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'DANDRUFF of the GODS' (short sci fi horror story)

White DUST
the crack of heaven & the celestial sweetener 

There is a legend called ‘dandruff of the gods’. It was said by the ancients that occasionally when the gods scratch their hair a white substance falls from heaven onto the earth. These flakes would collect on mountains.  Some speculate if these mountain tops are really covered with snow or this ‘dandruff of the gods’. This substance, while mistaken for snow fall, upon consumption is said to have the most addictive properties ever known to man for its other worldly taste. Stories have been told on how those who taste only but a little of this ‘manna’ are knocked out for days in ecstasy! People would ask themselves ‘how could such a thing as dead skin cells taste so good’? The wise men would answer by saying that ‘every good and perfect thing comes from above’.  So sweet was this substance that it made the best pastry and candy bar on earth taste like dirt! Such a thing was not meant for mere humans. It was perhaps too good.

Doctors feared that it would become deathly toxic upon increased consumption and would replace the need for eating regular food. People were fighting over it and selling it for money. The church started to regulate its consumption and utilized it for religious gain. Controversy over this substance became so great that people completely shunned it as evil and diabolical. Cults have been made in worship of this substance as divinely sent from the gods. Civil wars have started in order to protect it from being completely destroyed by the conservatives. In the great struggle over this substance much of it has been lost, stolen and/or hidden. Very few people are known to even posses it any more and to many it has become a myth. Those that believe in the myth have been told that the last remains of the white substance have been hidden by the gods inside the holy Mt. Shasta commonly known as california’s mystic mountain. Although the myth is said that there's an invisible fiery force field guarding the white substance from the presence of all humans except during an eclipse. During a eclipse it has been rumored by some that they have seen the fiery force field leaving its spot providing a window of opportunity for anyone to attain this forbidden substance if they so dared.

In the year of 2012 on November the 13th the CIA sent out 10 of their best trained soldiers for a secret mission to obtain this substance during the years eclipse. When the time was right helicopters dropped them onto Mt. Shasta just as the earth grew dark. Thus the eclipse began. It was reported that this darkness was so thick it could be felt. It was unnatural like nothing that has ever happened before. A strange feeling enveloped them. To their dismay none of their electronic devices worked so they could not communicate with the outside world if anything went wrong. They felt as if time had completely stopped. For what seemed like an hour they worked their way up into the mountain. 

Upon arriving at the top they released a baby lamb tied to a rope to test out if the invisible fiery force field was in fact gone. The lamb went through unhindered but fell into the volcano. They heard a long shriek and a loud thump. With the rope remaining attached to the lamb they could judge where the cliff began. Utilizing their flash lights they quickly scoped out the inside of the mountain which was circular in shape like a dome. In order to increase their chances of finding the substance they used a thermal camera to see if any energy life forms were inside the walls. Although one of the men started to notice that as he walked onto a particular part of the inside of the mountain he could feel a vibration in the ground. The man notified the other men about what he found. As they lowered their ears to the ground they could hear a sweet melody being played as if it were straight from heaven. Putting their thermal cameras up to the spot where the music came from they saw several large beautiful illuminating flakes inside the ground. Using a shovel they dug the flaky substance out onto the surface. While putting the large flakes into a bag one of the men made the grave mistake in smelling the flake's aroma. As he inhaled his eyes almost went back into his head in delight. Being infected by its aroma he started to convince the group that they deserved to have one little bite in reward of their success. Each man took a bite out of the same large flake and passed it on to each other one after the other in sequential order like in holy communion. Falling to the ground one by one like domino pieces they were all knocked out in ecstasy except the last man at the end of the line who upon seeing what was happening managed to withstand from eating the white substance. After checking up on his men he knew that they would not wake up in enough time before the eclipse ended and they were far too heavy to even carry out one by one. Besides by that time if the man even did that, he reasoned, the fiery invisible force field would have returned and he would be sealed inside the mountain forever. Realizing his fate, if he stayed behind to wait for his men to wake up, he left in hopes of returning to retrieve them. Just as he left out with the bag of white substance the rope that he was dragging on the ground was cut off at the entrance. Feeling the rope break he turned around and for a split second caught a glimpse of the invisible fiery force field that in his recollection resembled red and blue gigantic sulfuric acid wings that took the shape of a door. 

With the eclipse ending upon the return of the fiery force field all of his electronic communication devices turned on and he then called for help. Shortly later a helicopter turned up and was surprised to see anyone alive. According to the calendar they had been on that mountain for weeks. Befuddled by this the man who survived was convinced it was no more than a few hours as the eclipse could not last that long. Confused and overwhelmed by the discrepancy of the pilot’s report he closed his eyes to rest as the helicopter encounted a little turbulence. Shortly afterwards the helicopter gains control and silence takes over. Immediately the man jolts out of his chair to the shocking sensation of the pilot gnawing at his arm tearing off his flesh as he screams while looking outside the window as the helicopter plummets quickly towards the ground. Just before the helicopter crashes the man wakes up to a rather rough landing on top of the the CIA's secret government headquarters building in Washington D.C. Upon entering the man debriefed everyone on what happened during the mission as to how they found the flaky substance, on why all the other men were left behind, on the appearance of the fiery force field and various other protocol information. The upper authorities advised him to never speak of the mission to anyone. Before his departure he asked what the substance was going to be used for. The upper authorities told him that several of the best scientists were handpicked in order to conduct experiments on the substance for the purpose of modifying its properties to make it suitable for mankind. The man objected that this would be impossible having seen the substance’s power taking affect in the best trained men. He noted that at the whiff of just one of these flakes it’s aroma is enough to make a grown man weak. 'Such things are not meant to be played with' he said. Perhaps there is a reason it has been guarded for all these years and i'm not willing to find out that reason and know that it was my fault for bringing it here! As the man went after the bag the upper authorizes called security on him and he was escorted out of the headquarters and was told that as of now the flaky substance does not exist and that they had no more use of him.   

A few months passed since his termination and he had found a living over in Michigan jumping between motels. During the day he worked as a kick boxing instructor and during the night he went to bars to drink his memories away. One night he had far too many drinks and got into a brawl with a few other guys and was knocked out by the bar owner with a wine bottle. He found himself laying on the floor being pinned down by the men as the bar owner was ripping through his body and eating at his flesh as he screamed in pain. After blacking out he awakes to water being splashed over him realizing it was another one of those dreams like he had on the helicopter. From here on out he started to have these same kinds of dreams each night where he was being eaten alive by humans having their faces covered with white foam. Feeling that these dreams were more than just late night pizza and horror movies he started to seek help through various means like going to see a psychologist, then a priest, then a spiritualist, then a fortune teller, and then finally after giving up he called his parents just for the heck of it. Surprised to hear from him after ten years of silence his mother in particular was exuberant over the phone telling him all that has happened in the family from every cousin he doesn't know or care about to every new born baby that only God's knows who's father it is to every award and accomplishment given to his siblings that he never could achieve. When his mother asked how he was doing the man made up some long fake story about his great wealth and new found love while flipping through the channels on the television. Before finishing his fabricated story he stopped in mid sentence and told his parents that he had to get off the phone. Turning up the TV he saw on the news that the World Health Organization was introducing a new product into the stores called ‘white dust’ that could potentially eclipse the use of sugar. People had already started to try out this mysterious new product and have been raving about its results. The popularity of this 'white dust' was growing leaps and bounds. For some reason he had an eerily feeling that this would lead him back to his mission on the mountain. 

The next day he went out to breakfast with some of his old friends from high school. Before eating each of them almost religiously pulled out a packet of the white dust and sprinkled it onto their food. The man was amazed at how addicted they looked while using the product. After finishing their meal all of his friends ordered another meal. They were surprised that he wasn’t hungry like them. One of his friends pointed out that the man must not be using the white dust. Another friend commented that it gives you lots of energy. The other friend went into detail about its sweetness being greater than sugar. After finishing their second meal they ordered something to go. The man was surprised at how hungry they were. Before leaving he asked to have a packet of the white dust. He wanted to see if it was in fact the flaky substance that he retrieved from the mountain. After taking a whiff of it in his car he had a flash back of himself in the mountain. Having previously smelt the substance before he was convinced that it was the legendary ‘dandruff of the gods’ and that the scientists had successfully modified it. Not knowing what to do he stashed the product in his pocket and drove home in paranoia. When he got home he experimented with it on some pigeons just for fun because he had no other food to give them. Having gone inside to get a drink he came back out to find all the pigeons dead covered in blood and mutilated as if picked apart by each other. Apparently they all butchered each other to the death. Bewildered by this he notified the stores that this product could be harmful and that they should stop selling it but none of the sellers would listen to him because the profit was too great. Enraged that he was not being heard he made a trip down to the CIA's secret government headquarters in Washington D.C. from which he was excommunicated. Upon entering the place he found the inside abandoned and in ruins!

The man searched through the entire facility to see if he could find anyone. When he reached the experimentation room he found a couple scientist’s dead bodies on the floor mutilated and torn apart just like the pigeons. Being completely repulsed to his stomach going into the bathroom to vomit he saw these words written across the mirror in blood: NOT MEANT FOR HUMANS. Immediately after that he got a call from his mother asking if he was watching the news about the recent recall of the ‘white dust’. She goes on to say that 'apparently something was wrong with it' and that she 'wonders what it could be'. The man asks if his mother had used the white dust yet. ‘Of course’ she states. ‘Everybody has used it. It was practically put in all our foods. Don't you know? Some people are now trying to adjust to life without it. It's like a drug addict's period of withdrawal but ten times worse. Just a second....’ The mother puts the man on hold as he hears his dad arguing in the background. She gets back on the phone and says 'i'm sorry dad is really hungry now gotta go'!  Immediately the phone goes dead just before his mother lets out a loud shriek. The man decides to take a visit to Chicago just in case to see if everything is alright even though he thinks its just another one of their daily heated arguments. 

While driving up to Chicago the man noticed a increase of car accidents off to the side of the road. People were standing out by their cars gesturing for a ride. Something looked strange about them. They were almost inhuman. They had tripled in size and their skin was ashy white. Trying to understand what was happening the man pulled out a packet of white dust from his jacket. Smelling it again he almost fainted while driving. Regaining his awareness he noticed a man walking out into the center of the road holding what looked like a human arm to which he chucked at the mans car. Other people followed in likewise and started throwing body parts at his car in order to obstruct the mans driving so that he would crash. Thinking about how to survive this the man upon seeing a large truck several feet behind his car opens the packet of white dust and throws it out into the air to which its aroma disperses in a 10 ft radius of distance. All the people started rushing into the road sniffing around to find this white dust. They gathered together in a heap of mass licking the remains off the ground not noticing the approaching truck. Before the truck driver could realize what was ahead of him he ran over all the people crushing their bodies one by one. As the man was observing the truck running over the people in his rear view mirror he thought to himself that this wasn’t exactly the kind of entertainment he was looking for. After clicking on the radio he heard reports of a massive outbreak of killings happening all over the U.S. One of which states that was being infected the most was Chicago! Increasing his speed to nearly 90 mph he drove on in great turbulence.

Upon arriving and while driving in Chicago he noticed that not a man, woman or child was outside and everything was still. No noise could be heard. It was as if silence had completely taken over or that he had walked right into the eye of the storm. As the man slowly pulled up to his parents home he noticed a silhouette figure standing in the upper window of the house that didn’t look like anyone or anything he knew. It was far too big in size. After the man got outside the car the figure in the window was gone. As he approached the front of the house the door slowly opened by itself. While walking in he saw his dad sleeping upright on the sofa. He noticed that his dad had somehow tripled in size. The man joking to himself said 'no wonder he was so hungry'. After going upstairs he noticed his mother also sleeping in her bed covered in sheets. Thinking to himself he said 'no wonder its so quiet everyone is sleeping'. The man tried to wake her up much to no avail. Sitting on the bed he noticed that one of his mother's legs was missing. He pulled back the sheets to see her body mutilated and eaten up as if by a monster and covered in white foam. In shock the man started to piece together everything that he had observed for the past year: the strange people stranded on the road, the sudden call from his mom, his friends increased appetite, the pigeons killing each other, the CIA's secret government headquarters in ruins, the message on the wall, the introduction of the white dust into society and his retrieval of the flaky substance on the mountain. As he slowly stood up retreating towards the door he bumped into something large breathing down his neck. Turning around much to his horror he beheld his dad holding his mothers leg in his hand. He thought to himself 'this is not real, it must be one of those dreams again'. Trying to wake up he closes his eyes as his father hits him in the head with his mothers leg and knocks him out cold. 

After who knows how long the man wakes up on the couch downstairs opposite of the tv with his feet tied to a table. Nearly unconscious he sat on the couch slipping in and out of sleep. For a split second the man started reliving his childhood memories. As a little kid while he would be sitting watching tv his mom would be in the kitchen making dinner and his dad would be upstairs getting ready. Before each meal his mom would shout out ‘dinner is ready, come and get it’. Usually he would get up and get dinner before his dad would come down but this time he struggled in the couch being unable to get up as he saw his dad slowly make his way down the steps one by one. The closer he got to the man the more heavier he appeared in form and the more grotesque he became. The man thought to himself 'this was nothing like my childhood experiences'. While completely coming back to consciousness the man sees his dad standing in front of him foaming at the mouth saying ‘dinner is served, come and get it'! As his dad opens up his enormous mouth to chomp down on the man’s flesh he blacks out from sheer fright while seeing men like domino pieces falling one by one in a circle towards his direction of sight. Having been stunned by smelling the aroma of the large flakes in the mountain he realized that he had been standing there in a trance for what seemed like a hour hallucinating all these events. While coming back to complete awareness he was terrified by the possibilities of what could happen if he actually ate this substance let alone took it back into society. After being attacked by humans and almost eaten alive by his father he threw the remains of the flaky substance into the volcano and left the men in order to phone for help. 

When a helicopter finally found the man the pilot was surprised that anybody was still alive. The pilot asked if the man had retrieved the flaky substance. In order to keep its whereabouts hidden he lied by saying that 'it didn’t exist' and that 'it was in fact all just a stupid myth'. The pilot asked where his other men were. The man told the pilot that he had to vacate the mountain in order to  phone for help. The pilot found out from internal sources that a search party was in fact looking for the other men as they spoke. After this the man feeling comforted rested his head against his chair and closed his eyes in satisfaction that his mission was finished.

As the search party approached the entrance of Mt Shasta they saw some of the men laying on the ground inside the mountain. They noticed that one of the men were missing out of the 9 that were left behind in the mountain and that some of their body parts were gone. Immediately they heard a shriek behind them. Turning around they found one of the search party members being eaten alive by a man three times his size. This man looked up with white foam dripping from his mouth while sneering and proceeded to go after the rest of the search party men. In fear all of them backed up into the fiery force field which instantly vaporized the men. Nobody was left alive except the one man out of the 9 who was missing from the mountain. As he turned around to leave the mountain heading towards civilization with white foam dripping from his mouth the man in the helicopter immediately wakes up from sleep with his eyes wide open while jolting out of his chair screaming ‘stop the search party’! The pilot informed the man that there were slight problems with the search party so he was assigned to pick up the last remaining men. The man noticed that there was no other person in the helicopter except the pilot and him. The man asked where the other men were. To this the pilot slowly turned around and climbed out of the cockpit with his enormous body holding his head down. The man notices that his original pilot was replaced while he was sleeping. To this he shouts out 'wheres the other guy'! The turbulence slowly increases in intensity as the pilot stares at the man freakishly while standing in front of the cockpit of the helicopter with the white foam dripping from his mouth. Just before the helicopter crashes to the ground the pilot bellows ‘dinner is served, come and get it’ and the man blacks out in utter terror.



Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Is it only a coincidence that both cocaine and sugar are almost identical?

Sugar has become a silent epidemic in our world today because it is killing people softly as they indulge into its deadly sweet tastes. Research Editor Maddie Oatman at Mother Jones says:
"it's been linked to metabolic dysfunction, which can lead to heart disease, obesity, liver disease, and diabetes. In 2011, the United Nations declared that for the first time ever, chronic non-communicable diseases like these posed a greater burden on the world than infectious diseases."
The increase of sugar intake is directly proportional to the increase of body weight. 75 percent of all health care dollars are spent on treating sugar related problems! 

The reason sugar has spiraled out of control is because of its subtle addictive nature. The nature of sugar is tricky in that the more you consume of it the more you want. This is a new kind of withdrawal. Sugar has a way of suppressing the hormones in your body that register when you've had enough to eat. Hence our dependency on sugar and consequently the increase of body weight. Therefore with this endless cycle of blind dependency there is no end to the ramifications of medical problems. As long as we play along with this white substance, that we call sugar, as something that is angelic and innocent it will be as if we were actually dumping cocaine into our drinks.   

Although sugar is potentially as dangerous a toxic and even more addicting than cocaine we treat it as a light subject. There is a double standard here. Let me explain. You see firstly fructose, which makes up sugar along with other molecules, is as equally damaging to the liver as alcohol. Secondly sugar has been directly linked to metabolic dysfunction. This is of grave concern since sugar has been added to all processed foods. Most of the snacks, condiments, breads and beverages we consume are filled with sugar. Thus sugar is essentially now unavoidable which means that metabolic dysfunction likewise is hypothetically unavoidable.

The situation we examine here is parallel to how when cocaine used to be a main ingredient in coca cola. In fact even before this a chemist mixed cocaine with wine in order that it could be transported to Europe without damaging the coca leaves. Shortly after, he made this a beverage called 'vin mariani' which was endorsed by the queen of england and the pope at the time. Over in Atlanta a pharmacist changed up the concoction by adding caffeine to the mix. When the consumption of alcohol got regulated they replaced the cocaine filled beverage with sugar syrup and carbonated water and called it 'coca cola'. Eventually the coca was taken out of the cola for obvious reasons and it became what we know of as today: a sugar carbonated drink. (Hypothetically, in my presumption the psychological impact of the presence of cocaine in coca cola still lingers on til this day as a shadow that hooks people into consuming soft drinks as if the cocaine was still present. In my opinion it is also the use of constant brainwashing advertisements through media and the drug like sugar effects that cause a cocaine like addiction to the non alcoholic or non drug filled products of soft drinks) 

With the presence of cocaine out of the way a new problem arises even greater in impact with the inclusion of sugar. I am not saying that sugar is more of a 'dangerous drug'. Besides sugar is not something we are told to resist in commercials or in school. There is no prohibition against sugar. There aren't any adverse side affects to sugar. So how can sugar be so dangerous? The very fact that it is so normalized lies the problem. What is dangerous about sugar is how socially acceptable it has become in our society. We don't see the damage it has caused upon our bodies until later on.      

The difference between cocaine and sugar is that cocaine was formally only in coca cola whereas sugar now is almost in everything. Cocaine now is extremely expensive whereas sugar now can be bought with a quarter or got for free on certain holidays like Halloween. Not only is cocaine a social taboo but it is extremely expensive which makes it even more inaccessible to most people. On the other hand sugar is a social norm which makes it even more accessible to anyone at any quantity in any form at anytime anywhere. You could sniff, smoke, inject and chew sugar if you wanted to. It might not be as dangerous as cocaine but on the long run its equally as dangerous because of its silent nature. With cocaine you can realize its harmful affects and immediately stop using it like we did in the past but with sugar by the time you realize what its doing to you the damage has already been done and some people aren't even lucky to escape its grip hence the diabetics.
Now don't get me wrong i love sugar. I am no vegan or super health fanatic. I enjoy sweets and soft drinks more than i should. I'm not trying to be a anti sweets preacher cause i would be the greatest hypocrite. I just like to be conscious of whats going on in the world which i think directly parallels our eating habits. I think the craze of sugar is related to our need for immediate satisfaction and pleasure. We would rather consume the things that taste good in the moment instead of the things that profit our bodies in the long run. We have less tolerance for things that are bitter and hard to shallow. We have become a carbonated 'watered down' and 'soft' drink generation. It's hard to find anything pure anymore. We don't use our teeth as much anymore. Everything is swallowed whole and accepted. Nothing is ever tested. So it becomes hard for things to be regulated. Without this separation there is a overload of pressure in peoples lives which leads to a eventual meltdown. We have been lured to sleep with sweet stories from birth but have not been properly nutrition-ed to grow up as adults. We have been weaned into consuming things generic instead of the real stuff so that our bones are brittle and weak. We are breeding a people that from birth are dependent on all things sugar, spice and everything nice. It is a addiction. This is the new crack cocaine. Sugar.



In psychology there is a concept called 'mirroring' that is defined as:
 "the behavior in which one person copies another person usually while in social interaction with them. It may include miming gestures, movements, body language, muscle tensions, expressions, tones, eye movements, breathing, tempo, accent, attitude, choice of words/metaphors and other aspects of communication." (wiki) 
 As we see from the definition above this occurrence of mirroring has nothing to do with reflective surfaces. There is no mirror here. The natural phenomenon of mirroring predates the use of mirrors all the way back to the beginning of time where we see eve eating the forbidden fruit and then adam follows shortly after mirroring her even after he was told not to. There is a natural impulse implanted in every human being to mirror things. The mirror/ing is invisible and happens almost automatically and subconsciously. The mechanism of mirroring is subconsciously ingrained into our psyche so that we naturally imitate whatever we see or feel/imagine. 

Mirroring essentially is a subconscious phenomenon of the mind that happens without ones awareness. In fact our awareness of it has become so dulled and imbedded into the natural way of life that we don't even notice it's effects from the assimilation of habits and norms to the learning of accents, social taboos, clothing styles and etc. The interesting part about all this is that we think we have complete control of what we do from day to day but a lot of our actions are influenced by and is the product of our subconscious mind. Consequently a lot of our decisions are the direct result of our initial mechanism of mirroring.
In my experience i've noticed that i've adopted the style and dress of certain musical artists and actors that i admire without consciously and purposely doing it. After listening to certain musicians i've noticed that i began to play like them without consciously and purposely trying it. Also i've noticed that after watching movies and certain music videos while working on my own film projects the final result of it resembles the artistry of certain directors and producers without consciously and purposely attempting to copy them. I don't intentionally go out and copy people or things like a mime would do but the occurrence of mirroring produces a coincidental effect. The very first time i see or hear anything from external stimuli it is etched into my subconscious mind as a seed trying to sprout its way out into the outer world to be reborn. This happens sometimes within seconds or minutes and other times it takes weeks.

The implications of this are as follows: 

Everything we see or hear enters our subconscious mind as a idea in the form of a seed that grows at the rate which we feed attention to it. Eventually it is mirrored back out into the world through our lives. This can happen instantaneously or within time also depending on our beliefs and knowledge. To go even further the bible talks about how:
"And we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord,[a] are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another." (2 Cor 3:18)
This is one account that explains the potential of mirroring that with just the act of looking at anything we could become or transform into what we see. It is not too farfetched as with the cases of some peoples accounts of acid trips or lsd experiences they literally become one with nature. If we are able to mirror facial expression, intonations of voice and body language what else could we be capable of mirroring? Or what else are we subconsciously mirroring?