Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Pans Labyrinth:

"Del Toro told me that, in imagining the monster, he had settled on a twisted rule: the Pale Man could “engage in gluttony only if a kid indulged in gluttony. If a kid broke the rule of not eating, then he could.” When Ofelia snatches a grape from the table, the curse is broken and the Pale Man quickens. In a sickening change of silhouette, the ogre picks the eyes off the plate and squishes them into his palms. Placing his hands in front of his face, like goggles, he pursues Ofelia with a shuffling gait, his outstretched fingers like grotesque eyelashes. The image, del Toro said, owes something to a poster for the trashy 1979 film “Phantasm,” in which the eyes of a screaming woman can be seen through the hands covering her face." 
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to be continued...

Friday, January 20, 2012



once upon a time when beauty came out to play leaving her proper domain she transgressed into the realm of man looking to be loved although mankind was unable to adulterate in her beauty having his eyes shielded in guard of being caught up into eternalness. so beauty would leave behind trails of her footsteps as a sign. mankind would always see these trails as mere animal tracks but from a aerial view like crops circles it revealed a detailed picture. beauty slowly lost hope feeling that mankind wasn't interested at all in her so she went into hiding vowing never to come back but left one last trail hoping that one day someone somehow would follow her tracks and finally behold her beauty.

just so happens one day a boy goes frolicking into the woods scaring off clans of birds and splashing in puddles of water while unbeknownst to him following along the same ancient path that beauty had left behind. so this caught beauty's attention and in desperate curiosity she decided to break her vow to see what would become of this. emerging from hiding she jumped from tree to tree peeking her head from the sides trying not to be seen by the boy. she followed right behind him in every direction until he came to a pond. as the boy approached the edge of the pond the girl quickly slipped inside the water from under him which caused a large ripple to appear. he started to look around for rocks thinking that he had kicked some in.

....when the water became still to the boys amazement while looking at his own reflection he saw the image of a girl standing right next to him. what he saw was the most beautiful person ever known to man that would cause any model look like nothing in comparison to her image. she was decked in gold attire. her hair was like bright curly red locks and her eyes were like deep blue marbles. he then turned slowly to his right side in bewilderment as if in a dream to see if the image was in fact real but he saw nothing at all. though looking back into the water he again saw the girl this time beckoning him to come. he reached out his arm towards her direction still in disbelief and graced his hand upon...

....the brim of the waters to which their fingers miraculously touched. she then abruptly withdrew her hand in fear and slowly backed up gradually fading away in image as if she had out stayed her welcome yet the boy being entranced and caught up in her beauty stepped out onto the pond in pursuit of her without even realizing that he was walking on water all the way to the middle of the pond. realizing that he is no longer on ground he starts to panic and like quick sand he begins to sink into the water without getting wet. as he becomes fully submerged under the pond he finds himself in a place indescribably and inexplicably new. (to be continued....)

this is a love story between nature and mankind. nature as beauty is a girl that longs to be loved. she wants someone to behold her beauty. someone to adore her for once. she makes herself appealing to the masses and tries to lure mankind in order to court her into a long lasting relationship of trust and security. mankind as a whole is generally indifferent to her attempts of love purposely out of subconscious self preservation to keep from being sucked up into the beauty of her world. now if this happens then beauty will envelope mans world and collapse on top of it completely superseding the entire earth. beauty doesn't know this yet until the boy comes along. that is when she starts to understand things differently. the boy represents her soul mate, her other half, her opposite. so the boy is slightly deformed and is not desirable because if the boy is her other half then the opposite of beauty would have to be ugly. the closer the boy gets to beauty the more she runs away because she knows that if she were to keep him for herself he would die. although the closer the boy gets to beauty the more pretty he gets and correspondingly the better he feels. this only makes him chase her more. now his behavior is becoming ugly just like his appearance used to be. the boy doesn't realize his love for beauty is a fantasy of his own mind although her love for him is in fact very real and even greater than his. so she is hard pressed with a decision of whether to take him back to his world so that he doesn't die or to keep him in her world and forever be beautiful together.