Saturday, November 5, 2011

!The Experimental Troupe!

what is a TROUPE?!
firstly if you say the word TROUPE it kind of sounds similar to the word group but don't be mistaken because a troupe is more than just any group. by definition a TROUPE is: 'a company, band, or group of singers, actors, or other performers, especially one that travels as a member of a theatrical company or barnstorm.'

now the very word TROUPE in etymology is related to the word troop. although they may sound the same, don't be fooled, they are different in meaning. a troop is: 'an armored cavalry or cavalry unit consisting of two or more platoons and a headquarters group', 'a body of soldiers, police, etc.'. so we see here that a troop is more of a militant oriented group whereas a TROUPE is more of a artistically oriented group. where the troop engages in warfare the TROUPE engages in joyfare! although both groups engage in battle it is in different forms and with different results. those who live by the sword will die by the sword. the aim of warfare is to destroy and to plunder, that is to take. the aim of joyfare is to give life and make more abundant, that is to give. instead of the loss of lives you have the enriching of lives.

according to the art of war the best battles are won without fighting. the ultimate aim of political work is that through campaigning, giving speeches, signing papers, making agreements and etc you can come to a general consensus with all opposing parties without the use of war; meaning that you can get what you want without using force. every politician who runs for president orchestrates what we call a 'barnstorm' which is by definition: 'to conduct a campaign or speaking tour in rural areas by making brief stops in many small towns.'  through touring the politician goes around and seeks to conquer land so to speak like a army does with a general. at each tour stop battles are either won or lost by the number of votes. by this procedure the politician grows in momentum. the more votes the politician gets the more powerful he becomes because not only does he have the alliance of those people's votes but the social proof of society also, with that being the bigger he is in their eyes. the more powerful a politician becomes the more influential he is. the same thing goes for singers, comedians, directors, painters, writers, performers, etc.

all of these professions carry a different light or color of energy that influences the world. according to einstein energy is mass in motion. the world was created from a sudden burst or release of energy. this colossal surge of energy created what we know as planets and stars: our physical universe. everything that was made is composed of particles that vibrate. everything that vibrates creates sound. all sound carries a frequency. we hear by frequencies. we see by frequencies. our world is experienced through frequencies. depending on the rate of frequency you have a variation of sound or color. the greater the frequency the greater the effect (or experience). the greater the energy the greater the mass (or influence). if the world was created through energy then we can recreate another world (a different one) through the frequency colors (art) and vibration sounds (music) of a energetic force (mind) which would cause movement (dance) and henceforth the appearance of mass or reality (a language or code unfolded). the world has been colonized by different cultures, beliefs, religions, rulers, etc. they all changed the way we experience and live in this world. so to speak they recreated the world. through the colonizations came renaissances (arts) and movements (dances) which brought inventions and improvements to society all originating within the mind of man. herein we see the future of the world within us. the universe lives within man. it is not a external thing but a internal reality. time is a illusion. the past, present, and future is always now. we create our own world first independently and then collectively. if we always believed that man could fly or walk on water then that would be possible. the laws of the universe only govern the way we experience the world. they can be changed because the world is simply mental. thought is energy and is of the same fabric as the sound vibrations that make up our universe. the thought energy that we transmit can recreate our world entirely as much as it can recreate us biologically. we are the way we are because of how we think. the way we think effects the way we act. if we start thinking differently we will start doing things differently.  

now that was just a introduction. onto the crux of the matter: the choice of this title "the experimental troupe' has been craftily coined being that this artistic movement will ultimately envelope all forms of professions. for example originally science, medicine and astrology once came from magic, witchcraft and hidden wisdom. geography, architecture, surgical procedures, etc is a art form. in fact all science is an art. science is the explanation of every art that beforehand had no definition to it. music and dance is the outward display of cultural experience and life expression (meaning that music tells the story of our lives and dance visually expresses it) which at its heart is sociology and psychology. art is a visual demonstration of a unseen world which is something spiritual and ethereal. guillermo del toro describes movies as a spiritual experience. video media brings you into another reality you could not experience on your own. all animations, films, comics, books, etc brings you into the inner imaginations of peoples unseen worlds.

einsteins theory of everything 'fully explains and links together all known physical phenomena'. many scientists and theoretical physicists have tried to explain it in equation form which, mind you, is a language that most of the world can't read and will never know. a lot of quantum equations and scientific ideas came about through pictorial references. nikola tesla received many of his inventions from images flashes across his mind or in other words 'visions' and dreams. math can be explained in forms. a lot of geometry is seen as art. sculptors and painters create their own scientific equations through geometric shapes. they in a sense are explaining  theories pictorially. all that have eyes to see will see. where the universal theory is abundant in words to describe it is lacking in visual demonstration. as a way of interpreting this universal theory we as a TROUPE can experimentally explain it to the world in artistic form (a language that can be understood by all). if art overlaps science and science overlaps art then the theory of everything has to lie somewhere in between. there cannot be a separation between 'church and state' so to speak or science and religion rather. we have to merge the two seemingly opposing worlds into a cohesive system to attain this theory of everything or universal solution.

the science behind the art of the TROUPE:
its a CIRCUS of different artistic talents
its a CLUB of like minded people
its a STUDIO for creating music, art, choreography, photography, illustrations, short stories, films, books, literature, etc.
its a CHURCH as a refuge or umbrella to house and gather wandering souls
its a IMPROV experimental class
its a MIND invigorating discussion
its a LAB of birthing new ideas
its NONVIOLENT ACTIVISM and PROTEST in aesthetic subtle form
its a HUB of energy
all of this is of experimental nature, avant garage in approach, a fusion of inspirations; a scientific project so to speak to create a totally new and never before seen form of expression.

 herein we shall fight not with flesh and blood but with principalities, and powers and wicked rulers in high places that enslave us and rule over our lives. our weapons of warefare are instruments of song and dance, of comedy and magic, of poetry in motion, of art explosions, of music sonic blasts, of clarion trumpet calls of declarations!

welcome trouper


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