Tuesday, November 23, 2010


 You should be dancing, you should be moving, you should be grooving to the rhythm of the beat of the hip hop, soul, blues, jazzy tunes.

The moment is here, the moment is right to show off what you got, to show off what is hot.

It is here on the dance floor that one really comes alive, that one really is free; "Freer than the meaning of free that man defines, life running through me...". (Stevie Wonder) 

What is this life called dance which animates the body? This life takes the body from its mundane existence to an almost higher awareness, an at oneness with the surrounding stimuli so that the body becomes an automatic locomotive instrument.

What is DANCE?

Dance is a non verbal form of expression where instead of transferring thought into words as with speech dance on the other hand is used to embody emotion, to embody thought so that whatever is communicated becomes all the more palpable to the senses as with seeing rather than with hearing.


The prerequisite by which you may qualify to dance is number one confidence and with confidence comes attitude and with attitude comes poise.

multi DANCE

There is a dance of joy, a dance of love, a dance of hate, a dance of sorrow, a dance of death, a dance of life, etc etc (you get the point). Whatever emotion, you name it, can be danced because dance is a non verbal form of expression. All these are emotions capable of being conveyed.

you should be DANCING

You should be dancing but not just any dance. With emotions we tend to let them rule us instead of us ruling them. So if you are exposed or vulnerable to such negative emotions as of hate, bitterness, jealousy, strife, sorrow you'll automatically find yourself dancing to the rhythm and the beat of the emotional drummer's pomp and circumstance. You may be dancing but not exactly voluntarily.

dual DANCE

Dancing is also a social interaction between people. Just like in verbal communication with two people or more there must be a build up of rapport, that is to the end of mutual equilibrium. They say it takes two to tango meaning one cannot be done without the other. Along the same line one cannot tango with the one who waltz. Some dances are diametrically opposed to each other. You cannot have the dance of hate with the dance of love or the dance of life with the dance of death. You cannot continue to slow dance gracefully with a fast tempo break dancer. Although in some cases opposites do attract. Hate can bring love as with forgiveness and death can bring life as with a seed but in many other cases like attracts like. In the area of attraction when it comes to how you dance there is always someone or something similar being drawn to you through the the non verbal communication of your dance. If your a happy person you will attract happy people. If your a sad person you will attract sad people. As they say misery loves company only because rarely do they get it. A dance of misery isn't too attractive to say the least.

DANCE choreography

Choreography is the creation or practice of dance because dancing is a choice. It is your choice. You can choose to tap your feet or shake your head or you can choose to cross your legs and fold your arms. As with any choice the more its repeated the more it becomes a habit, a routine ingrained in your subconscious mind so that it becomes a automatic action or response. This is helpful if all your accustomed to is a side step or a moon walk in life. That won't get you far. If all you know is the dance of self pity how will you ever dance the dance of self confidence? The choice to learn and practice new choreography, to broaden your dances is yours for the choosing. 

DANCE summary

  • Dance is a non verbal form of expression whereby you can communicate and/or embody various emotions/thoughts. In other words dance is analogous for lifestyle, personality, character.
  • Dance must exude an air of confidence, attitude and poise in what it is expressing.
  • All emotions can be danced or conveyed.
  • Dance but not just any dance. Dances are not to be isolated to themselves. You shouldn't over split or over twist. All dances have their place in its sequence.
  • Dance is mutual and relational. All dances are not compatible to each other. All emotions do not mix together but nonetheless all dances can be attractive and contagious.
  • Dancing is a choice that of choreography or practice which is needed to learn new dance moves or the old ones over again until you become the dance whether that is the dance of life or the dance of death. Choose life! 


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