Wednesday, May 25, 2011

!DJ: Life of the Party!

The Party of Life

Life is just one big party. If you don't get on the dance floor your gonna miss out on the fun. Don't resist the bliss and pull of the music of life. Be sucked into the vibe because it is there that you truly come alive, transformed into a DJ!

What is a DJ?

A DJ is the life of the party. A DJ sets the tone, creates the atmosphere and changes the pace of a party.

A DJ is in control of the beginning and ending of a party (if it ever ends at all). A DJ can create instant indescribable emotional reactions in people. A DJ can move people to dance, sing, cry, go crazy, lose complete inhibition; to basically do anything. 

Become a DJ

This is powerful magic and can be used against you (dark arts)! Therefore you must become your own DJ. Set your own tone and pace to life. Create the atmosphere you want around you. Determine how you react to circumstances. When a gloomy song is playing change it to a up beat one. When that same old sad song turns up in your life remix it to something more hip and new! 

This is your party. This is your life. Be the DJ. Be in charge!  


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