you to buy and own fractions of assets, stocks and commodities without physically holding it. For instance the blockchain crypto currency DigixDAO allows you to buy and own physical gold by purchasing a DGX token which is translated as 1 gram of gold. The DigixDAO company securely stores the gold for you. 

what is blockchain crypto currency vs the fiat monetary system

In the coming days as the dollar continues to decrease in price physical gold other wise known as God's money which is a precious metal and a commodity will start to increase in price along with its counter part the 'digital gold' other wise known as blockchain crypto currency bitcoin. 

Considering the aforementioned it would only be wise to invest in a safer and more secure form of currency, asset and commodity that is built on a technology that is decentralized, crypto secure, autonomous and anti inflationary.

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'the kainos club': the online bible study group FB & YT | Want answers to Bible Questions?

What to Expect in the 'Kainos Club' Online Bible Study Group?

  • a global community of like minded believers in the body of christ aka the kainos new creation
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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Fight Review Dec 1, 2018 | Bronze Bomber or the Gypsy King?

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

Start the conversation below what you think about the upcoming fight on December 1st and who you think will win: The Bronze Bomber or The Gypsy King?