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i'm sitting here 60 years later thinking ‘how did it all happen’?
‘so much adventure happened.’


If I was going to be in hair dressing with no other way of earning a living the craft would have to change or I would

I would sit alone and ponder ‘how do you change something’

I didn’t want to do hair dressing the way it was done.

‘you see hair dressing was a art form’. ‘when I looked at the architecture, the structure of buildings that were going up worldwide you saw a whole different look in shape, my sense was that hair dressing definitely needed to be changing.’

‘great architects was my inspiration
If I had went to college I would definitely have been a architect, that was my dream.

For me, hair meant geometry; angles and bone structure, cutting uneven shapes as long as it fitted that face and bone structure. So it meant in essence getting away from the old fashioned hair dressing. It wasn’t for me.

Always take out time to look after yourself. If your body is not right your mind will react. If you mind isn’t right your body will react. You have to essentially work on developing the mind if you can. the only thing I regret not having is four years of college to expand the mind so that it would take in so much more but physically I was always swimming, always made sure I worked out, took a massage, and it worked for me because I could work 14 hours a day. 

I think in any industry or craft you need to spend more time at it if you want to become good than the average it is not a 9 till 5 thing it can be a 14 hr day.

There were many lonely down times that I would sit in my flat and think ‘im wasting my time’

“most of my progressive thoughts in work and attitude had been when i was alone

 i was looking down upon maybe a thousand or more people i didn't feel part of the crowd. in my own loneliness there was always this sense that I wanted to be a winner, in the final analysis in all that’s been said my heart was in hair, always has been, still is.

I think one of the most difficult periods for me personally was the divorce. The divorce really affected me and it affected my judgement that I made certain decisions I may not have made had I not been in the state of mind I was in at the time.

I think the soul of America is at risk. There are so many areas where greed has taken over, where mistakes are made. What happened in new orleans is a total disregard for the fundamental human instincts.

Philanthropy from a individual point of view I think is absolutely essential. It also gives you a spiritual awareness that I can’t get from religions anymore.

From my point of view if you bring back the spirit, that sense of purpose and awareness of the 60’s we’d be much better off.

"i would love to see some young person with enormous energy create something new, create something different. when everybody tells you, the doubters say 'it can't be done' 'you'll go broke' 'all kinds of tradegies will come your way'. NONSENSE!

if you can get to the root of who you are, the gut of who you are and make something happen from it in whatever field my sense is your gonna surprise yourself'


He was a ordinary person coming from very humble beginnings.

There was something magic about what vidal was because he would dance’. ‘Vidal cut with his whole body. He would move, he would sweat, he would make faces’.

Every single hair dresser owes that guy something. its not the geometric haircut that we have to thank him for it is todays hair cut that we have to thank him for.

He revolutionized not just hair but fasion.

The hair cut had a huge influence on architecture, design in general, furniture, films; a whole visual world.

This started a revolution..

The shape may come and go but what he gave to women the way he probably liberated women is like something that is bigger than just being a hair dresser.

You get to a certain point in your life that you are aware each day is a special day because understand that there are less of them to come. And I think that he is very, very aware of that.

He has the most incredible political conscience of anyone that I have known. He loves the idea of generosity of community. He loves the idea of giving something back.
How fortuitous to be able to touch the human frame. To be exhilarated by a craft that constantly changes; to hold that substance growing from the human form that molds, creates spontaneous fashion. to be involved in the poetry of change.

'if you read vidal's life it would read as if it was quite tough. he took what was presented and used it to motivate himself absolutely, he was determined to be great at something so that's part of his legacy as well that you can in fact grow up in tough times, you can create a path that hasn't been created, you can do something in any field and you can help people'

Source of Material

DVD - Vidal Sassoon: The Movie


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