Saturday, November 20, 2010


There is something beautiful, unique and special buried deep inside everyone of us waiting to be revealed. It is this thing that makes us who we are. It is this thing that differentiates us from everyone else. 

We all have a inner persona; however big or small, bright or dim, that yearns for cultivation, for development so that it can flow freely out of us unhindered and unrestrained.

Most of the time this inner persona is so small or stunted through various circumstances the individual never comes to terms with him/herself. This greatly inhibits an individuals sense of worth and value thus creating a void where the person lacks motivation for life. In order to survive this bleak death of self the individual may find it easier to identify with certain role models or icons rather than building up their own personal identity. This is reasonable and acceptable to a certain degree, as all sons naturally have the desire to look up to their fathers as someone they would like to emulate, but its only useful for the early developmental stages where one who is too weak may need assistance from a stronger, already built up and established persona. Along the same vein for example consider how training wheels on bicycles are eventually taken off so that the beginning bicycler can become more autonomous, more self sufficient.

Now this is not a easy process as with learning how to balance on anything it takes much determination  and time because the fall of disappointment and failure will always be present somewhere nearby but that is just all a part of the process. If there wasn't some sort of opposition to our lives, our daily efforts, aspirations, dreams and passions no one would ever know what they really want in life. If everything came easy, if life was perfect, if you were perfect there would be a lesser degree of value, happiness and joy in things because you wouldn't know how attaining or having something felt like if it wasn't gone. Along the same lines the purpose out of life is not exactly some sort of grand spectacular end but the journey and the experience to the end. The end of something wouldn't be so grand and great if there wasn't a climax or build up to it which is why to make the most out of life is to make the most out of every opportunity in life. People expect magic to happen and to one day become happy and successful but it just doesn't work like that. We like to look at the happy ending and not the quest to it.

The quest for anything external in life first begins inside the individual. So it is no longer a quest for certain things outside of your reach but a quest for self inside your reach. Once you have come to terms with your own inner self and operate out of that persona all things will come naturally. Major hindrances to this  occurrence are low self esteem, anxiety, fear, lack of confidence, worth and value. All these things attack the self; whether these hindrances are from your own self through perceived social norms or directly from others the outcome is still the same which is immobility in success and happiness and the solution to the problem always requires most importantly you. No matter what has happened to you negatively; you could have lost a loved one, been bullied for many years, have scars on your face, have missing teeth, etc. No matter what has happened in your life up to this point the only thing that will ultimately help you succeed in life, whether its trying to pass a test or starting a business, is your OWN SELF. The more you help and work on your inner self the more your world will fall into place according to your own liking. The quest of inner persona will indirectly and invariably cause the quest for success, prosperity and happiness to automatically work for you.  


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