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(spoiler alert)THE LAST CIRCUS(spoiler alert)
if you are looking for another health ledger joker type performance you want to see this film! if you have a morbid fear of clowns this movie will give you righteous justification to validate it. if you want to see priests near execution ditches, nuns administering water on battlefields, raging clowns with machetes and insane popes wielding guns then the last circus is for you. 

in the very beginning you are immediately without any introduction thrust into the middle of the story just as how when in the film the circus, while performing a show, is suddenly taken over by a militant army. as a result all of the clowns became soldiers. instead of offering laughter and joy they are forced to offer sadness and death. in a sense their clown days were over. this was no laughing matter. this was no joke at all. there was no pun intended. many lost their lives to the war and there was no going back. that was the last show they would ever perform in. that was the last circus!  

never have i witnessed so much horror, beauty, love, passion, violence, humor, and history war elements unified together so perfectly in one single film. the last circus has probably the best cinematography to date and the most metaphor ridden and parallel driven contrasts in a single movie such as the comparison between dictators, horror figures and comedians, the use of clowns in place of soldiers; a happy clown and a sad clown in place of political governmental regimes, the use of sensual love towards another in place of the desire for world domination, the use of circuses in place of armies, etc.

there are various parallels and ironies in the film that at this point would be apropos to highlight:


the circus and the war were one and the same. just before being executed one person says 'long live spain' and the other says 'long live the circus'. therefore we see the lines of delineation between the circus and the war were blurred. in the movie there was no distinction between the two. in fact they overlapped each other.

as with the circus and the war similarly the lines of delineation between the happy clown and the sad clown were blurred. they were more alike than they thought. both of them said that if they weren't clowns they would be murderers. javier the sad clown eventually became as violent as sergio. at the very end of the movie while javier and sergio were together arrested in the back of a car after witnessing the tragic death of their love natalia the emotions that they expressed to each other were borderline hate, sorrow, pain, laughter and love. there was no distinction between the interpretation of their emotions, it was all blurred into one full stream of emotion. the intensity of joy can resemble pain and the intensity of sadness can resemble laughter. for example in the dark knight as batman is beating up the joker in obvious pain he makes laughing noises. moaning in sorrow has similar characteristics to laughing in amusement. its no wonder that the happy clown smile if turned upside down becomes the sad clown frown. they are one of a kind, a two sided coin. ones quest for happiness ultimately causes another persons sadness. ones predicament of sadness irreversibly causes the happiness of another. this can be seen in the distribution of labor and wealth around the world. this can be seen in the interaction between bullies. this can be seen in the animal kingdom between the the predator and the prey. this can be seen with the fate of the rich and the poor. this can be seen with every colonizing nation that has destroyed the people before them from the africans to the native americans to the french to the spanish to the europeans. happiness parallels with sadness. they are in contrast to each other and preserve each other.     

javier's futile heroic attempt to rescue his dad from prison ultimately boomeranged in a ridiculous botched mistake that landed his father up as horse meat. similarly javiers futile and rather twisted heroic attempt to win the love of natalia from sergio ultimately boomeranged into a long glamorous red carpet jump of death. in javiers pursuit to save his father and his love natalia he ended up killing them. when democracy turns fascist under the guise of liberty, as javier the sad clown did, it becomes more harmful than any other regime. the quest for ones freedom and happiness over another's is dangerous. this of which the democratic spirit is guilty of.     

the sad clown and the happy clown both went through a morbid transformation that rendered them to resemble monsters. the happy clown's monster appearance was inflicted by the sad clown's desperate attempt to win natalia over. the wounds afterwards were barely patched up by a animal vet rendering him forever disfigured. the sad clown's monster appearance was inflicted by himself out of insanity in hope for rescuing the girl. the sad clown represents the democratic ruler ship that is timid, peaceful and safe. the happy clown represents the fascist ruler ship that is domineering and abusive. mans natural instincts is to the gravitate towards a fascists one man rulership rather than the democratic all the people say government. this was illustrated in how when natalia wanted both the happy clown and the sad clown together for herself in peace and harmony as if in hope to live a romantic liberal fairy tale. natalia soon realized she couldn't have her cake and eat it too. she soon saw that the awful dead entrapment behind both clowns doors.

romantic sensual love was parallel to the love of war and likewise the love of the circus. the circus owner said that his love for the circus would be the end of him and likewise natalia said that her love for the happy clown sergio would be the end of her.      


the sad clown and the happy clown were two opposing enemies both seeking the same love of which they ultimately lost in the end. thats the joke and humor of it all. 
there was no distinction between burial sites based on ones political affiliation. in the end both opposing enemies were united in death in the valley of the fallen. therefore in that sense the war wasn't worth fighting for. that's the joke and humor of it all.

hate and love, violence and passion were intermarrying couples. hate is the other side to the coin of love. the hate that was in the happy clown sergio stemmed from his intense love for natalia out of the fear of losing her to javier. similarly the love for natalia that grew in the sad clown javier became full blown hatred out of the fear of losing natalia to sergio. although after seeing javier's sacrificial love and sergio's intense jealousy for her being smothered and suffocated as she was sought to free herself from the triangle of insanity and calm the hatred tug of war she was in then performed the greatest circus trick and joke of all. by jumping to her death as a trapeze act wrapped in red ribbon she hoped to unite them both in a pain and humor that they both could agree upon, sympathize in, laugh about and cry for. hopefully by the loss of her it would show them the futility of their opposition and aggression and the uselessness of fighting a war for her. 


the main driving force of this story is the power of love as so many others are. for the most part we see franco's love for war, javier's love to seek revenge for his father's death and javier's love for natalia to protect her from sergio the happy clown. all of the pursuits of love here ended in the death of someone else or the detriment of themselves. this is how powerful love is! the fact that you can love a thing so much that you destroy it is the joke and the humor of the story.

'love is as strong as death, its jealousy as unyielding as the grave'


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 - culmination of all ideas - 

in the beginning there was 'the xperience'

then there was 'the bohemian lifestyle'

then there was 'the dj: the life of the party'

then there was 'behram 420'

then there was  'the experimental troupe'

and now we have 'the minstrel'....

the minstrel is the culmination of all the five ideas listed above because in a sense it includes elements from all of them that are very similar to each other.  the xperience, for starters, relates to the minstrel in that it holds the experimental aspect of it much more than the experimental troupe does. the experimental troupe holds the traveling aspect. the bohemian lifestyle holds the medieval gypsy aspect of it. the dj: life of the party holds the lively aspect of it and the behram 420 holds the influential aspect of it. all of these ideas intermingle each other so in a sense they are all one idea messed out into different parts.

by definition the minstrel is ‘a medieval wandering musician who performed songs or recited poetry with instrumental accompaniment’. ( the minstrel is associated with a poet, a musician, a singer, a jongleur, a balladeer, a jester, a story teller, a comedian and a bard. interestingly the word ‘bard’ is associated with prophets or people who tell the future. the word minstrel is a combination of ‘entertainer’ and ‘servant’. so basically minstrels were traveling musicians that often times served nobles and princes through entertainment and comedy. more in-depthly the minstrel is a musician ‘who performed songs whose lyrics told stories of distant places or of existing or imaginary historical events. although minstrels created their own tales, often they would memorize and embellish the works of others. frequently they were retained by royalty and high society. as the courts became more sophisticated, minstrels were eventually replaced at court by the troubadours, and many became wandering minstrels, performing in the streets and became well-liked until the middle of the renaissance, despite a decline beginning in the late 15th century. minstrelsy fed into later traditions of traveling entertainers, which continued to be moderately strong into the early 20th century, and which has some continuity down to today's buskers or street musicians’. (wikipedia)

from the description above this sort of profession is very similar to the nature of behram 420. here is the history behind it: 

 In the year of 420 A.D. "Behram Gour, a wise and beneficent prince of the Sassanide dynasty (226 b.c – a.d. 641) realized that his poor subjects were pining away for lack of amusements. He sought a means of reviving their spirits and of providing some distraction from their hard life. With this end in mind he sent a diplomatic mission to Shankal, King of Cambodia and Maharajah of Indian and begged him to choose among his subjects and send to him in Persia persons capable by their talents of alleviating the burdens of existence and able to spread a charm over the monotony of work. Behram Gour soon assembled twelve thousand itinerant minstrels, men and women, assigned lands to them, supplying them with corn and livestock in order that they should have the wherewithal to live in certain areas which he would designate; and so be able to amuse his people at no cost." 

as we see from the quote above the minstrel, as a profession, basically does the same thing: entertain people. ironically these kinds of activities, that the world gives so much attention to now, such as music, art, bands, comedy, circuses, magic, etc, used to be forbidden and shunned upon as a profession. anybody that would practice these professions used to be punished. if that were still a rule a lot of people today wouldn't be able to pursue their dreams but now that it has gradually become acceptable among almost every culture in the world it is considered a common thing. in every society it is a necessity so essentially the world wouldn't be the same without the minstrel

now there is another vein or side to the minstrel that is more commonly known to our generation and is seeped in racial, cultural and political issues. what was once the medieval minstrel became the blackface minstrel which was sort of a commercialized institutionalized political/racial  version of the medieval type. instead of dressing up in noble outfits and singing about tales from far off lands and reciting poetry from respectable authors white men dressed up in costumes and make up to resemble stereotypical black people and performed shows full of content consistent with the current propaganda to acculturate the black race and sort of 'enslave' them into a certain societal frame that wasn't truthful for the general black race. although these shows were very popular and successful because they included walk in parades, dances, musical bands, speeches, skits, plays, slapstick comedy, circus type antics and etc. since minstrelsy was becoming very popular even black people started performing as 'black face' minstrels after the civil war. it is notable to mention that black face minstrelsy was 'the first distinctly american theatrical form. in the 1830's and 1840's, it was at the core of the rise of an american music industry, and for several decades it provided the lens through which white americans saw black america'. (wikipedia) this is monumental on two fronts. firstly this type of entertainment for america was avant guard in its nature. nothing like it had been done before in the US. and secondly it provided a way for most of white america to understand black people, though halfheartedly, or rather begin to try and understand them in a more influential way than classrooms or textbooks and thus on their terms through the use of racial humor and cultural entertainment accept them into their fold. though the use of blackface minstrelsy was ill intended it brought white america and black america together causing the two cultures to merge. so not only was the minstrel shows productive in providing the groundwork for future industries of entertainment like comedy central, bet, mtv, american idol, award shows like the emmys and the grammys it was also productive in helping to reshape a different society through the use of entertainment. 
if i may back track, as with the bohemian lifestyle in which there are many people living as gypsies today without knowing it so do we have many people living as minstrels today without knowing it. a gypsy in the most simplistic sense is basically a nomad. in our day and age more people live a nomadic life than in the past. a minstrel in the most simplistic sense is basically a traveling musician or artist. in our day and age more people have taken up the lifestyle of music and performance than in the past when it was considered just for the few. now with the gypsies, there is a integration of culture interaction when they travel to other lands and with the minstrels there is a spreading of 'culture' interaction when they share their music, stories, poems, etc. experimentally, as a avant guard group, if we are able to create a new set of beliefs in song and philosophies in poems and travel the world or different cities as gypsies and convey them to other cultures or other societies through entertainment as minstrels then we will be able to bring about another reshaping of a different culture/society as with what happened through the black face minstrel shows. 

my background for this premise purely stems from the fact that our world is shaped by our beliefs. what we collectively believe in as a society is what we experience as a reality. each culture and nation has a different experience of life because of their beliefs from religion, philosophies, societal norms, governmental laws, etc and that in turn affects their quality and level of life. these beliefs generate thoughts which in turn generate imaginations. our imaginations mold our reality and the emotions attached to them empower what we believe to manifest into our natural world. the way we are now as a nation, as the world and as a human race is because of our collective thoughts over a period of time. a lot of society's thoughts come from the media. the way we think naturally as a society is from the result of brainwashing. our thinking affects our mode of being entirely. what we feed ourselves with is what we become. whoever has the most money controls the media and whoever controls the media controls the people. entertainment has more sway in affecting a nation than the government, religion or education can ever do. the elite people of the world know this as a fact. think about how with the introduction of spongebob squarepants the idea of a living sponge in the bottom of the ocean has become a reality to many children. think about how the boogieman and monsters under the bed are a reality to many kids. think about how for so many people santa claus is considered a actual person. think about how many superstitious practices are integrated into people's lives today such as black cats, walking under ladders, umbrellas in buildings and other bad omens. think about how the notion of unclean races was the seed to causing the deaths of millions of jews, gypsies, homosexuals and blacks. think about how with halloween we have the reality of many mythical monsters, demons and killers walking around. think about how with many scary movies people can't sleep at night afterwards. think about how more people know about mcdonalds and fifty cent than they do about history and their presidents. this is because more focus is given to these things through the control of media. it is not called entertainment for no reason. we are actually getting what we want. i must say history is less entertaining than santa claus which is the reason why such buzz words like music and art are given more attention to because they hold more influence.      

as minstrels we can start creating our our tales of how we want the future to be and communicate it with the embellishment of music, dance, comedy, magic, etc. we can create a whole new world through entertainment alone by using the power of words, suggestions, images, sound, humor and art! we are the carriers of change! as we travel from place to place we'll become like a parade for the whole world to see and experience. parades pave forth positive emotions and leave behind happy trails. they change the collective mental frame of entire cities. they change the atmosphere of places instantly. our inspiration is from how we see and want the world to be in the future not from how we see the world now as most men do. as we entertain the masses, instead of posing as black people or imitating the common present man like the minstrel shows were inspired to do, we will pioneer experimentally as a new breed of humans inspired by future visions, desires and possibilities with new inventions, new ideas and new ways of life. with this we'll bring the current mundane world into a place of merging with our future foreseeable one that is directly in relation to the evolution of mankind.




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!Symphony of Horror!


ImageIn order for a film to be considered horror it must have the aspect of suspense, really ugly looking people that borderlines the demonic and loud screeching noises that produce jump scares. without these things it wouldn't be scary but as of late i've been opened up to a realm of understanding terror that has given me a interest into the true nature behind horror. i see now that true terror doesn't necessarily need to have or be dependent upon suspense, demonic looking creatures and loud screeching noises. a true horror film will try to go as long without such tactics but yet convey the same level of terror for the reason being that the genre of horror is simply a world of fantasy meaning that terror is experienced differently depending on ones beliefs, thinking and circumstances. for example on a regular basis everyone doesn't see ghosts floating around, beheaded beasts, mutated creatures, little girls with twisted heads, etc. this is all a conditioned experience in the sense that only a select few experience it in their own inner worlds. people who experience hauntings don't ask themselves 'if there is a ghost' cause they already know but rather they ask themselves as guillermo puts it 'what is a ghost'. when we talk about ghosts we are dealing with something supernatural, paranormal, spiritual and even philosophical. the movie theorizes that ghosts are not necessarily dead people's spirits wandering around but on a even deeper level "a tragedy doomed to repeat itself time and again. an instant of pain, perhaps. something dead which still seems to be alive. an emotion suspended in time. like a blurred photograph. like an insect trapped in amber." with this definition we have a totally broader spectrum of how to define ghosts. what this infers is that even humans can become ghosts while still alive. the question we must ask ourselves is if the ghost itself is more terrifying or the pain surrounding its death? is the image of the vampire more terrifying or the disease? is a monster more terrifying or the hate that molded it into one? is a demon more terrifying or the nature that it possess'? cause its the latter that turns them into such. it is jacinto's greed for gold that turned him into a animal without remorse. therefore every true horror movie must hone on the precipitating circumstances surrounding and/or preceding the object of scare because this is what creates the terror! this is why i've gravitated toward all of guillermo's movies for the reason being they capture true horror without needing all the scare tactics not that guillermo isn't capable of that. in fact he once created a short horror film called 'geometria' that was completely demonic and bloody gore. the funny thing was that the terror didn't start with a monster it started with his mom constantly nagging him. even guillermo says himself in the interview 'a evening with guillermo' that most of his artistic career came about through his childhood years of pain. the reason he can so perfectly communicate horror films is because he experienced it himself.

i believe horror, and guillermo can attest to this, is as relevant and necessary a thing as happiness to convey in stories because the human experience isn't simply fluffy clouds and beautiful red roses. although ones experience in this world varies immensely based upon different circumstances, social upbringing, demographics, etc but nevertheless the experience of pain is a burning memory seared into ones brain, a reality that you can feel and touch days after. most people experience such traumatic moments at least once in their life which is enough to leave a lasting mark. since pain is the biggest emotion that people avoid it is also the most focused on whereas happiness is sort of a lofty thing one has to attain to it is less real than the apparent reality of pain that humanity experiences as a norm. the ability to triumph in the midst of pain and find humor in it creates a rare beauty to behold. this form of beauty more than likely is a kind of happiness as a gift that is given when its presented after the backdrop of terror and pain. if one dives to the depths of hell first he is able to more appreciate the heights of heaven after. if such movies are able to sympathize with mans emotions then it provides a spiritual experience that has the potential of healing wounded souls.

not to mention that dr. casares is like what the ghost of jesus gris in cronos would be after he died. at the end of cronos before jesus gris dies he says 'i am jesus gris'. and at the end of the devils backbone dr. casares says 'i am a ghost'.
not to mention that carlos is like the kid version of john myers in hellboy because they both possessed a innocent and brave spirit.
and the much needed change they brought, carlos to the orphange and john myers to the bprd

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firstly i found this video on a friends facebook page who is into the profession of making silent films similar to charlie chaplin. (his name is 'thomas nilsson' if you want to look him up. his work is much underrated and unnoticed. if you are in need of a actor for a film use him. he is swedish and very talented) anyways his personal opinion was about nosferatu being a better film than the 1931 dracula as it came out before the original. (this same debate is going on with the swedish version of 'the girl with the dragon tattoo concerning the american remake coming out this december) after watching the trailer i was amazed at the silent expressionism alone with the use of silhouette, colorful scenery and dazzling make up that reminds me of 19th century plays. i was drawn to the fact that nosferatu actually was the 1931 dracula film but with a different name cover because the studio company wasn't permitted to the novel. so count dracula was changed to count orlok and vampire became nosferatu. secondly this led me to search for the etymology of the word 'nosferatu' which was like opening a can of worms. here are several viewpoints on the etymology of nosferatu:


nosferatu may have come from a ROMANIAN cultural folklore about a illegitimate child who after its death rises from the grave infatuated with the lust for blood, having the power to take lives, and sex, having the power to impregnate (give life) to those who's fate is to become the moroi. now the moroi is the romanian name for vampire or ghost but more interestingly it is also the name for the phantom of a dead person that leaves the grave to draw energy from the living. this act kind of sounds similar to how a vampire sucks the blood from the living. additionally the moroi is associated with werewolfs. interestingly so in the nosferatu story thomas hutter is warned of a werewolf wandering around which is in reference to nosferatu. in another part of the story thomas hutter refers to the nosferatu as the 'bird of death'. if you look up moroi in the card game magic the gathering one of the characters used is the moroi who is defined as a vampire and the picture looks like a flying bird beast which is not unlikely as we all know vampires can turn into bats. also part of nosferatu may have come from the latin word FERA which means any kind of beast animal.


nosferatu may have come from the greek word "NOSOPHOROS" (νοσοφόρος) which means disease bearing or disease carrying. this is seen in the film when unexplained bodies are found dead obviously after 'dracula' preys on his victim and people attribute it to a plague going around. this incident of correlation between vampire and dead bodies could not have occurred in the 1931 dracula film because in nosferatu instead of the vampire turning other people into blood suckers, like as in the original bram stoker story, the bite actually kills them. and if you think about it a vampire is like a unclean needle that sucks blood from other people's veins. this would naturally cause diseases like any unclean transmission would thus the meaning 'disease bearing' takes on a whole new light.


nosferatu may have come from the latin word 'SPIRARE' which means to breathe. for the vampire the only time it truly breathes is when sucking blood. the need for blood is as vital to him as the air we breathe which makes sense because anything dead needs life to live and blood is the life of the flesh. without blood you are dead so in a sense vampires lust after the living because we have something they don't have: blood. its not so much a lust as it is a addiction. vampires need blood to survive just as humans need air in order to live.


nosferatu may have come from the romanian term NECURAT which means unclean. this goes along with the etymology of the greek word nosophoros which means disease bearing except necurat is more related to the occult.


nosferatu may have come from the romanian term NESUFERIT which means insufferable. insufferable means unbearable. this explains why at the mention of the name count orlok people became frightened, why when thomas hutter finds out that count orlok is the nosferatu he faints (including his wife later on), and why so many people whom the nosferatu preys on end up dead. these occurrences are examples of something unbearable.


nosferatu may have come from the romanian term NECURATUL which means 'the devil'. this goes along with the etymology of the romanian words necurat and nesuferit which respectively refer to the devil. the devil is usually associated with anything evil, dark and sinister. he is characterized as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour which sounds very similar to the workings of a werewolf, vampire or any creature of the night that prey on vulnerability.

now after seeing all the different view points of etymology for the term nosferatu it is obvious there is no structured meaning which suggests to the fact why a lot of the images of the nosferatu were in silhouette shadowy form. this may have been done to keep the origins and definition behind the nosferatu a mystery for us to ponder upon!


side note: a sequel could be made centering on how the nosferatu as a moroi while sucking the blood from thomas hutters wife impregnates her and gives birth to the strigoi a immortal vampire that emerges from the tomb of ellen hutter and therefore the nightmare continues. also the fact that ellen hutter offered herself as a sacrifice makes her sort of a christ character because she knew that the only way to defeat a vampire was for a woman of pure heart to lure it all night into the morning. christ was a innocent lamb and in his death he destroyed the devil just like the woman did the vampire. as guillermo likes the aspect of free will and the power of choice the crux of the movie can be about the baby growing up in a adopted home being taking care of by human parents then later on finding out his origins, where he was found, who his real father is, why he is so different. this thrusts him into a identity disorder because everything in his life he thought was real turned out to be a lie. this propels him to rebel. he starts giving into his beastly vampire nature. he experiences a dark night of the soul. he sinks into depression. he becomes a anarchist. but then he starts to see who he's turning into, the evil nature within him taking over and the negative effects it is having upon his family and loved ones so he decides to humble himself, accept his identity, control his passions and lust for blood and in this he becomes sort of a unlikely hero/once persecutor like the apostle paul to the christian faith but now a proponent using his gifts to fight evil and protect the human race despite his apparent difference in the world.

(now i haven't yet seen the movie. this is all coming from my observance of the trailer and my research. i am sure after watching it i will have many more ideas!)


Saturday, November 19, 2011


OH! the HORROR of the MCDONALDS food chain!

'The Mcdonalds Invader 1'
talk is in town about a mysterious outsider who's disrupted a mcdonald's drive thru ordering tons of chicken nuggets but then vanishing without picking them up. wifi's have been hacked into. bathrooms have been nuked with gas bombs. vomit has been found near the cash register. trash has been neatly arranged in geometrical orientation. foreign attack is imminent upon mcdonald's headquarters. get ready to evacuate the premises. there is no time to supersize or get a refill. order your french fries and big macs quickly all you gluttons cause he's coming to take over a mcdonalds near you!

'The Mcdonalds Invader 2'
people have been spotting strange lights hovering over mcdonald restaurants. safety is a issue especially in those double drive thrus with their 12 feet high roofs. roll down your windows at risk all you patrons cause he's creeping pass the drive thru as you order your mcrib sandwich and two for one apple crisp pumpkin pies!

'The Mcdonalds Invader 3'
unidentified flying objects have been seen directly above mcdonald sign posts. ronald mcdonald has been notified and is making precautionary measures but with increasingly strange activity it seems like invasion is fastly approaching leaving us with little room for escape. so after much suspense and anxious anticipation the mcdonalds invader makes his special appearance! (FINALE)

'The Playground Tunnel'
this is part of the series of 'the mcdonalds invader' videos: the mcdonald invader has chosen his victim for the playground tunnel tube of death! whoever goes in will not make it out alive! (suspense horror) side note: some people are deathly afraid of tight spaces, tunnels, elevators, etc.

'The Mcdonalds Invader 4'
THREE YEARS LATER: the mcdonald invader hasn't been seen since his last sudden abduction. customers have resumed their regular dollar menu dinners and after hour orders. while everybody is calm and at peace the mcdonald invader has returned and is back lurking in the darkness! (SEQUEL)

(using strange humor for some videos i made that has the potential to be a suspense horror film)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

past redunkulous medical cures (dark humor/sarcasm)

!what the freak!

so mothers you say your stressed out? okay we have a remedy for you. introducing the soothing syrup. it will calm your terrible 2's and give you a extra few hours of sleep. heck maybe a lifetime of rest if they don't wake up cause these tasty concoctions are packed with every drug you can think of: morphine, opium, cannabis, codeine, heroin....did i say morphine? so come by and get them because in a few years they'll be illegal.

so you want to simplify your life and find a all purpose remedy? have you checked out mercury? no, not the planet silly, the substance. though it may be pretty toxic stuff it works wonders! maybe you've cut your finger off. don't call the doctor. pour some mercy on that baby. have you any problems with pregnancy? eat mercury for breakfast! there are a few side effects you should be aware of though: 'chest pains, heart and lung problems, coughing, tremors, violent muscle spasms, psychotic reactions, delirium, hallucinations, suicidal tendencies, restless spleen syndrome, testicular twisting and anal implosion' just to name a few. despite those small side effects this substance may even help cure syphilis. you may get poisoned in the process but at least in the end you can say you tried. don't take our word for it. even mozart used mercury and look where he is now!

so you want to stop hacking your brains out each night from a cold right? it can get quite embarrassing in class when you can't stop coughing during a lecture or a really quiet written test. just imagine a library. well don't be in distress we got just the cure for you: try some heroin! it'll save you on the thousands of bags of cough drops you buy each month that only stink up your breath and make your mouth extremely dry. if you don't believe me ask bayer. you know that friendly aspirin brand. they'll vouch for me.

so men you seem to be having problems in the bedroom aye? it can get a little disappointing when you can't keep up with your partner. seems like your lacking some energy. no worries. here's what to do: take the jumper cables from your car and clip them onto your private parts. turn on the car and press the gas. there may be a initial shock but that's only because its working. you may need to recover afterwards for up to a month and then you'll be energized to heat things up in the bedroom again and boy will you be ready!

so you say your not feeling yourself lately? things are a bit gloomy. you don't eat and you can't sleep. sounds like you got depression. let me tell you what we're gonna do: firstly, you see this 10 inch long pick? we're gonna jam that into your eye socket. secondly, you see this mallet? we're gonna use it to pound the pick even further into you brain. and lastly you see my hand? we're gonna shake the pick around in your brain sort of like the stiring of soup. now if you don't think this is safe ask the other 70, 000 other people that have gotten this procedure and ask the inventor of lobotomy who has won a nobel prize for it. this has become the solution to all of lifes problems. we use it as a cure for all mental illnesses. what can be better than that?

so your looking for a natural cure that doesnt cost much? well what can get any more natural and less costly than your own urine. in fact its the cycle of life. instead of peeing into your toiler urinate into a cup and save it for later. forget bottled water and sports drinks. this liquid is coming directly from your body with all its nutrients. its like eating your own feces. you may have bad breath for the rest of your life but you'll certainly live longer.

so you've suddenly come down with a cold. you've gone under the weather right before a certain engagement and need a instant remedy to get better. here's what you do: take any sharp object, pierce your skin and let the blood flow. people might think your into self mutilation but pretty soon they'll be doing the same thing. if you can find a vampire or even better a blood donor your in for luck as you won't have to do it yourself. just make sure your well nourished before this bloody ordeal or else you'll end up passed out on the floor.

so you wish you could eat all you want and still stay thin like your friends with high metabolisms? well there is a way: introducing the tape worm diet. if you eat these pills the little insects in them will eat your fat. you can sit back and let the little wormies do their munching while you do your munching. its a mutual transaction. the more tape worms you consume the more food you can eat and stay thin. if you don't like the tape worm diet pills then try our new crack pills. you'll be so addicted to them that you'll forget to even eat! thats the magic of crack. you may develop a life threatening habit but you'll drop tons of pounds in a few days and before you know it you'll be fitting in your summer swim suit!

so you seem to be having increased migraines lately? they're so strong that you cannot even focus in class. now your looking for relief. have you tried trepanation? its real simple. all we do is drill a hole in your head, usually without anesthesia of course, and supposedly this treats the condition instantly. although it will be kind of hard to find a doctor that still does this kind of work. its such a old procedure. you might need to go find a indigenous culture similar to the incans and mayans to implement this or just find a manual and do it yourself.

so you ladies are on your monthly mood swings again? you have nervousness, irritability, anger, and a tendency to get in trouble. one would think you've gone hysteric. perhaps you just need some stimulation. although there are doctors with magical hands who can attend to your vaginal needs they have also created certain instruments that can be used personally on yourself. before you know it your 'hysteria' will be gone! 

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this post is primarily centered around the rhythmic rhyming and insights in the del toro film 'cronos' in contrast with his other films predominately hellboy but i entitled it 'aurora' because of how impacting and strange the character of the girl is in the story. she is much underestimated! and at the heart of most of guillermo del toro's fairy tale, fantasy, horror stories is the air of innocence which only a little child can possess.

firstly not only is aurora named after the greek goddess of the dawn who 'renews herself every morning and flies across the sky, announcing the arrival of the sun' which in itself illustrates immortality' (wikipedia) she is also named after the astrological phenomenon called aurora borealis which is 'a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere' (wikipedia). now what is interesting about this is that most if not all the images of the light given off from a aurora is of a neon greenish color. in the movie 'cronos' when jesus gris started to give into the temptation of the cronos device the girl then started carrying/using a neon green glow stick as one only does at night (in the absence of light darkness prevails) and with knowing how guillermo del toro always includes a colorful meaning (no pun intended) behind his story i started asking myself what the green glow stick meant. with the introduction of the cronos device into jesus gris' life he entered into a dark night of the soul, a garden of gethsemane or middle aged crisis in which the girl aurora as the natural light was his guide through the darkness. the neon glowstick she carried was symbolic of aurora borealis.

after leaving the introduction of aurora there are some interesting things to point out about the character and nature of the girl:

  • most importantly THE GIRL NEVER TALKED! (until the end)
  • for most of the time THE GIRL WORE A CRIMSON RED SWEATER! (the life of blood was a theme in the movie)
  • THE GIRL seemed to POSSESS a STRENGTH ABOVE HER AGE! (she knocked dieter de la guardia out with his own staff with a force to cause massive injury nearly killing him)
  • THE GIRL seemed to COMMUNICATE TELEPATHICALLY! (a extreme nonverbal communication)
  • THE GIRL hardly SHOWED ANY EMOTION WHATSOEVER! (that's not normal)

to detract a little bit from aurora there are some important themes to highlight in the film 'cronos':

frankenstein - the jesus gris of cronos is the monster of frankenstein. after his return from the dead he greatly resembled frankenstein.
vampirism - the usage of blood was persistent in the entire movie. the vampires lust for blood is like jesus gris' lust for immortality. you become dependent on it to be sane.
dracula - the jesus gris of cronos is the vampire of dracula. at the end when his old skin was fully fleshed out he looked a lot like dracula who was very pale, cold, lifeless, thin. ironically this scene when he was fully reborn was upon his death bed. one cannot be born again without dying to the old man first.
zombies - after jesus gris' apparently came back from the dead he was a walking dead man meaning he was on the fringes of living and dying.
ghosts - after his 'death' he no longer existed to the world. he could never go back to his regular life as a man. we see when he returned to his house aurora removed her toys from the box and placed him in there like one of her dolls. jesus gris and the cronos device (or toy) were one.
immorality - the insect inside the immortal device possessed the power of longevity and youth. by giving it blood in return it gave life. it was a endless cycle. the pursuit of immortality is never-ending.
resurrection - jesus gris' rose from a fatal tragedy a new man, reborn.
innocence - the girl was the only one untouched, incapable of being tempted by the lure of immortality.
death as glorification - in the end his peace was found in dying, his triumph was found in humility. the greatest thing he could do was destroy the cronos device which ultimately would destroy him. in this he was glorified and immortalized.

its amazing how guillermo inter weaved the characters of frankenstein, dracula, ghosts like demons and zombies into a single person. guillermo also mentions how a lot of his movies include a rhythmic rhyming in which there is a intermingle play or dance between movies as if they intersect and cross over each other. in cronos we see several rhymes with hellboy I and II, pans labryith and don't be afraid of the dark:

  • the dieter de la guardia of cronos walks like sammael of hellboy
  • the aurora of cronos is the sally hirst of don't be afraid of the dark
  • the aurora of cronos is the grown up liz sherman of hellboy
  • the ending scene of cronos is very similar to the ending scene of pans labyrinth
  • just as jesus gris destroys the cronos device so does hellboy with the crown of the golden army
  • the clicking clock noise in the beginning of cronos is the same clicking clock noise that kroenen uses in hellboy
  • the camera angle in cronos that shows the arch angel statue with jesus gris and aurora in the background is the same camera angle in hellboy that shows the statue of jesus after professor broom is murdered by kroenen.
  • the usage of the cross chain, catholic saints, spiritual things, etc was seen in cronos and hellboy.
  • the setting of the title of cronos began on christmas which was the same setting of the beginning of hellboy II.
  • jesus gris in cronos was similiar in image to professor broom in hellboy except the only difference is that when death came professor broom embraced it whereas jesus gris gave in to the temptation for immortality.
  • the scene where aurora was under the sheets in cronos with her green glowstick and when she hides from jesus gris' after taking the cronos device is very similiar to how sally hirst of don't be afraid of the dark hides under the sheets before abruptly encountering the ghost monster.
  • the machine wheels that they show inside the cronos device is strikingly similar to the machine wheels that was used to create the golden army in hellboy II.
  • the green glowstick that aurora uses to read at night in cronos is the same color glowstick that abe sapien uses when he dives into the vault to look for sammael's eggs in hellboy.

there are some things in the movie that should be taken into consideration:

the booklet that gives the instructions on how to use the cronos device is very similar to the scrapbook guillermo uses. one would suggest that guillermo is sort of a alchemist that has attained immortality through the stories that he writes. he has developed a certain magical formula that is disclosed in his movies that only the simple in heart or childish babes understand.

the man hanging upside down in the alchemists house is similar to how people were hanged during the inquisition which was set around the time of the preface to the movie. it also is similar to how peter the apostle was crucified upside down.

the clicking of the clock in the beginning may suggest the passing of time against the inevitability of death. thus in the beginning we are initially hit with the contrasting themes of immortality and death. jesus gris' store was full of clocks and ironically the statue that held the cronos device of immortality was found there.

the bible mentions how that if you seek to save your life (gain immortality as in live forever) you will lose it and if you give up your life you will find it. jesus gris did both. in his quest to attain and maintain immortality he lost everything he had but when he destroyed the cronos device and gave up his life he actually found it once again.

ones quest for immortality spurs another. in dieter de la guardia's looking for the cronos device jesus gris' wound up finding it. initially one would think the cronos device ended up in the wrong hands because of the damage it did upon jesus gris' life but in the end who knows what evil things deiter de la guardia would have done with it. only jesus gris' demonstrated the strength to destroy it and stop its continued harmful existence. just like how jesus christ, who's name is strikingly similar to jesus gris, was used as a sacrifice to end sin so likewise we see how jesus gris was used as a sacrifice to end the cronos device. this act of humility takes even greater strength. these are the silent victories of the heros!

the cronos device was shaped like a taranchula. when it latched itself unto jesus gris' hand it stung him. right before that he was laughing as if it was just a amusing toy. there are certain toys we are not supposed to play with. his wife pulled out a stinger that was implanted deep in his hand. this suggests he was poisoned or infected of which afterwards he starts to develop a extreme rash that creates a great urge in him to appease the pain that only could be done by continued use of the cronos device. in a sense he was suffering withdrawal like a drug addict would after discontinued use of a substance. in a sense inwardly he was dying and the cronos device was the only thing that could heal him. in a sense he was suffering from a cold which formally was medically cured by bloodletting.

jesus gris says his prayers right before giving into the temptation of the cronos. in a sense he is sinning by touching the forbidden fruit. after he gets done indulging as he rolls down the stairs almost in ecstasy of orgasm he is caught by the girl who sees him in shame. he denies the situation and says 'he's okay' as if everything he was doing is normal and is left there knowing he is guilty and in fear of the implications thereafter.

ironically there was a clown in the the party scene on new years eve who was dressed up to look like a clock. again the usage of clocks is seen. the clicking of time, the passing of life. this happened while jesus gris was on his hunt for more blood. he had no idea his life was suddenly going to come to a end. it is interesting how the stoned guys need for more addicting substances corresponds with jesus gris' newly increased need for blood. it was initially the stoned guy in jesus gris' store that unveiled the cronos device finding it probably to sell to angel de la guardia in return for more substances. and again we see how the mans nose was bleeding at the new years eve party probably because he was snorting cocaine. and i wonder if it was him that lead angel de la guardia to find jesus gris in the bathroom.

it was absolutely humorous when angel de la guardia's head was resting on jesus gris' crouch. im not sure if guillermo wanted that position for humor but it was quite weird and uncomfortable a spot to fall back on (no pun intended) for the both of them.

there are several falls in the movie. first jesus gris is thrusted off the cliff in a car by angel de la guardia falling to his death though he survives. the second fall is when jesus gris throws angel de la guardia off the billboard knowing he won't survive. its almost like jesus gris got revenge.

the only time the girl aurora talked was at the end of the movie and her single word alone had the power to shake him out of his insanity and deliver him from his own evil of darkness. and that's probably the first time he ever heard her talk!

the little girl in cronos for most of the time wore a crimson red sweater which signifies blood. the life of the flesh is in the blood. spiritually the blood of christ shed provided a way for humanity to have eternal life (immortality). one would suggest that the girl had immortality the whole time. even guillermo eludes to that fact that the only person that actually lived forever was the girl. her image sort of reminds you of little red riding hood.

ironically humorous how angel de la guardia kept on getting his nose broken in the process of seeking plastic surgery.

the ending of the movie faded into white to signify a transition into heaven or into another life. this same kind of bright gradual illumination is seen in the ending of pans labyrinth as well in which there is a transition from one realm to another. in the movie the death of jesus gris was a representation of the death of josefina camberos. it transitioned from the movie realm to our real realm. through this movie, the act of story telling, josefina camberos is immortalized. we are able to immortalize people and ideas through our memories of them.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

!The Experimental Troupe!

what is a TROUPE?!
firstly if you say the word TROUPE it kind of sounds similar to the word group but don't be mistaken because a troupe is more than just any group. by definition a TROUPE is: 'a company, band, or group of singers, actors, or other performers, especially one that travels as a member of a theatrical company or barnstorm.'

now the very word TROUPE in etymology is related to the word troop. although they may sound the same, don't be fooled, they are different in meaning. a troop is: 'an armored cavalry or cavalry unit consisting of two or more platoons and a headquarters group', 'a body of soldiers, police, etc.'. so we see here that a troop is more of a militant oriented group whereas a TROUPE is more of a artistically oriented group. where the troop engages in warfare the TROUPE engages in joyfare! although both groups engage in battle it is in different forms and with different results. those who live by the sword will die by the sword. the aim of warfare is to destroy and to plunder, that is to take. the aim of joyfare is to give life and make more abundant, that is to give. instead of the loss of lives you have the enriching of lives.

according to the art of war the best battles are won without fighting. the ultimate aim of political work is that through campaigning, giving speeches, signing papers, making agreements and etc you can come to a general consensus with all opposing parties without the use of war; meaning that you can get what you want without using force. every politician who runs for president orchestrates what we call a 'barnstorm' which is by definition: 'to conduct a campaign or speaking tour in rural areas by making brief stops in many small towns.'  through touring the politician goes around and seeks to conquer land so to speak like a army does with a general. at each tour stop battles are either won or lost by the number of votes. by this procedure the politician grows in momentum. the more votes the politician gets the more powerful he becomes because not only does he have the alliance of those people's votes but the social proof of society also, with that being the bigger he is in their eyes. the more powerful a politician becomes the more influential he is. the same thing goes for singers, comedians, directors, painters, writers, performers, etc.

all of these professions carry a different light or color of energy that influences the world. according to einstein energy is mass in motion. the world was created from a sudden burst or release of energy. this colossal surge of energy created what we know as planets and stars: our physical universe. everything that was made is composed of particles that vibrate. everything that vibrates creates sound. all sound carries a frequency. we hear by frequencies. we see by frequencies. our world is experienced through frequencies. depending on the rate of frequency you have a variation of sound or color. the greater the frequency the greater the effect (or experience). the greater the energy the greater the mass (or influence). if the world was created through energy then we can recreate another world (a different one) through the frequency colors (art) and vibration sounds (music) of a energetic force (mind) which would cause movement (dance) and henceforth the appearance of mass or reality (a language or code unfolded). the world has been colonized by different cultures, beliefs, religions, rulers, etc. they all changed the way we experience and live in this world. so to speak they recreated the world. through the colonizations came renaissances (arts) and movements (dances) which brought inventions and improvements to society all originating within the mind of man. herein we see the future of the world within us. the universe lives within man. it is not a external thing but a internal reality. time is a illusion. the past, present, and future is always now. we create our own world first independently and then collectively. if we always believed that man could fly or walk on water then that would be possible. the laws of the universe only govern the way we experience the world. they can be changed because the world is simply mental. thought is energy and is of the same fabric as the sound vibrations that make up our universe. the thought energy that we transmit can recreate our world entirely as much as it can recreate us biologically. we are the way we are because of how we think. the way we think effects the way we act. if we start thinking differently we will start doing things differently.  

now that was just a introduction. onto the crux of the matter: the choice of this title "the experimental troupe' has been craftily coined being that this artistic movement will ultimately envelope all forms of professions. for example originally science, medicine and astrology once came from magic, witchcraft and hidden wisdom. geography, architecture, surgical procedures, etc is a art form. in fact all science is an art. science is the explanation of every art that beforehand had no definition to it. music and dance is the outward display of cultural experience and life expression (meaning that music tells the story of our lives and dance visually expresses it) which at its heart is sociology and psychology. art is a visual demonstration of a unseen world which is something spiritual and ethereal. guillermo del toro describes movies as a spiritual experience. video media brings you into another reality you could not experience on your own. all animations, films, comics, books, etc brings you into the inner imaginations of peoples unseen worlds.

einsteins theory of everything 'fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena'. many scientists and theoretical physicists have tried to explain it in equation form which, mind you, is a language that most of the world can't read and will never know. a lot of quantum equations and scientific ideas came about through pictorial references. nikola tesla received many of his inventions from images flashes across his mind or in other words 'visions' and dreams. math can be explained in forms. a lot of geometry is seen as art. sculptors and painters create their own scientific equations through geometric shapes. they in a sense are explaining  theories pictorially. all that have eyes to see will see. where the universal theory is abundant in words to describe it is lacking in visual demonstration. as a way of interpreting this universal theory we as a TROUPE can experimentally explain it to the world in artistic form (a language that can be understood by all). if art overlaps science and science overlaps art then the theory of everything has to lie somewhere in between. there cannot be a separation between 'church and state' so to speak or science and religion rather. we have to merge the two seemingly opposing worlds into a cohesive system to attain this theory of everything or universal solution.

the science behind the art of the TROUPE:
its a CIRCUS of different artistic talents
its a CLUB of like minded people
its a STUDIO for creating music, art, choreography, photography, illustrations, short stories, films, books, literature, etc.
its a CHURCH as a refuge or umbrella to house and gather wandering souls
its a IMPROV experimental class
its a MIND invigorating discussion
its a LAB of birthing new ideas
its NONVIOLENT ACTIVISM and PROTEST in aesthetic subtle form
its a HUB of energy
all of this is of experimental nature, avant garage in approach, a fusion of inspirations; a scientific project so to speak to create a totally new and never before seen form of expression.

 herein we shall fight not with flesh and blood but with principalities, and powers and wicked rulers in high places that enslave us and rule over our lives. our weapons of warefare are instruments of song and dance, of comedy and magic, of poetry in motion, of art explosions, of music sonic blasts, of clarion trumpet calls of declarations!

welcome trouper