Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PHURDINI (short story synopsis)


for gypsies the weasel is called the phurdini which means the blower. a weasel 'blows or puffs when it is afraid or angry. gypsies have an almost morbid horror of puffs of air, and of wind. wind, they say, is the devils sneezing. all the nomads of the steppes fear this element, which throws their camps into confusion. the weasel's puff is a sign of ill luck (cf. the breath of classical dragons)'. now if you say the word 'weasel' it sounds like whistle. in fact you cannot blow a whistle without puffs of air. a whistle blower is someone who reveals wrongdoing to the public, sort of like a good action hero except the phurdini as a weasel has often been associated with bad luck. the phurdini here is a villain. along the same vein it is thought that the name "weasel" comes from the anglo-saxon root "weatsop" meaning "a vicious bloodthirsty animal". now if you say the word 'weatsop' it sounds like 'weak spot' meaning any vulnerable position. as a way of physically whistle blowing on other wrong doing the weasel preys on vulnerability so that which is thought of as bad luck or bad karma happening on a individual is actually the working of a malicious force of nature. the catch is that the weasel isn't voluntarily going about doing harm. the weasel is a living embodiment of bad karma that exists in a inner world of negativity, hate and fear. everything that gets close to it ends up destroyed as long as it already had it coming, if you catch my drift, meaning that, if i could use the phrase, 'what goes around comes around' and 'like attracts like' as they commonly say. in this story the weasel is the harbinger and hastener of bad karma sort of like a death angel. the phurdini gains power as superstitions grow and peoples fear of it increases. just before a victim meets his fate the nursery rhyme is sung in the background: 'half a pound of tuppenny rice, half a pound of treacle. that’s the way the money goes, pop! goes the weasel.' then the sound of a whistling kettle begins that shortly explodes from intensity into a climatic pop which sets off karmas full effect on the unsuspecting victim! 
if you look at the word 'phurdini' it kind of sounds like 'houdini'. houdini was a famous magician who was known for his disappearing act. after the damage is done the weasel scurries away without a trace as if it vanishes out of sight taking on the form of a human being. in conjunction if i may go even more deeper as with such movies like 'saw' and 'scream' there are at least one or more killers in the story but with the phurdini everyone is a potential killer. whoever becomes sucked into negativity, hate and fear becomes a manifestation of the phurdini (a weasel) for its set purpose of quickening fate in peoples lives. now, if i may side step, old withered witches, it is said, sometimes take the form of a weasel and a witch is equally defined as a old ugly woman and a charming or alluring young girl or lady. and here we have the punch line: 'looks can be deceiving when the 'enemy' lives within us. be careful who you allow into your lives as it could quicken your death'! 
'superstition surrounding the weasel is ancient and still strong. it was already existing in ancient greece. in several of aristophanes comedies, he shows the dissolution of assemblies at pnyx on the appearance of a weasel. this belief is found again in the maconnais distric in france' '…although this animal was abominated in india it was worshipped in egypt”. superstition is a fear that only increases the problem. abomination is a hate that only ignores the problem. worship is a reverential fear that only appeases the problem. love is a power that destroys the problem. through love we are able to provide a solution to the phurdini within us (or among us).


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