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Zayin 7th Letter of Hebrew Alphabet - Sabbath, Christ the Eternal Rest YHWH Explained

Sabbath, Christ the Eternal Rest 
It was likened that if the tabernacle was God concentrated in the dimension of SPACE the sabbath is God concentrated in the dimension of TIME. It was on the 7th day that God called Moses into the cloud on mt. Sinai. It was on the 7th day that Jesus went up on the mountain and was transfigured. At this sector/juncture in time heaven merged with earth. Moses and Elijah was seen. The cloud of Gods presence was visible. The 7th day sabbath represents heaven on earth.

Sabbath is a time specific dimensional portal where God and all of heaven is more easily accessible. The sabbath represents perfection, wholeness, completeness, etc. it was on the sabbath that God complete his works. Therefore all of time, all present, past and future reality exists in the sabbath. All of creation and everything that can ever exist and will ever exist is completed and finished in the sabbath. You can access any potentiality or alternative reality in the sabbath as all creation is completed in the sabbath which would include all possible timelines and probabilities.

Scripture says the first shall be last and the last shall be first. The 7th day is usually considered the last day of the week when it is in fact the first day from which all other days flow and have their being from. All preceding days lead up to and flow from the sabbath. All sustenance and provisions for the days after the sabbath come from the limitless supply of the sabbath. It is from the sabbath day of rest that all of creation works itself out. There is more power in the sabbath day of rest than the following days of work. God can get done more in one day while resting than all of the universe can do the following days working. The sabbath is so holy that even in Christ’s death on the cross God rested in the grave on the sabbath. In Christ death on the eve of sabbath and his burial God accomplished more in one day than in the entire history of man. From the miraculous sabbath rest of Christ’s death all of creation flows from. That is why it says that Christ was slain since the foundation of the earth. The sacrifice was essential to creation: that is why scripture says all of creation was created by Christ and through Christ. That is why Christ said it is finished on the cross. He mystically ended a old creation and started a new creation by his sacrificial death which was sabbath in nature. All of creation flows from the sacrificial death of Christ. It is by the sacrificial work of Christ that we are able to rest in God and God in us.

YHWH Explained

the type of work we are instructed to do on the earth is based off the sabbath day of rest. As mentioned in the previous video the Hebrew letter ‘Zayin’ is connected with the name of God ‘YHVH’ which describes the structure of reality according to jewish thought and kaballistic teachings. For instance the Yod is a singularity. It’s a infinite point of creation from which all light/energy comes. All of creation starts and ends with a Yod just like every letter starts and ends with a point. The Yod is in every point of space and time. This Signifies Gods omnipresence. Hey is the quantum fluctuations of energy. It is the breath of God. You cannot say any of the Hebrew letters without sound without breathing. Hey is the spirit life flow. It’s the active expansion of life/light from the Yod. Vav is the descending light from the infinite point of creation. The Hey active life flow comes through the Vav. Vav is the connector between heaven and earth, God and man. Vav describes micro wormholes which eludes to quantum entanglement. God connects everything in the universe together all space and time. The second Hey is the contracting active life flow breath of God that works with what is called the returning light. That is the zayin. The zayin is like the vav but it’s the connector between man and God, earth to heaven. The zayin is how we participate in creation. The light/energy that God sends from the yod of infinite energy we use to finish the creation God worked to be made. God allows us to participate in creation by use of the Zayin. However the Zayin is the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet so the Zayin represents the Sabbath so our participation in creation must be from a standpoint and position of rest. It must be from a perspective that all is finished and accomplished. That all creation comes from Him and by ourselves we can do nothing.

Zayin 7th Letter of Hebrew Alphabet 

Additionally the Hebrew letter Zayin has the shape of a sword and its head like the shape of a crown. Since the Zayin is the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and represents the sabbath the zayin has been referred to as the sword of time. As the sword of time, one of the methods by which the Zayin participates in creation is by dividing up time to create and shape reality. As mentioned all of time is already accomplished in the sabbath so as a act of creation you are able to access parts of the future or past realities and merge them into your now via the Zayin the sword of time.

the Zayin as the returning light must be used to glorify God since the head of the Hebrew letter is shaped like a crown. the Zayin also represents the relationship of man representing the glory of God and the woman representing the glory of man. This man here represents Christ and the woman represents the body of Christ his church. As Christ expresses the glory of God we express the glory of Christ. As Christ is crowned with Gods glory we are crowned with Christ’s glory. You are meant to participate in creation so that God can be glorified through you. This is represented by the Zayin, a crowned Vav. God connects his infinite resources to you through the Vav and how you use that descending light to glorify God is your Zayin, your returning light.

Lastly, when christ says he’s the alpha and the omega he is also saying he is the alaph tav. Christ comprises all Hebrew letters of creation such as the Zayin. All the Hebrew letters speak of Christ. All is complete in Christ. Christ is the eternal sabbath. We find eternal rest in Christ. Since Christ is in us we carry the sabbath in us as well as heaven in us. Now anytime is a holy time to access God, He is accessible at all times in Christ and God has created everything and made them available to us through Christ. When you have Christ in you, you are more able to manifest the Zayin to its full potential.

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Bitcoin Halving 2020 Countdown LIVE STREAM - Bitcoin Live Price - How To Earn Free Bitcoin Without Investment!


Hello everyone and welcome to the ELO! RADIO LIVE STREAM. I will be live streaming the bitcoin live price and the bitcoin halving countdown that will happen on May 20, 2020. Currently at the making of this blog post the bitcoin live price was at the 10,000 level. Most likely in a year we hope to see the bitcoin live price back at 20,000 or above. Subscribe to my channel so you can be notified when I go live.
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Why Is the Bitcoin Halving in 2020 so Important?

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As you see the bitcoin live price has only increased over the years and after each bitcoin halving phase the bitcoin live price hasn't come back to the previous low before the last bitcoin halving event. So the upcoming bitcoin halving event will likely push us past the 20,000 level in the bitcoin live price giving us the necessary strong support to reach up to 100,000 and beyond!

bitcoin halving

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The God of Light Dwells in 'Darkness' and how God Obscures His Treasures/Riches in the Human Body

God isn't darkness. God is Light. Although God conceals himself in darkness to veil his light from destroying his creation. God hides himself in the dark clouds. God wraps himself in a watery canopy of dense dark clouds. God makes himself obscure in the deep watery abyss. This dark void is a protection layer. This dense darkness makes him invisible and unapproachable. 

Let us define what 'darkness' means here: In genesis the word for 'darkness' also means obscurity. The definition of obscurity is 'the state of being unknown and difficult to understand or see'. In other words obscurity means to become invisible (i.e. difficult to perceive). Scientifically a dark object is considered dark because it doesn't emit or reflect visible light. On the contrary it absorbs light and re emits it as heat. heat is still light just in a different form. darkness is most popularly considered as 'the absence of light' although the light referred to here is 'physical light'. there are many other forms of light that are veiled in darkness/obscurity and aren't visible to our natural senses.  

dark matter and dark energy

Matter and energy and light are all one and the same thing. Most of the known visible and tangible universe is composed of natural matter/energy/light that only amounts to 5% of the universal energy/matter/life. The other 95% of the universe is composed of that which we cannot see or interact with. This is ironically called 'dark energy' and 'dark matter'. Again it is not called dark because it is 'dark' in color or dark in a negative sense. It is called dark because it is obscured. its appearance is veiled. at least in our natural dimension according to the limited portion of the electromagnetic spectrum we can see. 

dark matter and dark energy

Scientists say that dark matter and dark energy don't emit light but what is light exactly? Light is energy and energy is matter. Dark matter and dark energy may not emit our natural visible light/energy but it very well emits other types of energy waves of light. For example there are radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, ultraviolet waves, xrays, gamma rays and much more that we haven't discovered yet. This dark energy and/or dark matter may very well be the vacuum that makes up all of space. As we know empty space is teeming with energy. In fact for 'every cubic centimeter of empty space contains more energy than the total energy of all the matter in the known universe'. All this energy/light is obscure invisible in darkness concealed veiled so that it doesn't destroy mankind. 

These energy waves of light exist all around us but are veiled/obscured in what is considered 'darkness' that is the absorption of light to appear 'dark'. this darknessis a veil to make the presence or effects invisible and intangible. Job 38:19 relates the abode of light with the place of darkness. That is because darkness here is obscurity/invisibility. That is the veiling of light otherwise that light/heat would destroy mankind. Additionally the darkness in genesis 1:2 was attached to the night although in genesis 1:16 God created two lights: the greater light to rule the day and the lessor light to rule the night. So even in the night or in darkness there is light. Along the same lines psalm 139:12 says 'even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day, for darkness is light with you'. That is because natural darkness to man is just the absence of physical light. that doesn't mean in darkness there isn't any light. as mentioned physical light/energy only comprises 5% of the energy of the universe. so even in darkness there is light/energy just other forms of light/energy. that light/energy is concealed/veiled by a canopy of darkness/obscurity. 
Scripture says that God dwells in inapproachable light. Why do you think nobody can approach this light? The root word for light in the old testament relates with 'fire'. God is a consuming fire. This is why God dwells in darkness because darkness is how he hides or conceals his light/heat from destroying his creation. Again this darkness is obscurity. it is a veil. it isn't in the negative sense of spiritual darkness. it is darkness as a veil or covering. in other words invisibility. that which doesn't emit physical light to become perceivable and tangible to man. this would destroy us if not veiled in another dimensional layer or veiled in human flesh (which i will get to now).

dark matter and dark energy

Now the darkness that God hides himself in relates to 1. thick clouds of the skies and the darkness of the watery abyss. Both the skies and the sea relate to the waters above the firmament and the waters below the firmament. Most of the natural universe is comprised of water just like most of the human body is composed of water.

We saw this imagery in the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth. Scripture said that 'now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep waters or watery abyss, and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters'. Many people view this scripture negatively but God was in the darkness and deep waters birthing creation and out of the dark void came light. this light wasn't the natural visible light from a light bulb or from the sun since physical light wasnt created til the 4th day. this light was his spiritual light/life and that life/light is energy. and energy is also heat. it is also waves. it is also frequencies and frequencies take on geometric shapes. it can also be vibration which can be manifested as music. it could also be seen as color. This was the dramatic display of the emergence of light/life and that spiritual life/light was the glory of the knowledge of God in the face of Jesus Christ emerging from the dark void of watery darkness. This exact phenomenon happens in us upon conversion.

dark matter and dark energy

1 corinthians 4:6 says 'for God who said 'let light shine out of darkness' made his light shine in our hearts'. Conversely, 2 corinthians 4:7 says 'but we have this treasure in jars of clay (other translations say 'light shining in our hearts') to show the surpassing power..'. Connecting those two scriptures in relation to treasures and light we can glean from isaiah 45:3 which says 'i will give you the treasures hidden in the darkness - secret places'.  In essence when God says that he dwells in darkness, that he made darkness his hiding place and dark rain clouds of the sky his covering he is talking about the incarnation and dwelling in the hearts of man to bring light to man and to the world. When God came to the earth as a human he concealed himself in flesh. He concealed himself in the darkness or in other words obscurity of the unknown man and it is by the current obscurity of the human body that God hides his treasures/riches in. Nobody can fathom or understand the extent of the greatness of the human body that houses the spirit of Christ. not only is the human body the microcosm of the macrocosmic God universe the human body is the instrument by which God births creation through. God has made you a co creator with Christ. Remember it is the sons of God that will awaken creation to its original order. God has placed his riches in the hidden darkness of your human body to conceal in the secret places of your heart the greatest treasure in the known and unknown universe - Christ. 

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Avengers Endgame MGTOW: How THOR went his own way & the SECRET to Infinity Stone POWER! (SPOILERS)

Avengers Endgame MGTOW: The Secret to Infinity Stone POWER!

Infinity stones or gems were originally called soul stones/soul gems. In order to obtain the soul stone you have to sacrifice the thing you love the most as we saw in both Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. 

In other words you have to lose or give up the thing you love most in order to unleash power. This could be the love of your life, your life itself or your love life. Whatever may be holding you back from accomplishing your goals must be sacrificed to obtain power. I don't mean literally as in the Avengers Endgame movie. For example Jesus said that in order to find your life you have to lose it. If you cling to your life you will lose it. He obviously didn't mean literally take your life. He meant that you cannot love your life so much more than following him.  You cannot love your life so much more than following your purpose.  

Now all 6 of the infinity stones: mind, power, reality, soul, space and time allow you to alter reality and create reality. If all 6 of these stones were originally referred to as soul stones then you can have access to these stones via the soul. There is some type of sacrifice to obtain power and it is unleashed via the soul. Giving up what you love most in life could be the way to unleash these powers in your life to alter reality and to manifest your dreams. According to the bible our reality or our world was created by the works of God's hands and the infinity stones are placed on the hands. The power is in our hands to create. 

avengers endgame MGTOW 101 RED PILL

Avengers Endgame: Thor MGTOW (single example)

Thor is a example of a single man who went his own way in endgame. He lost his mother, his father, his girlfriend left him and his brother died before his eyes. He lost everything dear to him. Thor said that 'the only thing permanent in life is impermanence'. It seems like the only thing we can depend on is things not staying the same. He stopped trying to be who he was meant to be and decided to be who he wanted to be. Thor was most depressed not accomplishing goals and felt like he was not fulfilling his true potential by staying on one planet. Thor decided to leave behind his right as king and explore the universe as he was meant to be. Sometimes you have to travel outside of the area you are born in to see the huge potential and opportunities that exist. You have to create new experiences with new people to move past the old or else you'll be stuck in scarcity mindset as Thor was with his past girlfriend Jane. You'll never realize what is out there in the world waiting for you and meant for you to experience unless you venture out and dare to do something new. 

Thor regained his abundance mindset. He began to see many fish in the universal sea. Captain Marvel mentioned that there are many other planets that need help and that don't have avengers. This resonated with Thor. Thor began to see his purpose again. At the end of Avengers Endgame we see Thor going off in the Guardians of the Galaxy space ship to explore the universe. This is how Thor went his own way. 

avengers endgame MGTOW 101 RED PILL

Avengers Endgame: Captain AmericaMGTOW (single then married example)

Captain america is a example of a single man who followed his dreams and eventually found the love of his life but he sacrificed relationships for his goals until he achieved his greatest potential. By going his own way and following his purpose and staying driven he became worthy to use Thor's hammer. He almost became like Thor. He almost became god like as a human. Captain America achieved the pinnacle of his career. It was only after that that he sought the woman that he loved by going back in time. There will always be time to find that special someone along your journey but you don't have all your life to accomplish your dreams. Ironically if captain america had tried to pursue the woman in which he was interested in at the wrong time it wouldn't have worked out anyway. Timing is everything. When the time is right everything will fall into place and you will find the right partner. You will realize that no time was lost pursuing your dreams. 

Captain America was most satisfied living a simple life with the love of his life but not until after he created a legacy. As in the book of genesis God worked 6 days and rested on the 7th. Resting comes after works. It is not the quantity of years that matter but the quality of years. You can go from relationship to relationship and marriage to marriage but if you are restless because of the lack of accomplishments no woman can satisfy or complete you. Abundance comes from within not from some one else. Woman want to see that strength from you and direction in your life. If you don't embody purpose and energy you aren't attractive to anyone. 

avengers endgame MGTOW 101 RED PILL

Iron man is a example of a married man going his own way. Iron man was driven from the start and the woman that he became married to supported the legacy he was creating. You cannot go MGTOW while being married unless its with a woman who has the same destiny and purpose as  you. That woman may be along the same path as your destiny for a quick ride or for a life time. However long the woman stays with you always remember to have people follow you and if they don't then they aren't a part of your destiny anyway. As a man you have to be the leader not the follower. If you follow women everywhere they go you have taken on a feminine role. If they don't want to follow your lead then let them go. Most of the time women will leave you anyway. As mentioned above nothing is permanent. Girls don't stick around forever. They aren't guaranteed however your career and goals are more permanent than a woman. You cannot control a woman but you can control and craft your destiny and lifestyle. Ironically the woman will orbit in the energy that your destiny and lifestyle emits and if the woman leaves you'll still have what makes you happiest. If woman are the only reason for your happiness you are most doomed for a life of disappointment. 

Iron man achieved his greatest potential and elite status by going his own way. Iron man almost lost his wife many times. Iron man sacrificed his marriage and family several times for the love of his work. Ironically marriages are stronger when the man follows his goals and dreams. When the man becomes stagnant then the marriage starts to become stagnant. When the man starts to care too much about the woman then the woman starts to get disinterested and lose attraction. Woman don't always know what they want out of life and want to follow the lead of a man.  

Iron Man followed his purpose and stayed driven so much that he was able to wield the infinity stones as a human. This actually helped save his marriage. It was only after that that he was able to finally rest from his works. Imagine if he didn't give the time machine idea a shot for the sake of pleasing his wife. He wouldn't be happy with himself. He wouldn't be happy with his marriage. By going your own way you inadvertently save marriages, start marriages and find the love of your life or enjoy being single for however long that may be. Regardless don't waste time not following your gut and do what makes you happiest. Don't waste years of your life sacrificing for a woman who may eventually leave you, cheat on you or disrespect you. You will have lost out on creating a legacy in the world and attracting multiple options of partners who actually value your time and worth.

avengers endgame MGTOW 101 RED PILL

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ALPHA MALE ULTRA INSTINCT RULE #1: BE ABSOLUTELY DRIVEN! Nothing else matters except your personal drive in life. Whatever it takes to stay ABSOLUTELY DRIVEN do that! Some people use drugs. Some people use imagery. Some people use music and motivational speeches. Some people use pain and past memories. The dark side behind extreme motivation is pain. In life we are either running towards pleasure or away from pain.  

'The Dirt' Motley Crue Example: The Motley Crew were absolutely driven. They had twisted and difficult lives. The pain pushed them towards a pursuit of pleasure and they abandoned a life of pain and despair. They wanted to create a better future and they created it through a purpose driven life.


ALPHA MALE ULTRA INSTINCT RULE #2: HAVE STYLE! It really makes a big difference when you change up your attire by adding accessories and changing your clothing style and color choices. You want to make sure you stand out. Whatever it takes for you to look and feel confident. Certain clothes, styles, colors and accessories help raise confidence, image and swag. 

'The Dirt' Motley Crue Example: These guys were dressed up carefully from head to toe. They were more concerned about their looks than women were about their own looks. Women actually like a guy that knows how to dress. That knows how to take care of his hair, clothes, shoes and knows what accessories to wear. 


ALPHA MALE ULTRA INSTINCT RULE #3: FOCUSED ON THEIR DREAMS MORE THAN WOMEN! Women should be a after thought and a by product of your life. Women subconsciously want you to put your dreams first and them second because by being successful this will make you more attractive.

'The Dirt' Motley Crue Example: The Motley Crue had no time to obsess over women when they were touring all the time, making music and practicing. When you are successful you don't need to chase after women as much. Your lifestyle does 80% of the chasing for you. 


ALPHA MALE ULTRA INSTINCT RULE #4: COMPLETE FREAKING ABUNDANCE MINDSET! Confidence is the best thing to wear. Without confidence you cannot achieve anything. You have to believe in yourself to accomplish things. This also applies to women. If you don't believe you are worthy of a girl or value yourself high enough to approach a girl then even if she was interested in you the interaction wouldn't ever happen. Lack of confidence, doubt and fear is your worst enemy. You can be your worst enemy!

'The Dirt' Motley Crue Example: These guys had so much confidence. You could see it in their walk. You could see it in their talk. You could see it in their dress and style. You could see it in their performances and personality. This confidence was highly attractive to women. The confidence was lucrative. The confidence created millions.


ALPHA MALE ULTRA INSTINCT RULE #5: STATUS, MONEY, FREEDOM! With status comes image. A certain image elicits attraction. With money comes power. Power is attractive. The sense of freedom is contagious. A highly contagious attractive persona is extremely addicting. 

'The Dirt' Motley Crue Example: The Motley Crew had status from their band. They had money from their music and they had freedom from living their dreams. 


ALPHA MALE ULTRA INSTINCT RULE #6: CREATE A SOCIAL CIRCLE! Social circle game is attraction made easy. Instead of the cold approach on dozens of women only to get rejected or given some numbers that are fake you can do what you love among your circle of friends. You won't seem thirsty. You will have fun. You will be more confident. You will take more risks. Girls will see you among other people and other girls. This creates social proof. Your value increases and the girls attraction towards you increases. 

'The Dirt' Motley Crue Example: The Motley Crue created a social circle within their career. They always came across women while touring. It wasn't hard to find girls. They threw parties and the girls came to them. The social circle creates FOMO. Nobody wants to miss out on something fun. 


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'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

9 Alpha Male Traits & Mentality Tips in Dating & Relationships

How does a older male who lives at his aunts house and works as a nanny get girls obsessing over him? In this article we will explain how this is possible with 9 Alpha Male Traits & Mentality Tips for Dating & Relationships

ALPHA MALE TIP #1: Achieve higher status and social ranking in society. Status helps with attraction. Status is attraction. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie has status because of his past work as a Dj Legend. People know of his potential. This gives him leverage in the attraction department. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #2: You have to be goal driven and focused on your dreams in life. You have to retain a sense of purpose. Living a purpose driven life helps raise your value in society and therefore raises your attraction level as well. Girls want to tag along with guys who are going places in life. They like to jump on the joy ride of your fun filled life. If you aren't going anywhere in life you have nothing to make your life appealing. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie is goal driven. He focuses on his dreams and purpose in life which is Dj'ing. He doesnt sway from that path and he is confident in what he wants to do. In fact he is stubborn and doesn't care about his age or his past failures. He doesn't given up as a aspiring Dj. Even if you haven't achieved a certain level of success girls will still find you attractive just for the fact that you are pursuing your goals. It will be as if you already achieved it to them. How they see you is how attraction works not just how you see yourself. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #3: You have to be charming. Everyone has their own swag or charm about them. Try to enhance that element of charm in you. Don't appear goofy and nerdy to women. At least try to throw in some charm to your personality. You have to monitor the way you talk around women, your body language, your eye contact, your voice tonation, etc. You want to be relaxed around women. You want to seem in charge of your environment. You want to seem in charge of your life. Don't appear helpless.

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie is charming. He knows how to talk and behave around women. In the show you will see not only from his accent he monitors his voice tonation and by his behavior he acts differently around women than he does around his guy friends. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #4: Be a relationship phobe. By that I mean if you want to get into a relationship before the girl wants to then that's unattractive. The girl should be asking and begging you to get into a relationship. Listen carefully girls will come and go from your life. They will ghost you, cheat on your and leave you for no reason cause their emotions are all over the place and don't know what they want. They can one day want a relationship and then the next day they don't. So by being a relationship phobe you will keep her guessing about you. You will keep her thinking about you. She will start to wonder if shes good enough for you and maybe theres better looking girls out there. This will make her chase you even more cause your value will go up. If you give in too easily to a relationship then she will see you don't have many options and that indirectly shows you have less value. Girls want to feel like they are with a high value male. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie doesn't try to get tied down with Astrid the girl he had a fling/s with. Charlie may lead her on and make it seem like one day they will become a couple or get married but he's more focused on his dreams than her. The fact that charlie is driven in life and doesn't try to get in a relationship with Astrid is attractive to her. In contrast to his friend David who is the nice guy and proposes to his 'wife' 10 times to get more commitment out of her. This turns his wife off even more. David ends up decreasing attraction between his wife and this leads her to become attracted to Charlie. The fact that Charlie isn't trying to get in a relationship shows that he isn't needy. This presents a challenge to the girl which is entertaining. Girls like a challenge. Girls like drama. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #5: Don't be afraid to be a jerk and say conflicting things to women. Don't simply be a jerk you have to mix in some charm, humor and intrigue. You have to make sure you control your vocal tone so the girl knows you aren't serious and are merely teasing her. Being a 'jerk' or 'bad boy' causes girls to notice you. Girls are usually treated so nice just for being pretty. Saying and doing conflicting things that isn't 'nice' or 'agreeable' causes the girl to take notice of you. Eliciting love or hate produces the same effect. It causes the girl to obsess about you. What you don't want is the girl to be indifferent about you. When she is indifferent you are easily forgettable and enter the friend zone. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie says whatever he wants to Astrid and Sara. He is a honest man and people respect him for that. He may seem like a jerk but he has charm so its intriguing and attractive to women. Remember whether you are nice or not girls are still going to consider you a jerk just by being a male. So be a jerk that stands out and gets the girls not a nice guy jerk that is easily forgettable. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #6: Be humorous. Girls like guys who are fun to be around. You need to make a girl laugh. Laughing releases dopamine which is a feel good substance. Its intoxicating and addicting. When you deliver the drug of laughter and fun vibes to a girl she will come back wanting more. She will be hooked on you. She will miss you. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie makes Astrid and Sara laugh. They both talk positive about him. This raises his attraction level when one girl talks about a guy then the other girl starts to become interested. Girls are highly emotional so just as much as they love drama they love positive emotions and laughter. Sara missed Charlie so much that she showed up at one of his events without even telling him. In fact she spent money and flew to see him! Astrid started to think of monogamy and relationships because of Charlie. Laughter and humor is addictive and can be healing. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #7: You need to be in good shape. Most of these tips are null and void if you are 400 pounds and can't walk. Girls like a guy with a flat stomach and have muscle tone. Think about it. Don't you like a girl in good shape. Girls like guys who are in good shape too. Being in good shape helps raise your attraction level. This is one of the things girls will see and notice about you before you even talk. This is one way to raise your level of attraction without even approaching a girl. With a better body shape 50-80% of the attraction work can be done just by exercise and proper nutrition alone. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: It is obvious Charlie is in good shape. He takes care of his hygiene and his body. In one scene he is running on a beach with his shirt off. Charlie works out and keeps himself in shape. This is just a common sense part of attraction. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #8: Don't be clingy. Give girls some space. Don't try to hang out with the same girl everyday. You have to make them miss you. When you are too clingy they will start to feel you have nothing better to do with your life. They won't need to chase you anymore. The fun and the challenge is over when you give yourself freely to women. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie isn't clingy. He doesn't try to hang with Astrid or Sara every day. In fact when he sees that Sara is becoming too emotionally involved he leaves and does his own thing. Most nice guys would worry about how the girl feels and not leave. They would feel like this would make the girl not talk to them anymore. The fact here is that you need to be more focused on your goals than the girl. The interested part here is that by not being clingy the girl will wonder what you are doing and why you didn't stay with them. This will make you seem of higher value. This presents a challenge. Sara ends up showing up at one of Charlies events without even telling him. She wanted to see him. If a girl really cares about you and misses you she will find a way to see you. No excuses. This shows you how much she values you or not. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #9: You have to be confident. This is the most important tip in this article. This is how a older male in his late 30's to early 40's living at his aunts house and works as a nanny can get girls to obsess about him. Confidence is key. Confidence will make you stand out among the crowd. Confidence is attractive to girls. Girls like a guy who is confident. Why would a girl want to be with a guy who thinks low of himself. She would be stupid to get with a guy who is of low value. What easier way to show you have low value when you display no confidence. This bleeds back into charm. When you are charming you show confidence. When you take care of your body you start to feel confident. When you focus on your dreams you feel confident. When you aren't focused on one girl you feel confident. Confidence is key. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: The number one trait that differentiates Charlie from his friend David is confidence. Although David has more money than charlie and has a more structured career and income David lost attraction from his wife and that attraction went to Charlie. Even though Charlie was staying at his aunts house and works as a nanny Astrid and Sara become attracted to him because of his confidence. Confidence is something you have to work at every day for years. Charlie pointed out that David was a loser with girls. Attraction and confidence is something David has struggled with for years because of him using the old school method of dating with 21st century type of women. David buys his wife flowers, takes her on nice expensive trips and proposes to her multiple times but who does she want to be with? Charlie! Charlie didn't do anything for Sara or Astrid. He didn't give them flowers or money but they are interested in him. This is because of his confidence along with the other 8 tips.

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

'ALTERED CARBON' Trailer Season 1 explained ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL


ALPHA MALE RULE #1: seek to improve your money, job, status and looks. This is the most important rule that will make all the other rules flow effortlessly. when you have money, job, status and looks you will naturally exude an abundance mindset which will attract many female prospects. This in turn causes a ripple effect that feeds into the abundance mentality and alpha male traits. The alpha male trait/s and mentality needs to become a part of your inner being and personality so that you execute a 80/20 rate of effectiveness in dating and relationships. When you have the money, job, status and looks most of the attraction will come naturally.

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL
Altered Carbon Example: Kovacs upon the onset of the show was given a job proposition. This job proposition gave him the money and status. As a envoy Kovacs had a high status in society. This job gave him a unlimited credit supply. There is no doubt that money and status will give you an abundance mindset. This raises your value or in other words your 'SMV' which stands for 'sexual market value'. Kovacs takes care of his health, his body, his hygiene, etc. Therefore he has the money, job, status and looks for attraction and alpha male trait/s abundance mentality.

ALPHA MALE RULE 2: Don't please or validate women initially. Don't dance around like a monkey to entertain women and joke around all the time. You want to be a girls partner and not just her friend. Friends get 'friend zoned'. This may make you seem like a jerk but honestly if you are a guy you will inevitably be called a jerk by some girl no matter how nice you are. Trust me.

Altered Carbon Example: Kovacs is a serious dude. He hardly jokes around. He may have a sarcastic sense of humor but he generally keeps a masculine frame. When you keep a masculine frame the girl has no other choice but to have a feminine frame. This is the position you want to be in. If a girl sees you as feminine or just a 'friend' then you will be easily forgotten or taken for granted.

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE RULE 3: No Fear of Loss. This bleeds back to the first rule of money, job & status. When you have money, job & status you will have an abundance mindset that causes no fear of loss. This alpha male trait will help you not act needy and push girls away. 

Altered Carbon Example: Kovacs threatens the fear of loss with Ortega to see how much she cares. He doesn't chase after Ortega or show interest. He lets her chase. You only want female prospects that value you or they won't respect you. Once they don't respect you or value you then they are gone. Value and respect are more important than simply being 'liked'. You can be 'liked' and be forgotten. 

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE RULE 4: Keep a masculine frame. Don't argue with women. That's feminine. Don't be overly emotional. 

Altered Carbon Example: Kovacs acts emotionless to Ortega when she argues. Again when you have the job, money and status a lot of things don't bother you as much. 
'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE RULE 5: Elicit a range of emotions. Love and hate produce the same effect. These emotions keep you on the girls mind. When you deliver emotions to the girl whether good feelings or bad they make the girl obsess. On the other hand indifference will make the girl forget about you. This relates to why girls end up liking a 'jerk' or a 'bad boy' because of how they make her feel. A 'nice guy' doesn't create that range of emotions. A 'nice guy' causes indifference and is easily forgotten or taken for granted.

Altered Carbon Example: Kovacs drives Ortega nuts. Kovacs drives Ortega through the roof. Kovacs makes Ortega crazy. There is a fine line between her hate for him and her love for him you almost can't tell the difference. She obsesses about him night and day. This might not be healthy but it still maintains the attraction nonetheless. Ortega goes from wanting to punch Kovacs to kissing Kovacs.  

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE RULE 6: Don't make a girl the ONE and only. Keep your options open. Women do. Trust me. Probably more than men do. This helps with the abundance mindset. When you think only one girl is the ONE then you have entered into scarcity mindset. Naturally if you have the money, job and status then you will see yourself as a man of high value and not be so patient with one woman. Guys who have money, job and status don't seem nice cause they have options.

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

Altered Carbon Example:  Kovacs doesn't hide that he is looking at other girls. In fact Kovacs tells Ortega that a female of high status was in his apartment the night before. You would think that this would push Ortega away but this makes her chase him even more because since Kovacs has the money, job and status the chase is worth the challenge. Girls won't chase guys who have nothing to offer especially if they are taken. 
'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL
ALPHA MALE RULE 7: Law of Attraction. Focus your effort on girls that are attracted to guys like you. You don't want to stress over a girl that isn't even interested in your type. There are plenty of girls that like your type and personality. When you focus on girls that are attracted to your type you won't have to do much work because they will naturally be attracted to you anyway. The attraction will come easily.

Altered Carbon Example: Ortega is attracted to guys like Kovacs. In fact she used to date a guy that looked just like Kovacs. Either you will look like a guy the girl dated or you remind her of someone she's been with or the type/personality she is attracted to.

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

Lastly the number one secret to Alpha Male Traits/Mentality and the ultimate red pill is as follows: *Do all this for yourself not the girl.* Don't seek to increase your money, job, status and looks for a girl. Do it for yourself. Girls will come and go. Girls will leave you, ghost you, cheat on you, blame it on you, break up with you then try to get back with you, etc. Don't do it for her. If you do then she becomes the ultimate prize and you disqualify all the other rules. You cannot change a girl or control a girl forever. The only thing that is guaranteed in life is what you do for your life, future and happiness. Let everything else fall into place.

'ALTERED CARBON' season 1 explained SECRETS of ALPHA MALE TRAITS | Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

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