Monday, December 20, 2010

!The Xperience!

What is Xperience?

Experience - "the process or fact of personally observing, encountering or undergoing something" ( But to what end? That of knowledge! It is knowledge that makes us familiar with something and that through eXperience. Most of the knowledge we remember best is through experience. In fact the thesaurus definition for eXperience is knowledge! Additionally another definition for eXperience is "happening, occurrence" which is of a spontaneous nature though 'scientifically' understood.

What is "The Xperience"?

Our mission is to incorporate the essence of everything 'happening' in the world through 'eXperience' to produce a long lasting and effective source of 'knowledge' to the general public.

"The Xperience" is a lab for artists of all sorts to practice, create and freestyle their skills and passions. It is a lounge to hang out and get to know new people of similar interests. It is a spontaneous pool of random on and off activities somehow synchronized into a significant work of art. It is a center for creative and eXpressive studies. It is a evolutionary and progressive revolutionary eXperiment of epic proportions!

What to eXpect of "The Xperience":


a clubhouse
a lounge
a party
a productive outlet
a educational tool
a magic & fasion show
a film production
a musical theatre
a studio (art, music, dance, photography)
a freestyle & improv practicum of various arts (comedy, poetry, spoken word, acting, miming, singing, etc)
a talent discovery
a performance
a community

"The Xperience" Challenge

The trick of "The Xperience" is to somehow merge all these activities together into one synchronized body performance whilst maintaining the emotive and energetic atmosphere through music, lights, visual effects, etc. Some already existing productions that have pioneered partially in this to give a example are Cirque Du Solei and The Blue Man Group.

Who can join?

Everyone that feels inspired to join our particular kind of group. The entrance and exit door is open to all free of charge or compulsion to stay.

("The Xperience" is just a idea or vision for the future at the moment that I am sharing to spur interest. This idea is probably already being used to some extent. So if you like the idea you have the permission to take it as this is something that I want to be a part of whether leading or volunteering. The more people that get involved and network the faster "The Xperience" will become a reality)

Broader Understanding of Words

'happening': within all types of fields that can be implemented into performance use (i.e. physics, science, sociology, health, etc.)
'eXperience': being pulled into, becoming a part of, more palpable to the senses through various artistic means.
'knowledge': of an active nature producing change, gained more so through intuitive feeling than study or mental reasoning. 
'scientifically': one thing leads to another under the surface, the precursor goes unseen until manifested as (happening, occurence)

Sources for Inspiration:

Blue Man Group

Cirque Du Solei

John Galliano - Spring Summer 2011 Preview/Full Edited Show - Menswear (Exclusive)

" "The Xperience" is where its happening!"

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