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Welcome everybody to this posting
If you are fortunate enough to see this you have walked into a gold mind.

This is specifically for people living in michigan who are subjected to the declining economy with its recent pass of the right to work law which means they literally can treat you any kind of way and fire you for any reason and they can lower your wages and you will have to just take it or look for other work. All of the states that have the worse economy are 'right to work' states. No wonder the economy in michigan is so bad and people are struggling to find and maintain decent jobs.

With the kind of minimum wage most people are given even after coming out of college with degrees it is almost impossible to pay rent without going broke each month working full time so lots of people are having to take on second jobs.

How is that freedom in america if you have to give away all of your time just to support a living and make ends meet and you lose out at the end of the day having little time to do what you want and the next day you have to do it all again to get the same predictable pay with the same predictable living situations with the same predictable spending expenses.You basically have become a slave to the work force.

It is time to liberate ourselves with the opportunities presented. The few people among the world that are the most wealthy became very rich because they all took advantage of opportunities and businesses that came their way and they all did what most people weren't doing. The broke minded says everything outside the traditional 9-5 is a scam. The broke minded isn't willing to invest into businesses. The broke minded thinks all network marketing or online jobs are not legit. The broke minded says i can't do it. Poor people spend most of their money and save the little left over. Rich people save most of their money and spend the little left over. You see the difference? In order to change our situations we have to change ourselves first. Being broke or out of work isn't about getting laid off or having no job it ultimately is about you. You are made to examine yourself in the mirror and change the ways you think and do things.

Listen, I went to college for four long years investing thousands of dollars of student loans, which i am now in debt, in order to get a high paying job but came out unemployed for over a year filling out hundreds of applications hardly getting call backs and going to countless wasted interviews. After all that searching i finally landed a job at panera bread making 8 dollars a hour getting bi weekly pay. What i learned while unemployed helped me make more money in a couple days than i did in over three weeks!

We are in the 21st century. This is the information technology age. We aren't so much a assembly line, brute work, sweat of the brow nation where you have to work all day and get hardly no pay. That's what people currently do in third world countries and we call that type of work 'injustice, slavery and maltreatment'. Well the money people make easily off the internet in a matter of minutes with hardly no work involved and no travel all from the comfort of your home compared to the money people make traveling 30 minutes to a job that pays you minimum wage 7 dollars a hour to work 30-40 hours a week in the small store for half the day hardly get paid at all is what we self employed independent workers call 'injustice, slavery and maltreatment' just like in third world countries because in our hectic lives this traditional 9-5 work is becoming not ideal and a unlikely living situation. People are going through divorces, people are losing homes, people are killing themselves, people are starving to death, people are going mentally ill, killing and stealing all because they don't have enough money to live the happy normal life they were meant and deserve to life. You don't have to end up that way.

Now i am not saying quit your job but please do yourself a favor and expand your sources of income. Why put all your eggs in one basket? If you are unemployed, laid off or simply need extra money in your bank account it would be a unwise decision to not consider this. Profits are way more lucrative than wages. 80 dollars commissions add up faster than 8 dollars a hour work pay. People always say they want a hourly job or don't like commission only positions. That is completely fine to need a stable stream of pay but once your job is cut off your income ends also. On the contrary with certain businesses you can receive a ongoing residual income that won't ever be pulled away from you like some jobs that lay people off. This is how the wealthy become wealthier because they are making money from other people and have various sources of income from several businesses or companies they invested in. While you guys are slaving away for a traditional 9-5 making very limited money CEO's, business men and people of power are on vacation living off of your hard work just because they know what it takes to win and aren't brainwashed like the rest of society.

You have literally nothing to lose! The resources are all here for you to be successful and wealthy. You have everything that you need within yourself. If you change your mindset from poverty and broke oriented to wealth and possibility oriented then you will have what you want.

p.s. those that live in the U.S and Canada can also apply

last note: we invest so much money into other people whom we don't know to become richer while we are satisfied with just being entertained. why not invest money into yourself so that you can live the life you've always wanted to live.

It all starts here - my site to discuss how we can enhance/upgrade your personal world today!

Thanks for listening :)
May the odds be ever in your favor

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Christopher Columbus: Extracts from Journal
excerpts from this site -
(this is a fictional story based upon christopher columbus' voyage to the americas. non of this is history but is up for speculation)
'Whereas, Most Christian, High, Excellent, and Powerful Princes, King and Queen of Spain and of the Islands of the Sea, our Sovereigns, this present year' 1482 friday the 3rd we 'set sail from the bar of Saltes at 8 o'clock, and proceeded with a strong breeze till sunset, sixty miles or fifteen leagues south, afterwards southwest and south by west, which is the direction of the Canaries'.

'At sunset Martin Alonzo called out with great joy from his vessel that he saw land, and demanded of the Admiral a reward for his intelligence. The Admiral says, when he heard him declare this, he fell on his knees and returned thanks to God, and Martin Alonzo with his crew repeated Gloria in excelsis Deo, as did the crew of the Admiral. Those on board the Nina ascended the rigging, and all declared they saw land. The Admiral also thought it was land, and about twenty-five leagues distant. They remained all night repeating these affirmations, and the Admiral ordered their course to be shifted from west to southwest where the land appeared to lie.'The sea was very smooth and many of the sailors went in it to bathe, saw many dories and other fish.'Four tropic birds came to the ship, which is a very clear sign of land, for so many birds of one sort together show that they are not straying about, having lost themselves.' 'Twice, saw two pelicans; many weeds. The constellation called Las Gallardias, which at evening appeared in a westerly direction, was seen in the northeast the next morning, making no more progress in a night of nine hours, this was the case every night, as says the Admiral. At night the needles varied a point towards the northwest, in the morning they were true, by which it appears that the polar star moves, like the others, and the needles are always right.'
'Continued their course west and sailed twelve miles an hour, for two hours, then eight miles an hour. Sailed till an hour after sunrise, twenty-three leagues; reckoned to the crew eighteen. At sunrise the caravel Nina, who kept ahead on account of her swiftness in sailing, while all the vessels were striving to outsail one another, and gain the reward promised by the King and Queen by first discovering land--hoisted a flag at her mast head, and fired a lombarda, as a signal that she had discovered land, for the Admiral had given orders to that effect. He had also ordered that the ships should keep in close company at sunrise and sunset, as the air was more favorable at those times for seeing at a distance. Towards evening seeing nothing of the land which the Nina had made signals for, and observing large flocks of birds coming from the North and making for the southwest, whereby it was rendered probable that they were either going to land to pass the night, or abandoning the countries of the north, on account of the approaching winter, he determined to alter his course'...

'the rudder of the caravel Pinta became loose, being broken or unshipped. It was believed that this happened by the contrivance of Gomez Rascon and Christopher Quintero, who were on board the caravel, because they disliked the voyage. The Admiral says he had found them in an unfavorable disposition before setting out.' Little does my fellow admiral know that it wasn't Rascon and Quintero who were to blame. I had other plans unbeknownst to anyone on ship. No one could know the treasure that laid before us. We are not in the search of new land for territory itself. Such plains cannot be taken over by brute force alone. We are in the search of a rumored commodity that according to ancient legend has the power to control masses. This will be essential to our voyage for undiscovered land without which our intentions will be all in vain!

we continued to sail without a 'working' rudder towards what we 'thought' would be hours til see-able land but i knew we were fastly approaching the isle of columbia. upon passing through a dark cloud there was a series of commotions from within the ship: sounds of explosions, groans and loud shrieks. I knew perfectly well what was going on. my two men, Rascon and Quintero, were set loose to do my bidding. all the inhabitants of the ship were killed. I no longer had use of them. where we were going only a few could follow. what treasure we would possess all eyes could not behold. this was a sacrifice we had to make for the voyage. 

once the noise died down the ship came to a abrupt halt that slammed us onto the ground. apparently we had crashed. waking up less than a hour later we hear people speaking a foreign language searching the boat. not wanting to be found with the aid of the dense fog i escaped with some luggage into the woods. spending the night in the forest i climbed up a tree to see past the clouds in order see the direction towards the city so that i could write a map. 

in the morning i made my way through the forest in the direction of the city. seeing a lonesome traveler i jumped him for his clothes and belongings in order to fit in. within his bags i found white dust dispersed all throughout the bottom. knowing what it was i quickly tucked the evidence away from sight. as i was doing this i was approached by a few men. they grabbed a hold of me and took my bags. apparently they thought i was the lonesome traveler whom i had recently jumped. leading me away they threw me into a cell in order to be interrogated with one of his surviving men. 

the archeologist: where are we? what happened?

the detective: i don't know. i remember us opening that diary.

the archeologist: that's all i can remember as well.

two police officers come through the door of a jail cell. 

police officer 1: do you two men know why you are here?

the detective: no officer we were simply reading a book.

the archeologist: where is it by the way?

police officer 2: you have been convicted with mass murder. we found you the only people alive in a coffee shop with dead bodies all laid throughout the store.

the detective: it wasn't us.

the archeologist: thats impossible i would never do that!

police officer 1: the hand finger prints on these knives you see here match yours.

police officer 2: we even have evidence from the surveillance cam. you guys are murderers.

shows them the video

the archeologist: we were set up you gotta believe us. that isn't us!

the detective: no, aah. officer i think you got this all wrong. i can explain everything if you bring us that book we left behind.

the officer pulls out columbus' diary

police officer 1: oh you mean this?

the archeologist: yes! thats it!

police officer 2: for murders you two seem to be well educated distinguished men. let me guess your a teacher?

the archeologist: no, im a archeologist.

the detective: now officer, if you don't mind, i want to show you this book my friend over here found. if you open it i will explain why we are here.

the officer opens the book and immediately the detective blows on the pages while hand cuffed and sedates the two police men. 

the detective: now i want you both to un cuff us and hand over our bags while we take your clothes.

the archeologist: what are you doing?! we are already convicted criminals.

the detective: you don't understand it was the devils breath. it was in the book.

the archeologist: so this was what colombus was after?

the detective: yes, ill explain later lets just get out of here while we can.

the two men leave the cell with their bags and set up a hut on the outskirts of the city nearby the forest. it is then that columbus begins to write within the first pages of his diary as he experiments with the prize object of his voyage.      



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MCA = Hundreds to Thousands Weekly. U.S & Canada Residents Apply Within!

(blogger is person in video)

MCA stands for 'Motor Club of America'. It is a auto insurance company that has been around since 1926 providing service to over 9 million people in the U.S and Canada. Just recently a company called TVC Marketing partnered with MCA in order to provide a system of employment for people that were already members of the business receiving the benefits and future members who would join.

The marketing part of MCA is basically a online part time job. What associates do is share the services to people whether online or through word of mouth. With each referral associates make a 80 dollar commission! If you think about that with just three sign ups you can make over 200 dollars in one day. Depending on your job that kind of money takes a week to make with long back breaking hours away from family and other obligations. This kind of money you can make without doing much work. Its a smarter type of pay. Just a couple months ago the TVC marketing company set up a matrix system of earning in which you can profit off of other team mates sales and earn money without selling anything. If you are a part of the platinum matrix you can create your own residual ongoing income from the comfort of your home!

In order to be positioned to make hundreds to thousands of dollars in this business there is a one time investment of 39.90 for the motor club membership in which you'll get over 155,000 dollars of benefits. Within your first sale you'll double the money you invested. If you want to make even more money there is a one time investment of 79.90. This puts you into the matrix system of retirement income!

Interested yet? Go to this link to sign up: or just directly email me here: Find me on facebook: Chad Everett Dalton. Twitter: elo_chad. YouTube: 7everett
Watch These Videos!

MCA Overview:

Matrix system of earning without referring ppl:

Here are all the benefits you'll receive for just becoming a member:

Roadside Assistance - We provide roadside service 24/7 with towing up to 100 miles.
Travel Assistance Reimbursement - Benefits include up to $500 travel assistance reimbursement on such things as car rental, meals, lodging or transportation expenses if your vehicle is disabled due to an accident.
Planning and Travel Reservations - Plan your next trip with ease with our personalized travel services anywhere in the US and Canada. We can even book your trip for you and help you save money with special MCA discounts!
Arrest Bonds - You can feel absolutely secure knowing that if you are charged with a moving traffic law violation, we can provide help to keep you out of jail with bail bond funds up to $25,000.
Bail Bonds - You can feel absolutely secure knowing that if you are charged with a moving traffic law violation, we can provide help to keep you out of jail with bail bond funds up to $25,000.
Attorney Fees - We all know how costly legal advice can be. As a MCA member, you can receive up to $200 for covered moving violations and $2000 for criminal charges of negligent homicide or manslaughter arising from a traffic accident.
Stolen Vehicle Reward - Count on MCA to be there when you need us! If your vehicle is stolen, we'll pay $5000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons involved in the theft.
Credit Card Protection - If you are a victim of lost or stolen credit cards, we will reimburse you for the financial loss up to $1000. Our service professionals will work closely with you to provide the support you need when the unexpected happens.
Prescription Drug, Vision Care and Dental Discounts- You'll enjoy significant savings and discounts on the things you use the most.
Emergency Reimbursement Benefits - Limiting your out of pocket expenses is what we do best, especially when the unexpected occurs. MCA membership means you'll receive $500 for all emergency room costs related to a covered accident provided in a Trauma Center or Emergency Room.
Daily Hospital Benefit - As an MCA member, you'll receive $150 per day up to 365 consecutive days for hospital room and board as the result of injuries sustained in a covered accident.
Accidental Death Benefit - If an accident results in the loss of your life, your family receives an added benefit of up to $10,000 to help cover unexpected expenses.

What can get any better than all that! If you're not convinced to sign up now for the services then i don't know what will. If you find yourself on this page you're here for a reason. Its time to change the course of your life. MCA is only the beginning to a future you cannot even dream or imagine! 


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Ladies and gentlemen, people of the world the time has come for a retribution in our labors and striving at work, in life and at school. We put in so many hours slaving away at a job that hardly supports in this present economy and we put in many many long nights and hard days studying for school in order to a earn a degree that doesn't provide us any valuable jobs after college. We get to old age and are left with little retirement income or anyone to take care of us. We are left with thousands of dollars of student loans to pay back and little to no time for our own lives and careers. We thus become a slave to the clock and the diploma. This should not be so my friends. This must end. People in their 40's and 50's shouldn't be struggling with teenagers in finding jobs especially in the land of opportunity. It's not right if movie stars and sports stars are getting all the money and it isn't being properly distributed. Careers like social workers, nurses, teachers and etc should be paid as much or more than robert downey jr. This is not right. Sure actors and singers put a lot into their work I know for myself being a extra in the film 'Sparkle' but how certain professions now a days are valued in present society doesn't spur the current generation towards such careers in a positive light. Now i know the place of entertainment and the place of education in our world. Both are needed equally as much. But people are being greatly deprived financially for the sake of others. It's not right for families to survive off of the dollar menu at fast food restaurants ruining their health because they can't afford healthy meals. Its not right that people are needing multiple jobs working 40 hours a week overtime in order to support their family. After a while burn out will come. But we give all the money to people on the television so we can sit back with our popcorn in a broken down house with no running water. I speak for everyone else when i say : 'i want revenge!'!

The only question is are you ready for it? Are you positioned for it? If not, as james brown put it 'get ready for the big pay back!'. Now i know the context of the song means something entirely different from the entire meaning of this blog post topic but if you look at it we all need a little pay back sometime. Let me tell you that pay back is here if you are up for the taking. It is now time to go get your blessings, to go get your money back, to go get your 4 years of college back and your countless hours of slave work back from mcdonalds. Pay back is here my friends!

The time has come for you to overflow with finances. The time has come for you to be free so that you can do what you've always wanted to do. The time has come for your destiny to come to fruition. The time has come for the big pay back! 'Get ready you mother!' Get ready you father and son. The time has come for the big payback! 

You must listen to me when i say there is a opportunity here for the taking. If you sit back idle and not rise to the occasion when called upon you will miss out big time. There is no better time than now to receive revenge. Nobody gets revenge for you. You have to go do it yourself. The question is are you mad enough? Do you want to succeed bad enough? Does it mean more to you than anything else than breathing and eating? If not then you aren't ready for the big pay back. Until then the movie stars and pop icons will hold your money and you'll have to stick to your regular mundane life with your same lame paycheck every week that won't take you anywhere at the most down the road maybe but it'll be kinda too late by then. Why wait? We are young now! Let us seize the day and become what we've always wanted to be. Why give up dreams? Why lose passion and zeal for what you love? You can do whatever you believe you can! Who can tell you otherwise? The only thing holding you back is yourself! Your greatest enemy is yourself! Conquer self and you will have all! The conquest and fight begins now.

Let me tell you pay back is here hidden under our noses or rather within our finger tips. In this age of technology success and financial freedom can be found simply with access to a computer alone. People are paying back student loans, financing college, funding their dream career, providing for their family and traveling the world with money earned online. The money that movie stars and sports players are making can be yours. Most retail stores or places of employment that people work at may not give away the money you deserve worth the hours put in but there are other places that will pay you gladly over and above your greatest expectations. Click on the link below and i'll show you where the big pay back is:


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'PAPER BAG PRINCESS' (short story revised version)

there once was a beautiful princess covered from head to toe in a brown paper bag. all the kings men tried to take off her exterior garments in hopes of winning her love but were proven unsuccessful. only the one who could see through the veil had the rights to disclosing her beauty and furthermore access into her heart.

along came a young dashing prince riding on a blazing red horse with piercing eyes arrayed with a charming countenance. when he laid eyes on her he saw through the brown paper bag a beautiful fairy with long golden dark hair down to her waist. she had extremely attractive luminous skin that seemed like it hadn't been touched by age. she was without spots or wrinkles, bumps or rashes. she had full glorious white teeth. she was in perfect health, perfect wealth and perfect peace. she was a royal daughter of the universe, a queen of awestruck beauty!

as the prince was gazing through her veil the paper bag covering the princess vaporized revealing her hidden beauty. at this all the kings men were immediately knocked down and blinded at her sight. while they were in disarray on the ground the princess quickly jumped onto the horse and the prince likewise galloped away with her to a far away land in search for happiness.

just as they found their safe haven a evil beast was waiting for them at the crossroads threatening to tear them apart. as the prince battled the evil beast the princess was cursed with the venom of demons breath. turns out the beast was only a diversion for the prince so that one of the kings men who was following them from behind could poison the princess out of jealousy. once the princess was fully infected with the venom the evil beast vanished into thin air. looking back in confusion the prince saw the princess wounded on the ground as one of the kings men tried to get away. in rage he used his hypnotizing powers to put the man into a trance and banished him to a place called 'further' which is described as a inescapable realm.

though the kings' man was eternally vanquished the venom powers still laid dormant in the princess caused a breach between her and the prince threatening to sever their ties forever. at this the prince's heart was shattered in a thousand pieces. the closer he tried to get to the princess the more wounded she became. in hopes of freeing the princess of the evil venom power thus uniting them once again he went off on a quest to find a cure for the venom searching far and low.

half way through the prince stumbled into a old lost and forgotten cave that carried the secrets to the universe. inside the cave at the top was the stars in their constellation. there was dusty scrolls, gold bars, diamond nuggets, mummy caskets and dead bones. in the center there was a large door that led to a hidden chamber. there was a inscription on the door that read 'eloi'. the prince pressed upon a lever and entered into the chamber door and found himself within the body of the princess seeing directly through her. searching through her body he finds the cure deep within her heart in the form of a word. after seeing the venom slowly spreading up her back and groin area he quickly takes the cure leaves the hidden chamber within the princess and finds her outside the cave partially covered in a brown paper bag. apparently the venom was returning her former state of veiled appearance and she was somehow able to track down the prince when he was inside her within the chamber in order to warn him of her approaching fate.

but just when the paper bag was about to fully cover her face separating the two from each other forever the prince slowly walked up to the princess and whispered a word tenderly into her ear causing her body to go into ecstasy. as she was in a trance the paper bag began to dissipate. when the princess came back to consciousness she told the prince that she felt as if he had just entered inside of her and emptied her of the venom from the past. the prince seeing through her found no trace of any venom left in her body. she was a entirely new person and all was anew. after entering back into their sweet haven of rest they finally and happily loved each other ever after!

By Korina Wade & Everett Dalton


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(a TRUSTED COMPANY since 1926)



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Paranoia [ˌpærəˈnɔɪ.ə] (adjective: paranoid [ˈpærə.nɔɪd]) is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion

The word paranoia comes from the Greek "παράνοια" (paranoia), "madness"[1] and that from "παρά" (para), "beside, by"[2] + "νόος" (noos), "mind". (wikipedia)


'But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked.
'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat:  'we're all mad here. I'm mad.  You're mad.'
'How do you know I'm mad?' said Alice.
'You must be,' said the Cat, 'or you wouldn't have come here.' (lewis carrol)

i don't believe it! but i can't deny whats happening. i can't deny the way i feel. surely this is real but something is not right here. im not myself anymore, im numbed and you all ignore? but then again...   

where am i? what is happening? i'm not the same. do you hear me or is this all in my mind? my lips quivering. my body shaking. my head expanding. whatever it is. i must get out. i must get back in. or else suffer this purgatory forever. or so it seems.

tell me, if a moment feels like forever is it not? the mind can play some sinister tricks. it'll have you reeling to and fro. but I don't get it! what is this new game we have here? i don't understand. i must confess this is not at all easy to the uninformed.  

i feel boxed in by a invisible wall. as if caged by dimensional fences. i feel trapped out of my proper domain. as if outside my body. im beside my mind. i must get back in. you say i will. but can i trust you? or is this all a lie? please tell me baby.  reassure me. will it go away? please, will it go away?

i'm dying in this moment dear. a infinity. a horror, a hell. just enough to scar your mind for eternity and leave a lasing impression. why me? why me i ask? this ain't no fair game we're playing here! that's it! i give up! you've had your turn. let me win. okay, thats enough. why persist to make a move if i stopped? why continue to ruin my pieces if i don't respond. that's it! i shall end this game for good!

and so i have but not all are the lucky players therein. some have stuck on the board dazed by the maze of madness. taken over by paranoia, a delusion of fear and anxiety. as if this were your lot to live in. as if there was no way out. you must come out of the hole!

  • trapped and heavy, enclosed, caged and enslaved.
  • layers of weight
  • body quivering, shaking, heart racing
  • hopelessness
  • no control
  • head spinning
  • eyes shifting

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Current Projects: ELO!nk, X-Troupe & OG Coffee! (help support)

1. ELO!nk
ELO! is the coming new era of avant guarde creative arts that will define the next century in all fields of profession. The future is upon us. Things are moving a lot faster than the way they were fifty years ago. The next famous artists, politicians, presidents, poets, mathematicians, engineers, inventors, musicians, etc will rise up within our generation. We will see it in our day and time. We will live to experience it. 

The purpose of ELO! is to provide a beacon of hope and inspiration to mankind. ELO! is a light to the darkness, a revival of lost arts and forgotten treasures. ELO! is a new beginning, a breath of fresh air and a mist of pure water. ELO! is energy released, a power unparalleled.

ELO! will provide the outlet or platform to bring out that inner genius or inspirational spark of the divine latent in every individual. By this we will all collectively evolve as a human race to a higher level of consciousness and existence. The things that we once thought was impossible will become the norm in our present society.

Where to look for ELO!

ELO! will appear as a production company or a business/corporation within the credits and opening title of movies. 
ELO! will integrate the realm of fashion and be seen on merchandise such as clothing, shoes and hats. 
ELO! will be used as a record label when signing several upcoming artists. 
ELO! will be the signature and patent name for upcoming inventions, works of art and publications.

ELO! featured on my youtube channel: 7everett
 ELO! featured on my blog: everett7

ELO!nk = ELOinkorporated

For a little over two years now i've been brainstorming a group of similar minded individuals that engage in experimental activities relating to art, music, entertainment, film, poetry and creative thought that is avant garde in nature. So far its been rather difficult finding such people with the same kind of zeal, passion, inspiration and motivation so i have broadened my search to people outside my location. For instance i have been collaborating with a silent film artist in sweden on several short films and we correspond regularly on film related topics. Even though we live far away we both have a great passion for the silent film era especially when it comes to Charlie Chaplin. Here are a few of the videos we have worked on together:

Thomas & Wide Open Space
Glada Shrack
No(w) Fishing

That is just one example of international collaboration in the Troupe. I am more willing to collaborate with people who are far away and love the arts than a person who is my next door neighbor and doesn't have the same passion or vision.

At this point in time from the most recent Xperience video example ( i now see the X-Troupe as a all inclusive entity that i carry around and invite people to participate in wherever i go. You will bring your talents to the circle mostly either at a spontaneous outdoor street session or in a club indoor enclosed environment. I will participate from within as a insider but also orchestrate on the outside as a director at the same time so that the chaos has some sort of order and the vision of the group is carried out. 

Eventually the more cemented we get as a group the more we will operate like a band that performs. The more known we become the more we will travel. The more we travel the more we will grow as a troupe in number as we add people along the way. We will be able to do a yearly tour to visit various troupe members in other countries that aren't able to participate in our meetings. Eventually the troupe might have leaders in several  locations that run seperate groups under the same name just in different spots. They will put on their own productions with the troupe standards in order to reproduce more similar minded individuals thus creating new artists for the future.

What to expect:

film production
street performances
underground events
music and dancing 
photography and design
poetic works
and much more!

join the Xperience!
if interested contact me at

Its Simple, Its Easy, Its Coffee  
Business Overview:

The Background Story: 
This year on the beginning of August I launched my first full fledged business in the industry of selling coffee. When i first heard about 'Organo Gold' I wasn't interested. I thought 'network marketing' wasn't for me or that it didn't work but after several months of thinking about it i felt that i needed the opportunity and hope of making money on the side and was willing to put forth the effort and hard work involved in making my dreams become a reality through the use of this business. 

At that point i had exhausted all attempts towards progressing my future career. I had tried to get into the new york film academy but was having trouble with paying for all of the tuition.  I had tried to win the youtube film festival contest that would raise awareness of my film/acting efforts but didn't even come in the top 50 contestants. I had tried to land dozens of jobs  after college to support myself but none provided any gain. Now here i am fresh out of college with student loans on deferment without a job.  It was 'Organo Gold' that provided me a sense of hope that there was a another way of making money and becoming financially free so that i could accomplish my dreams.

The Proposal

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Werewolf Complex - Lycanthropy (short story)

'this matter is by the decree of the watchers, and the demand by the word of the holy ones'
(daniel 4:17)

the beginning sequence in the opening scene you will see a rapid stream of images in succession depicting the historical and mythological accounts and reports of werewolves. the last image shown will be of a werewolf howling out into the moon lit night.

1. a howling risewe see a boy, rather grimly looking, awakening in his bed to the sound of a loud horn that resembles the howling of a wolf (like in the beginning sequence). this howling noise is made each morning echoing from inside their mansion-like house to call the boy down for breakfast. slowly and ever so dramatically the boy gets off his bed and heads out his bedroom through the hall down the two flight of stairs; one by one, creak by creak. upon arriving at the bottom of the steps he turns left past the hall through the door inside the kitchen and takes a seat at the table just as his mom is serving the food. before they eat his dad asks the boy to say grace. they all hold hands and close their eyes as the boy speaks:

our father i art in heaven,
hallowed be my name
my kingdom come
my will be done....

the dad interrupts the boy in his prayer

....your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven
give us this day our daily bread
and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us
lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil
for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory 
forever and ever

dad: whats the matter with you boy?! are they not teaching you at that christian school how to say a simple prayer....
mom: don't exasperate him you know he's taking them pills.
dad: pills or no pills we can't be having our child speaking blasphemy right in our holy presences...presence.
boy: you can't even speak you old hag

faster than lightning the dad smacks the boy in the face which causes blood to fly onto the walls.

dad: look at who's talking you mute of a child. if i wanted a kid who couldn't speak i'd just adopt a stuffed animal!
mom: can we ever have a nice.........calm.....morning without fighting. i don't have to put up with this you know i can leave at any moment.
boy: which reminds me i should be going now (speaking to himself) 

dad: oh, so you're like one of those heathen women now. we gotsa holy covenant. god don't like no divorce you heard. keep yo marriage vows sugah. (jokingly)
mom: oh, please stop it. don't get all mushy with me pal. (in a laughing manner)

2: into the storm:

when the boy goes outside to catch the bus he sees it had already passed and was headed down the street so he decides to walk to school by taking a short cut through the woods. overestimating his sense of direction the boy gets lost along the way. half way through the forest a intense thunderstorm develops and drenches the boy in rain soaking his clothes with water. luckily there were flashes of lightning that ripped through the dark sky allowing him a little space to see where he was going. upon arriving to the school he bangs on his classroom window just as a loud thunderous noise breaks the sound barrier scaring the entire classroom. the teacher lets him in through the side door as all his classmates stare at him with his clothes all drenched in water dampening the floor while he shuffles to his seat.

teacher: as we were discussing, before our usual daily interruption...
kid 1: (coughs) water boy
teacher: ....the science of metamorphosis. for those who weren't here....
kid 2: (coughs) homeless bum

the class laughs in unison 

teacher: alright alright enough with the antics. as i was saying. the science of metamorphosis is defined as 'a profound change in form from one stage to the next in the life history of an organism'. can anybody give me a example?
kid 3: like when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly....
teacher: correct! anyone else?
boy: or when man turns into a god.....
kid 1: wierrrddoo
teacher: lets not deter our classmates. we accept creative answers although that wasn't exactly what i was looking for. it was good enough. looks like our time is up. for your homework i want you to read chapter four on the anatomy of animals. i expect everyone to be on time and ready to participate. you are dismissed. 

2. the terror by day:  

just as the boy leaves the classroom for lunch period before he could walk down the hall into the cafeteria a group of other kids knock the books out of his hands, circle him round about, pick him up sideways, throw him into the women's bathroom and tie him up to the urinal.

kid 1: so you think you're a god aye.
kid 2: let us test your power.

the three kids unzip their pants

kid 3: can you control the weather? it might get a little wet in here. 

the three kids start peeing on the boy as he struggles to break free

kid 1: make the rain stop if you are a god.

the boy starts growling and making sharp noises resembling the sound of lighting strikes and thunderous claps.

kid 2: are the gods mad?

they finished urinating on the boy at the height of his anger.

kid 3: come on...lets go he ain't no god. 

kid 1: you're right. he's just a wanna be delusional prick.

the three kids leave the boy tied up in the women's bathroom. shortly after some girls come in to find him tied up to the urinal and instead of helping they report him to the principal with unfavorable stories not until after completely covering his face in girl make up and stripping him of his clothing to incur greater humiliation for his invasion of their holy sanctuary. the principal then requests the janitor to go untie and bring the boy to his office. 

as the janitor opens the women's restroom door

janitor: how do you always get yourself in these predicaments?
boy: if i were a god this wouldn't have happened. 
janitor: one doesn't need to be a god to escape these troubles.
boy: the god of the bible is able to have his will be done. why can't i?
janitor: even the god of the bible is peed on and made a public spectacle of.
boy: well i shall be a greater god.

as they leave the bathroom and head down the hall to the principals office

janitor: (laughs) such imaginations for a young boy. best you keep your humility. ever heard of the story of king nebuchadnezzar.
boy: no
janitor: lets just say the man turned into a beast by a decree of the angels because he was full of pride. 
boy: sort of like metamorphosis?
janitor: actually worse than that. metamorphosis denotes a change in a lower form to a higher form whereas with king nebuchadnezzar he went from a human to a lowly beast just like the arch angel lucifer who was thrown out of heaven and made to eat dust on the earth. this my friend is what you call devolution. that is the opposite of evolution. and i would advise you not to go down that path.
boy: i'll do whatever i will. that is my code of conduct.
janitor: okay, don't say i didn't warn you.

they arrive at the principals office greeted by the boys parents. the boy sits down with his mom and dad facing the principal and the janitor closes the door.

boy: i am innocent i tell you!
principal: don't speak!
mom: listen to him!                                                        
principal: this is the fifth time this week you have gotten into trouble. everybody at the school has bad things to say about you..
boy: they are all filthy liars and degenerate humans!
dad: boy i'm gonna smack you up to high heaven if you don't stop. 
principal: we are a institution that believes in respecting one another. what you've just spoken about your fellow peers is offensive. the reports of your misconduct out weigh your own testimony. i think its best a temporary suspension will help smooth the tension between you and your classmates.
dad: what kind of tension?
principal: i'm not sure if you've noticed but your son seems to have this god complex in all of his social interactions and behavior which has consequently caused this isolation from the rest of his peers.
dad: (rather reluctantly) yes, we know.
mom: he had a very imaginative childhood growing up. we didn't want to stump that creativity. 
principal: have you ever tried psychiatric medication to help balance this elaborate mind of his?
mom: we have in the past but it wasn't working.
principal: well i think its time you start revisiting this issue before it gets more serious.
dad: we actually are consulting with a priest on these matters.
principal: yes that's good, whatever method or procedure it takes. i am giving you a month to work things out and try again. if any other problems persist we will have to have your son expelled permanently. 
mom: thank you principal!
dad: we will do our best! 

it is nearing evening time as the boy and his parents leave out the principals office. they ride home with not a word between any of them. as they get home another car is waiting in their drive way.

dad: must be the priest. he is here rather early. 
boy: why is the priest at our house?
dad: we're just gonna have a little talk with him.
mom: i thought you said we would discuss things over before making decisions. 
dad: i had to call him last minute. besides i forgot to take communion last sunday.
mom: all we need is more trouble in the house. you know he was rumored to have slept with....
dad: (nervously cuts her off) alrrrright, its been a long day lets hurry up inside. its getting dark.

3: the terror by night:

boy: look, it's a full moon tonight!
mom: hasn't been one like that in ages.
dad: enough star gazing lets hurry! 

as the boy walks in the house with his parents the priest stares him down. 

priest: is that him?

the mom looks offended

dad: (laughs in suprise) not to be so obvious there holy man. care for some coffee?  (escorting him to the kitchen)

as the boy is about to walk up the stairs 

mom: you don't want anything to eat before heading up to your room?
boy: its been a long day. think i might just get some rest. 
mom: okay, don't forget to say your prayers. 
boy: i sure will 
mom: and wash off that make up on your face. you look like a beauty queen. (jokingly)
boy: (laughs) okay

the priest opens his ministerial briefcase on the kitchen table as the boy's parents look on in dreaded curiosity.  

priest: so you were saying? 
dad: well our son has been getting into a lot of trouble in school lately and has recently been suspended for a month. we need advice as how to help him change his ways.
priest: is he a part of the church?
mom: yes, but he doesn't attend anymore.
priest: why?
dad: can we put this.
mom: he believes that he is god.
priest: with such a case like this we usually don't resort to such drastic measures but since your time is limited i have one method that can help.
mom: we'll do anything.
priest: excommunication from the church
dad: what is that?
priest: apostle paul says in first corinthians fifth chapter fifth verse to deliver such a unrepentant sinner unto satan for the destruction of his flesh so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the lord jesus.  
mom: isn't he kinda young for that?
dad: we have no other choice.
priest: either this or contact one of those useless doctors. if you're not sure please excuse me i have a mass to conduct?

as the priest is getting up preparing to leave

mom: wait, we will do it. 
priest: here now?
dad: yes, we just want to get this over with. please priest can you perform this here?
priest: protocol has us to perform these excommunications at the church but i sense your urgency. i will deviate from the required stipulations this one time.
mom: how do we begin?

the priest lights some incense and candles while opening the window blinds welcoming the night. holding a bible he then begins with these words:

'for I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you, that the Lord Jesus the same night in which he was betrayed took bread: and when he had given thanks, he brake it, and said, take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.'

at this same time the boy is upstairs on his knees saying his prayers
our father i art in heaven,
hallowed be my name
my kingdom come
my will be done....

the priest continues in his prayer:

'after the same manner also he took the cup, when he had supped, saying, this cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me.'

the boy finishes his prayer upstairs
....on earth as it is in heaven
i give this day my daily bread
and i forgive them their trespasses as they forgive those who trespass against them
i lead them not into temptation but deliver them from evil
for mine is the kingdom the power and the glory 
forever and ever

the priest continues his prayer downstairs

'for he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord's body. for this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.' 

the boy then falls asleep upstairs on his knees as the priest finishes his prayer downstairs.

'for if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. but when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world.' (1 corinthians 11: 23-32)

out of the sky the white moon goddess descends into the boys room in a small ball of light emanating all around. this luminous sphere of light forms into a provocative and seductive woman. the boy wakes up to see a extremely beautiful woman in his room. fear and confusion immediately leaves him where lust and sexual desire overwhelmingly takes over as the woman slowly approaches the boy he is drawn as if magnetically into her for a kiss. before their lips touch the woman fiercely bites the boy on the neck with her razor sharp teeth causing him to fall back in agonizing pain.... 

a loud shriek is heard upstairs

priest: what the devil was that?
mom: could only be our son.
dad: no one else is in the house right?

they all head toward the stairs 

mom: let me turn on the lights

the power is out  

mom: the electricity isn't working..
dad: can't be i paid this months bill 

the priest grabs the candles

priest: we will walk in the light of the lord

as they all head upstairs the priest recites a scripture:

'thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day...'
....then the woman turns into a frightful wolf like beast: hairy and ravenous, vicious and evil. she slowly backs up while grinning in pleasure seeing him in pain. then she turns back into a bright white ball of light and flys out the window back up into the moon leaving a sparkle in the sky and a howling in the night. realizing his fate the boy screams almost howls in terror as his body starts to transform/morp into a beast.

the priest continues his recitation as another shriek is heard even louder than before: 

'nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.'

priest: i want to prepare you two for what we are about to witness might not be your son anymore.
dad: i don't like the sound of that
mom: what are you talking about?! 
priest: i sense a strong demonic presence. we may just have to perform a exorcism. 
mom: i thought you were gonna help us not get our child possessed!
priest: this is all a part of the process.

'there shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. for he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.'

they all reach the boy's bedroom door and hear a faint laughter that makes their bones shiver.

priest: 'hail, mary full of grace, the lord is with thee.'
dad: do you have any holy water?
priest: im afraid not.
dad: then what do you expect to do?
priest: say a prayer.
dad: thats what we've been doing the whole time.
mom: and that's the reason why we're in this mess.  

while the priest and the dad continue talking the mother slips into the room without them knowing to find her son crouched on the ground swaying back and forth with his head to the ground. 

mom: son, whats the matter? we heard some noise up here...

she walks up to her son and touches him on the shoulder. 

priest: wheres your wife?

the dad and the priest hear the mom screaming at the top of her lungs and they rush in to find the boy on top of his mom growling while foaming at the mouth.

priest: in the name of the father, son and the holy ghost i command you demon of hell to come out of that boy!
dad: yea, what he said!

the boy speaks

boy: i am a god you imbecile puny little human. your words mean nothing to me. this boy allowed me to enter him. i have legal right here and will not take orders from you hypocrite!

the boy jumps on the priest, tears off his clothes and throws him against the wall.
mom: in the name of jesus i command you to leave my son now!
dad: yea, what she said!

the boy falls to the ground while shaking. he lets out a few grunts in struggle and howls so loud the windows shatter. 

priest: the spirit has left.
dad: is he dead? he's not moving
mom: son, are you there?

the boy wakes up

boy: what happened?
mom: you've had a rather tragic nightmare but its over now.
dad: that's one heck of a nightmare. 
priest: my job here is done.
mom: you're right about that. don't you ever step in my house again.
dad: he was only trying to help.
mom: i told you we didn't need any more trouble. 
dad: okay, okay. its all over now.

the priest walks out the room with the dad as the mom stays behind to comfort her son.

priest: so before i go, i know i said i'd come over for free but i didn't expect to perform a exorcism.
dad: it was my wife who cast out the demon remember?
priest: yea, but i said the prayers.
dad: your prayers obviously didn't help. now if you don't mind i have a son that needs me.
priest: what if the demon isn't gone?
dad: what are you talking about we saw it leave.
priest: they always come back and when it does you won't have me around. 

as the priest leaves the house he wipes the dust off of his feet as a sign of rejection

boy: i don't feel too well
mom: what hurts?
boy: my neck
mom: let me massage it for a while

the boy lets out a shriek just as before

boy: i feel like someone bit me.
mom: but there's no mark.
boy: it hurts real bad though. im not making this up. i swear! you gotta believe me!
mom: rest your trouble heart my son. let me sing you a song.

don't you be afraid little child the white goddess of the moon will watch over you.
her light will warm your fears and her smile will calm your tears.
don't you be afraid little child the white goddess of the moon will watch over you.

as the mom finishes the song the boy is already fast asleep. then the dad walks in.

dad: did you tell him?
mom: no, lets keep it a secret for a while.
dad: okay good. 
mom: i don't like that priest.
dad: at this moment he probably doesn't like us either.
mom: what were you talking about out there?
dad: oh, nothing much really.
mom: is there anything i should know?
dad: if there was i would tell you.
mom: why do i have a feeling that this is not over.

4. the werewolf complex
in the morning thirty minutes has passed since the horn was blown signaling the boy to come down for breakfast so his dad goes up to find where he was. looking around the dad noticed the window opened so he stuck his head outside and saw feet hanging from the roof.

dad: son, how did you get up there?
boy: i climbed. its fun you should do it sometime.
dad: why don't you come down for breakfast?
boy: i already ate.
dad: you ate what?

the boy drops a few bones of a deer's leg 

dad: where did you get that?
boy: i killed it with my bare hands.
dad: thats impossible. did you take my gun again? i won't get mad this time.
boy: i tore out its heart with my teeth. what use is there of a gun?
dad: looks like you're still that imaginative type. although i need you to stop joking around.
boy: im telling the truth.
dad: whatever just come down so nobody sees you.

the boy then jumps off the roof unto the ground

dad: since when does he have all this energy.

the boy goes through the front door and greets his mom

mom: how did you get down here?
boy: i jumped off the roof. 
mom: (blank stare) 
dad: and he apparently killed a deer with his bare hands this morning. do you believe him?
mom: lets see if the psychologist does. you have a appointment in a hour.
boy: well i better get going now.
mom: don't you need a ride?
boy: i should get my exercise. 
dad: don't go killing anymore deer alright.
boy: i don't like the texture of their liver anyways.
mom: what did he say?

with that the boy darts out the door and starts running like a dog on all fours. he passes by his school class window as some of the kids look on in bewilderment. stopping by the city park he runs up to the pond and laps water into his mouth as people look on in disgust. as he nears the psychologist's building he stands back up straight and walks over to the door and rings the bell.

receptionist: hello
boy: would you like me to come in through the door or the window?
receptionist: excuse me?
boy: im here for a appointment. 
receptionist: ah, yes the 9:30. come right in.

the door opens

receptionist: the psychologist will be with you shortly.
boy: okay.

the psychologist enters

psychologist: you're here a bit late
boy: yea, i had to make a few stops.
psychologist: would you like some water?
boy: no, already had some.
psychologist: so from your files it appears you've had some past trouble in school. 
boy: yea, i've recently been suspended.
psychologist: what happened?
boy: i don't want to talk about it. 
psychologist: so it says here that you've suffered a nightmare. can you tell me about that?
boy: i don't remember anything.
psychologist: how have you felt since?
boy: great, i woke up early this morning craving some fresh meat so i went out and killed me some deer.
psychologist: since when did you start hunting?
boy: since today. 
psychologist: something doesn't add up here. how did you kill this deer?
boy: i jumped on its back, tore its heart out and knocked it to the ground. then started eating out its flesh on the spot.
psychologist: (nervously laughs) they told me you have a pretty imaginative mind.
boy: what, you don't believe me? 
psychologist: that's impossible. 
boy: same thing my dad said. let me explain, you see us werewolves...
psychologist: hold up, werewolves?
boy: ....have these things called claws and sharp teeth.
psychologist: you think you're a werewolf? (the psychologist starts laughing uncontrollably)
boy: that's not funny. stop laughing. (in anger)
psychologist: you hardly have any hair on your chinny chin chin (still laughing)
boy: shut up you vile human!
psychologist: you still got the voice of a little girl. (still laughing)
boy: i am a god and you will fear me!
psychologist: i really needed that amusement for today cause i've got tons of other appointments to get to. ill see you next week!

as the psychologist heads toward the door he hears a growl from behind him. turning around he sees the boy crouching on the ground on all four legs. 

boy: let me show you how i killed that deer. then perhaps you will believe me. 

the boy pounces on the man, tears his heart out and eats his flesh from the inside out. the receptionist walks by during the act and starts running away in fear. just as she calls the cops the boy jumps on her shoulders and rips her head off. the boy busts through the window and runs back home on all fours while clutching the woman's head by the hair dangling from his teeth. its not too long before the neighborhood goes into terror and utter shock as word spreads quickly around about the recent killing. just as the boy reaches his house his parents come outside with cops surrounding the perimeters. 

dad: what have you done?!

the boy hands his mom the head

boy: this is what happens when people don't believe in me. 
dad: you were possessed son. we failed to tell you. it wasn't a nightmare and now the demon has come back ten times worse.
mom: what are you talking about? i thought it was gone.
dad: the priest told me that these kind always come back.
mom: thanks so much for not telling me those small details! 

a police officer approaches

police officer: i'm sorry to break this up but we're gonna have to take your son into custody.
mom: but he's mentally ill that's all. has this god complex you see, that has gotten out of hand.
police officer: we will review everything later but he must be removed from the premises. he has become a threat to society. 

some officers then come to hand cuff the boy and he begins to growl. as they lay their hands on him the boy knocks the officers into the air. 

police officer: stand down or i will shoot!
boy: you cannot cage me you inferior being! i am a werewolf and you will see the white goddess of the moon descend from above in blinding white light to carry me home!

just as the boy finishes speaking he howls so loud that the surrounding houses start to shake, the ground begins to rumble, the cars rise up into the air and the sun goes dark revealing the moon. 

police officer: you leave me no other choice  

at this point the police officer shoots the boy in the chest and he instantly falls to the ground along with the cars. the houses stop shaking, the ground stops rumbling and the sun returns in its brilliance. his parents run over to the boy's body in shock. they both start crying wishing they could have done something to help. the mother caresses the boys head and sings to him a song in his dying breath:   
don't you be afraid little child the white goddess of the moon will watch over you.
her light will warm your fears and her smile will calm your tears.
don't you be afraid little child the white goddess of the moon will watch over you.

the boy says his last words

boy: if i were a god this wouldn't have happened.
mom: you are a god my son, you are.

and the boy gives up the ghost

5. the resurrection

during the night the day before the funeral the church's janitor was making his rounds and he heard a loud noise coming from the sanctuary. when he went to search it out he found the casket knocked over and empty. as he looked into the casket he felt a hand on his shoulder. turning around to his utter horror he saw the boy pale as the moon wielding razor sharp teeth and long claws bitter and cold. he had arched eye brows and red eyes full of lust for blood. 

the boy speaks

boy: why do you seek the dead among the living?
janitor: who are you?
boy: prepare to meet your god!

the janitor screams as the boy pounces on him and bites his neck sucking out all his blood leaving him lifeless and dead on the floor. the boy then puts the janitor into the casket.

boy: on this day you will be with me in paradise.

as the boy turns around he starts laughing uncontrollably while lifting off of the ground. a bright ball of light comes through the window and luminous beautiful angelic women surround him as he is raised through the glass ceiling into the air back to the moon from whence he came leaving a sparkle in the sky and a howling in the night.

this has been a GOLDEN TOAD publication