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the WORLD of CINEMA as we know it is COMING to a END!
PREVIEWS have always been a central part in the movie going experience. when you go to the theaters one thing you can always count on is a good preview. sometimes these previews or appetizers, if you will, are much better than the main course. they have you salivating in anticipation perked at the edge of your seat for whats next. metaphorically speaking, one can say that the coming attractions are served as a visual stimulator to arouse the audience's mental nerve glands for story intercourse. along that same vein one can also say that the previews are used basically as a method of foreplay before full penetration that causes one to reach orgasm without completion of the full act. using that same train of thought, to this end a lot of people have developed premature ejaculation in which they peak in interest just before the feature presentation so that if the movie doesn't deliver lasting pleasure at least the coming attractions did. 

sometimes the previews hold more weight than the actual movie because the vibe/dna of the story is jammed packed into one small time frame which releases tons of endorphins into your brain all at once with little or no break in between. this causes a adrenaline rush. with this you get hit head on with action, mystery, romance, passion, horror and suspense leaving you craving for more. this leaves your mind up to develop all kinds of fantasies about the coming movie so that it solidifies in your head. you then become hooked. this here is the science of previews. if properly executed causes most of the success of movies.

as noted above, since a considerable amount of thought and energy goes into previews, for the purpose of making a good first impression, various bits of information tend to fall through the cracks unknowingly from the unconscious mind of the director/writer that reveal things about the world. if you don't look closely at movies you will miss these hidden messages. there is a matrix to movies that not everyone has the eyes to see its deeper meaning. the previews are revealing a new phase and era of cinema that is drastically changing by the moment. the world of cinema as we know it is coming to a end! 

i don't know the details exactly of what lies ahead in the near future although i do feel without a shadow of a doubt from the previews that its going to be mind blowing in its scope! consequently there is a need to brace ourselves for this sudden influx of new ideas and alternate approaches to art. a new renaissance is on the rise that will be so demonstrous and palpable that the theaters won't be able to withstand any longer. therefore a new form of media will need to be created to contain it. we are nearing the tipping point of creativity that will flip the lid on our boxes of reality. 

one small step in technological advancement is enough to pose enormous implications and likewise dangerous ramifications to how we use media. without a understanding of these new tools of media things will get out of hand. magic and science, fiction and non fiction, religion and history will converge all at once. at this point there will be no going back to the way things used to be, to the way the world was before. a new horizon is emerging with the rising sun that will bring forth a phoenix of imaginable wonders!

in conclusion, movies and the previews themselves are telling us something if we listen carefully. there is a message woven deeply into the fabric of each story that coalesces into one complete image that bleeds over into our lives collectively. you cannot seperate movies from the real world it always sinks in one way or another. the development and state of media parallels with the development and state of the world. what you see in movies to various degrees and under different forms is being demonstrated or exercised in the world (and vice versa). with that being said previews are not just coming attractions to a feature presentation as we have been told and brainwashed for years to believe. they're a preview of a coming FUTURE presentation not shown in theaters that can be summed up as: the end of the world of cinema as we know it! (never looked so good)



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LOCATION: bogota, columbia (northwest of south america)
BACKGROUND SETTING: we see christopher columbus abandoned in a small hut lit up with candle lights writing frantically whilst looking nervously at the silhouette shadowy figures flickering past his tent. after looking at his watch he gets up quickly in haste barely stashing all this belongings and darts out the rear of the tent without looking back. running through the woods to the shore of the island he could see a boat ready for departure. out of breath upon arriving he managed to climb himself onto the ship and hide within the lower deck. checking his bag for his possessions he realized that he was missing his diary right as the boat was leaving. in horror for the next days without sleeping he devised the plan for what we know of as his first voyage to the americas in hope to secretly retrieve his lost diary while under the guise of searching for new land.   
more than six millennium after the colonization of america an archeologist named simon was reported to have found the lost diaries of christopher columbus in bogota, columbia. a detective named wolfe was rumored to have speculated of a secret voyage that columbus took before his 'discovery of america' with a small crew on a ship called 'saulos'. the archeologist had a feeling that these lost diaries of columbus may be the missing link to the detective's theories on christopher's private voyage to the americas. knowing that this meant a radical shifting of historical facts and a call to re examine the moral intentions of columbus the archeologist sought the detective secretly to discuss these matters.
upon arriving in london, england the archeologist was informed by a neighborhood friend that the apartment from which he left was bombed minutes after he boarded the plan. apparently he had information other people didn't want to be known. after that incident for precautionary measures he phoned the detective asking to meet in a local coffee shop. the archeologist arriving early looked around in paranoia wondering if he was being followed. the detective walks up to the archeologist from behind causing him to jump in his seat.
the discourse as follows is recorded:
the archeologist: you're late

the detective: on the contrary i've been here the whole time. whats the matter, you look nervous?

the archeologist: listen, we have to be discreet about this. it appears that i've become a threat.

the detective: precisely, you look like you're carrying a bomb. i'd be scared too.

the archeologist: this here, what i am so carefully guarding, is what i've come to talk about with you.

the detective: the lost diaries of columbus?

the archeologist: yes (slowly nods)

the detective: shall we take a look?

as the detective opens the first diary dust flys off the pages and they both lose track of time within the pages of columbus' mind. 

to be CONTINUED... 
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the SUPERHEROS (avengers)

some claim that THE AVENGERS is the highest grossed movie of all time with 1 billion dollars made worldwide at the box office. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

with the recent opening of the AVENGERS one can only think about how much of a influence the mythos of the archetype of a SUPERHERO has upon society. deep down within each person do we yearn for a ROLE MODEL of a character that INSPIRES in us that kind of invigoration for life and hope, that rekindles the belief in good in the world and protects us from those things that we are vulnerable towards or blind sighted in. we have a instinct desperation to expect a 'god' or a 'knight in shining armor' to come and save us from destruction at the last moment. we want to believe in a SUPERHERO.

we can see the statistics that outlines this visually, at least in my own experience, when such movies like 'the avengers' is sold out on the second day of opening at many different showtimes and in multiple theaters turning loads of people away. not only that do we also see such movie review websites like rotten tomatoes giving 'the avengers' a 93 on the tomatoes meter. additionally when such movies become of a religious fashion where people of every age range and ethnicity are lined up outside the door rushing to get to their seats you start to wonder how much of a magnetic affect media and entertainment has upon the public; it is becoming borderline magical and is increasingly being used/replaced as a source of spiritual outlet more than simply recreational.

for these reasons i am happy to be living in this day and age because of the potential that movies (media/entertainment) holds in shaping peoples lives and challenging/raising our ways of thinking and dimensions of understanding. without the inclusion of the era of movies/television we would not have the same mental framework for reality that we have today. would vampires be so popular and well known if it weren't for the movies like twilight? would certain inside jokes and funny references be in existence to bounce around facebook walls, twitter pages, etc if it weren't for tv shows like glee, the office, parks n rec, snl, etc? there are some things that i've learned from video games that i could not have learned anywhere else. my point is that books, comics, newspapers, and all things in written text format are unfortunately being shrouded in the wave of media and peoples source of information is now coming mainly from the television, computer, smart phone gadgets and the movie screen. times has forced us to raise our kids primarily from the tv because its easier. that is where the superheros/role models now are first seen. with that in mind one can only imagine what is the next generation of SUPERHEROS yet to be created. what will they look like? what will be their powers? what are their weaknesses? how will they co exist with mankind? what relationship will they have with mankind? how will they operate with the fashion, culture, technology, political, social and religious state of the world? these are a few questions we can ponder on concerning the future of SUPERHEROS.

the avengers, the xmen (not excluding spiderman, superman, batman, the fantastic four, hellboy and all the others) are our current archetypal SUPERHEROS. they are our 'messiahs' and our 'gods' that we have fashioned in our own image (hence the man). they have our likeness and our societal dna makeup structure and limitations/weaknesses. they in many ways resemble us. as we change so will they. as long as we need them they will exist. i am hoping one day that the magic and fantasy of films will live outside the screen, that one day we won't need films to live out our fantasies and visions for the future. that we will live in a world of flying cars and iron man technology. the world of television and film 10 years from now should start to emerge a new race/breed of superheros never before seen and likewise a new world untold for humanity.



 SLEEPER of the NIGHT chapter 2

....and so it was!

the boy awoke on his bed almost in a dream like state. something was not right he thought. everything looked the same. his clothes were still on the floor. his books were still scattered about on his desk. his posters were still on the wall. his boom box was still near his bed. his closet was still closed. his guitar was still perched on the chair. his window was still open from the morning (silence)............'wait!' he said to himself. 'i never opened that window. i swear to god that was shut last night. i don't like people tampering with my stuff! who opened my window?! for the last time if my brother is playing tricks on me im gonna wring his ugly head off!' stomping on the floor in frustration he happened to wake up his parents. they came in the room perplexed as to why he was awake at this time but was quickly diverted to the condition of his floor. 'my lord, it looks like a tornado came in here' mom said while falling to the ground. 'son, this is your last warning clean up your room!' dad said while pulling out his hair. his parents walked out the door shaking their heads in disappointment. overwhelmed by this incident the boy quickly fell back to sleep dreaming that his room was clean.

'is he asleep yet? double check just to make sure. in fact somebody sit on top of him to prolong his sleep. no, not on his head you idiot you'll suffocate him. here let me show you watch and learn. you sit on his waist right here between the belly and the legs.' 'what if he turns over?' 'hallow head, that won't happen if you're sitting on him. come on does anybody here have a IQ above idiocy!' listen everyone, we have to get this place in order before he wakes up. no excuses whatsoever! our imaginator has spoken and we must obey. is that clear?' 'yes sir!' 'then let the magic begin': all the clothes started hovering above the ground into the direction of his closet where the hangers launched themselves onto, all the books began floating in the air spiraling in circles onto the shelf on top of the desk in alphabetical order leaving a cloud of dust in the air, all the posters began rearranging and positioning themselves at the right angles, all the other stuff assembled themselves accordingly: the guitar began re-tuning itself as the boom box jumped onto the bed and the window shut tightly as the closet opened wide. 'alright all you imaginatees clear the way for the initiator. we have two seconds before the boy wakes up.' 'who is the initiator?' 'that is unknown. he comes in many forms. though his message is the same. his job is to initiate or transition the boy out of his slumber'. 'ssshhh....he awakes!'

the boy wakens to find his room in order. 'you have got to be kidding me' he said. 'i must be dreaming, i have to be dreaming. my books are on the shelf. my clothes are not on the floor. my boom box is on my bed. my posters are angled right on the walls. my window is shut. my closet is open. even my guitar is in tune. what is going on?!' a voice echos in return 'ill tell you whats going on'. out of the boy's closet walks a skinny old man with piercing blue eyes and a white pigeon on his shoulder. startled as the boy was he backs up to his bed trying to get out the window. 'if you haven't noticed, things have been kinda different around here. wouldn't you like a explanation?' the boy tries to quiet the man so that he doesn't wake up his parents. 'oh you don't have to worry about them. they can't hear me. in fact i don't exist in their dimension and technically neither do you. you see, i have chosen you to be grafted into a alternate reality or dimension of time that parallels your other self. everything is the same as you used to know it except the only difference is you. in this dimension of reality for instance whatever you dream of happens hence the reason why your room is in order. you dreamed it and so it was. the only problem is that we have to quickly train your imagination so that you don't dream of adverse things that could be detrimental to the world and yourself. you see the mind is a powerful thing. we are able to create with our minds. in this dimension of reality the time span between imagination and reality is much quicker than the world you came from. as you think so it becomes.' the pigeon started making noises. 'it so happens that your parents are approaching the door. i must be going now!' the old man disappears into the dark closet as the boy's door opens revealing his parent's faces in utter shock. 'we must be dreaming hunny?!' 'this is not like our son' the mother said. 'youre right,' pointing at the boy 'who are you and what have you done with our son?!' his parents start laughing as the boy puts his hands up in guilt. 'we're just playing with you boy. hey, if you keep this up we may just give you a allowance'. 'he already has a allowance' said the mom 'oh yea, never mind' as the dad snickers under his breath. 'well, breakfast is ready come before it gets cold'. 'ill....... be down in...a minute' the boy says hesitantly. before his parents leave the room they notice some feathers nearby his closet. 'what you been playing with some birds up here?' 'i think... those...came out of my coat' the boy answers sheepishly. suspiciously the dad walks out of the room with the mom as if noticing that something was strangely different about the boy. little did he know that his son was replaced with a alternate version of the boy that would come to change the whole world around him!

to be CONTINUED.....

refer to 'sleeper of the night' (chapter 1) for background information: 



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!WHY YOU ONCE FEARED THE DARK! (del toro films post)

guillermo's movie 'don't be afraid of the dark' in my mind is basically a extended version of the tooth fairy investigation scene in hellboy II and a continuum of 'the devils backbone', 'the orphanage' and 'pans labyrinth'. all of guillermo's movies, as he explains in interviews, overlap, intermingle and blurr together. elements of the devils backbone were in the orphanage such as the question of 'what is a ghost?' even the characters are similar. the outcome of the orphanage wasn't even what guillermo planned as he mentions in a interview. the original vision of the orphanage was previously completely different than what ended up on the screen which may explain this continuum that we see like a vein that travels all the way through 'pans labyrinth' and now into 'don't be afraid of the dark'. i will explain my reasons for this as i go through various rhythmic rhymings or dancings so to speak between guillermo's films that are spread throughout the movie 'don't be afraid of the dark'.

to begin i must give props to guillermo for repping the game once again with a classic horror film that permeates with old cinema professional techniques. you don't see horror films with this dignity, quality and beauty now-a-days. i wouldn't even classify it as a mere 'film' like seriously because it interacts on so many different realms. it reminds me of a detailed illustrated page turning book with specific chapters having pauses in the middle or acts in succession as in a theater play more so than a traditional quick line by line scene by scene film. the scenes move gracefully as a dancer in a concert does. the background decor, architectural designs, vibrant colors, contrasting lights, shadowing images, camera angles, music impression and placement speak louder than the character lines themselves. the nature of this movie reminds me of the silent film 'nosferatu' with its usage of german expressionism. the impact of this movie delivers the effect that alejandro jodorowsky tries to accomplish in his psychomagic surreal films. 

to describe 'don't be afraid of the dark' in relation to some of guillermos other movies it seems to have the visuals of pans labyrinth/hellboy and the story like nature of the orphanage. in relation to non del toro related films it seems to look similar to alice in wonderland and the wizard of oz at some points. the vault to the nether land creatures is similar to the spiral worm hole that is drawn representing sort of a trip down the rabbit hole that alice falls in. as to the creatures they look like a mixture of the tooth fairies in hellboy II and gargoyles mainly for the hunchback appearance. they rightfully don't have wings because they live underground like demons in the underworld sort of similar to familiar spirits being conjured up by a witch. they murmur, they mutter and they whisper silently like gollum from the lord of the rings who has a split personality in which he speaks in third person. likewise these little creatures would speak in plural as if they represented the entire group like the demon possessed man that came to jesus in the bible and said that 'we are legion' meaning 'we are many', that is 5,000 soldiers to be exact according to the ancient roman army.

now to the main part: in the movie hellboy II just before prince nuada releases the tooth fairies to the people at the auction he says 'let this remind you why you once feared the dark'. do you see the correlation here?! this scene in hellboy II was a preview of 'don't be afraid of the dark' because it is here that the tooth fairies are first introduced. though they appear differently in hellboy II as cute little sharp teethed winged creatures they are essentially of the same family because they both desire bones and teeth, hence 'the tooth fairy'. the scene in hellboy II where the bprd investigates the auction building and encounter the tooth fairies for the first time is visually and horrifically reminiscent of 'don't be afraid of the dark'. this is why i say 'don't be afraid of the dark in my mind is basically a extended version of the tooth fairy investigation scene in hellboy II'. as to the other del toro related films listed above which 'don't be afraid of the dark' seems to be a culmination work or continuum of, i will just illustrate with some bullet points of rhythmic rhyming:

the girl in don't be afraid of the dark goes missing just like the boy in the orphanage.

the man lost his wife in 'don't be afraid of the dark' just like the man in the orphanage.

when the fairies leave a coin for sally in place of a tooth in 'don't be afraid of the dark' it is similar to the games that the fawn played in pans labyrinth and the ghosts played in the orphanage.

the girl in 'don't be afraid of the dark' is blamed and ostracized for things happening in the house just like with the boy in the orphanage.

the girl's condition in 'don't be afraid of the dark' is attributed to lack of medicine just like the boy in the orphanage.

the little girl sally hirst in 'dont be afraid of the dark' looks like a grown up version of liz sherman in hellboy. they basically seem to play the same character.

in 'don't be afraid of the dark' where the girl sally hirst is outside next to the bench using stones to write her name it is oddly reminiscent of the scene in hellboy I where liz sherman is visited by red at the mental ward. they have the same emotions and facial expressions.

the same old house appearance in the orphanage and the devils backbone is seen also in 'don't be afraid of the dark'. guillermo is known to like houses like this. his second home, the bleak house resembles this.

in 'don't be afraid of the dark' the girl is left alone in a big house a lot of the times. this is something that comes out of guillermo's childhood. he said his parents hardly cared to see about him so he was left alone a lot.

at the end when the girl is being pulled on the ground by the fairies it is reminiscent of the exorcist as if she is being possessed. (non del toro film related)

the girl in 'dont be afraid of the dark' is lured off into another realm just like the boy in the devils backbone, and the boy in the orphanage and the girl in pans labyrinth. the bridging of two realms is in all of guillermos movies to varying degrees.

in conclusion i can attest to the fact that 'don't be afraid of the dark' has put me through a beautiful spiritual experience of some sort as even guillermo himself describes the power of movies as "a religious and intimate experience". he also says that fear is "an instinct absolutely necessary to achieve some form of spiritual perspective." and that "fear of something unknown allows us to take a leap into faith." so then with this 'leap of faith' i plunge into the dark with childlike curiosity!


what was the significance of the light beaming through the windows?

what was the significance of the gold colors?

what happened to kim at the end? was she turned into a gnome fairy?




The brain is the source provider of all the feelings in your body. These feelings produce emotions which open up the imagination capable of causing your thoughts to envelope around you like a tangible bubble. From this you enter the world within which through constant desire becomes the world without.

Napoleon believed that imagination ruled the world. Einstein believed that imagination was the world and King Solomon believed that imagination creates your world: 'as a man thinks in his heart, so is he'. (Proverbs 23:7) And how do you think? With your mind. So therefore the mind has the ability to create.

Everything that was created was made by a intelligent mind. There are religious and scientific theories that the whole universe exists inside a great cosmic mind.  Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, an indian philosopher, 'describes the universe as a result of macropsychic conation'  being that 'the entire universe exists within the cosmic mind'. In sanskrit the word for universe is "brahmanda" which means expanding egg. In order for a egg to develop into a mature living organism it would require information and for that information to create such a complex system it would need to be highly intelligent. Cyberneticist David Foster describes the universe as the product of 'high intelligence' but there can be no intelligence without the assistance of a mind. Astronomer Arthur Eddington says 'the stuff of the universe is mind-stuff'.  Astronomer James Jeans says that the universe is beginning ‘to look more like a great thought than like a great machine’. Theoretically, if the entire universe is just a great big thought then that would mean we exist inside a great big mind. 

Along the same vein every invention in human society once existed inside the mind of man. The invention of chairs, electricity, computers, phones, tvs, phones, instruments, etc etc once came from someones imagination. Therefore the world, culture and technology that we live in today is all a product of our collective thoughts. Man imagined the world with lights so we have electricity. Man imagined the world with air travel so we have planes. Man imagined the world with long distance communication so we have phones. All these things make up the 21st century. A thousand years ago no one would have imagined the kind of technology we have today because the ideas that now shape the way we live was once in infancy just like how the universe before the 'big bang' advent, according to scientists, was once condensed down to the size of a pea! Now it is limitless and ever expanding. Such phrases like "big things come in small packages' and 'big things have small beginnings' takes on a whole different meaning! Though we only use less than ten percent of our brains we have still managed to land on the moon and where humanity finds itself the next thousand years will be determined by the collective imaginations of society. 

Consequently we see from the aforementioned that the future is no longer a abstract thing that cannot be touched or is at fates helms. If the world was created by a great cosmic mind and everything within our culture and social world comes about through the collective imaginations of society which breeds actual results in the physical world then the future lies within us! We all hold the future within our own imaginations. Since there are many conflicting and diverse thoughts floating around the 'newsfeed' of humanity  innumerable different versions to the future exists. Those communities of thought that dominate will take precedent into the worlds collective future. Those schools of beliefs that are not as strong will quickly die and never see future generations. Whoever holds the greatest frame of reality constructs our reality. 

Hence the reason why media, entertainment and social networks are the anchor in public interest and the subject of conversation worldwide. People all over the world know more about lady gaga's lyrics, music stars songs, hollywood movie actors lives, events in television shows, etc than they do about history, government, geology, science, math and languages. Media and entertainment has created a frame of reality that is constructing peoples lives from birth so that whatever is pumped out of the tv screen is believed. This is how the earth was once the center of the universe, this is how political rulers like Adolf Hitler were able to create a world of destruction and hate, this is how slavery in the west was allowed to exist, this is how prostitution, female genital mutilation, eugenics, wife killing, molestation, child sacrifices is tolerated in certain countries, this is how entire cities with innocent civilians can be wiped out by nuclear bombs. A frame of reality existed that allowed that kind of future to develop in society.

Thus, the events of the world are just a mirror of our internal thoughts. If we are destructive and unstable within, full of viruses and contamination then our future will manifest plagues and storms. As long as we change our internal state we will not see a peaceful future. If we want to see technological advances and ecological progression then we have to start changing our thoughts collectively. If we want to see a war-less future then the public thought has to dominate the political government thought of the elite that pushes for war. We have the brain power to stop it! If we want to see a future of advanced technology then we have the power to create it! If we want to see a future of peaceful coexistence then we have the power to make it! If we want to see a future in which disease doesn't exist then we have the power to produce it! If we want to see a future of heightened human abilities then we have the power to manifest it! All of us are creators and writers of our own story/destiny. The only question is when will we take back our pens and rewrite our own stories?

NOTE: a call for media and entertainment as the crux of the direction towards the collective future to hold in high regard their profession as having a great sway in the general public and vice versa the world as a whole. if millions of dollars are used to create films, television shows, art shows and performances in music lets make sure it has a positive impact on the world so that we can progress peacefully into greater technological and environmental adjustments. or else all that money can and should go to the less fortunate in the world who out number us all.  


!'HOW BEER CHANGED THE WORLD'! (summary written version of movie)

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” -- Ben Franklin

 NOTE: the validity of these facts are up for question. the main purpose of this post is to provide a summarized written version of the movie for those that haven't seen it. apologies if my writing and facts to the movie are not clear or totally accurate. 

the existence of ancient beer

writing was created for recording such commodities as beer. beer was consumed in great quantities while the building of the pyramids. it was a common drink back then. it was drunk so much that it was even found within the bones of egyptians. beer to the egyptian pharoahs was expected to be drunk in the afterlife. thats how important it was to them.

ancient beer beat modern medicine by 3000 years in unknowingly using antibiotics. it was found that the ingredients used to make beer has antibiotics in it. beer saved millions of lives in medieval europe by eliminating bacteria because the water became undrinkable. more beer was drunk back then than any drink in our modern era so in essence beer used to be todays soft drinks but more nutritious filled with vitamins and nutrients so that even children were allowed to drink it! monks were prominent brewers during medieval time and because of this the church grew very wealthy. people would come to church just because of the beer given afterwards!

beer is a saving commodity

beer was one of the greatest commodities which helped create the modern world, namely capitalism. the voyage over to discover america or any sea adventure for that matter was not possible without the usage of beer because all of the water would spoil on the way over so therefore they would have nothing to hydrate themselves. the alcohol and hops in beer is what made the water once fermented suitable to drink. without beer the voyager would not have made it across the seas to 'discover' america.

beer inspired the american revolution:

most of the founders of our country were brewers of beer. taverns, where beer was sold was the main communication hub for people. this was similar to our modern social mediums of today such as google, myspace, twitter and facebook of which valuable information is shared. they didn't have the internet back then. everything was spread by word of mouth. again taverns in particular were where revolutionary ideas and plans were discussed towards the development of the american revolution. even 'the national anthem was borrowed from a 18th century drinking song'. the song was used as a sobriety test. if you could complete the song you were ready for another round of beer. thus its not too far fetched to say that 'beer helped found america' when the star spangled banner our own national anthem was originally a beer based drinking song. in essence america wouldn't be here without beer.  

beer created the basis of modern medicine:

in the 1850's chemist loius pasteur was known for studying pasteurization of which most people think is related to milk but his area of focus was in fact beer. 'beer was the first beverage to be pasteurized.' in the process of this he wanted to see why beer sometimes spoiled. from this he found and discovered bacteria which was previously unknown to modern medicine. from this sprung 'germ theory' which was monumental in that it gave a reason why people got sick. it was no longer left up for chance, superstition or religion. this also spurred people to wash their hands more often. doctors started using common sense and began washed their hands in between surgeries. thus from this we can concur that beer and science go hand and hand.

beer created refrigeration: 

in order to solve the dilemma of getting expensive and problematic ice from the glaciers to make colder beer which was amplified when the production of beer was slowed down during the spring because of the heat thus melting the ice, a artificial way of creating cold beer was made. so the brewers sought after the possibility and pushed for the making of refrigeration. with this new invention one of the greatest problems of mankind was solved: the storage of food. not only that but refrigeration meant air conditioning, the creation and preservation of medicine (pills), keeping organs alive during transplant surgery and the existence of ice cream.

beer invented modern industry:

originally factories were made for the production of beer not for cars. the production of beer in factories was in existence way before henry ford. 'it wasn't the car that put america on the road to economic power it was beer'. 'beer production revolutionized american industry'. the making of glass beer bottles ended child labor in america because of the automate machine invented by michael owens.

beer was so important to america that it was even modified in order to be drinkable in space for future galactic voyages to new 'americas' or lands to be discovered.

in essence from all this it is no doubt that beer changed the world to a large degree. if beer can have so much influence upon the world imagine what it does to you and what you can do to the world!

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DVD: 'How Beer Saved The World' (most of the information from this post came from this dvd material)

BLUE FORCE field and BIG EYED horses! (dream)

i was in this hostel staying with a group of people some of which i knew others i didn't. the people that owned it looked to be asian or hispanic. they had a band playing somewhere in the kitchen because whenever the door was opened i could hear music being played. i ordered a meal as i was preparing to sleep. they had problems making my food so the waiter asked if i wanted anything else. i asked for just soup and bread. 

before she could come back with it the dream shifted into a scene where people were rushing to get out of the place. apparently i had just woken up. didn't know what was going on. everyone was afraid and worried. there was a rumbling in the ground as if the world was crumbling beneath our feet. cops came in and was ordering us out. people left without g
etting their belongings. my oldest brother and my sister were there ready to leave but i went back in to see if i had left anything looking through the kitchen searching the place out. they waited for me.

when i came back to the front as we walked outside the door what i saw was like never before. there were huge crowds of people standing as a army was walking almost hovering on top of them in red uniforms covered in a bluish force field. me and my sister walked past the crowds in dread as if we were about to get killed. there was a sense of fear in everyone. all around us there were huge horses that have not been seen on earth. i noticed they had really large eyes. there were other animals of enormous size that you can't find in the zoo. as we made our way to a car to hide luckily it was open so we got inside and behind us in the rear view mirror we saw the eye of a gigantic animal staring at us. after this the dream ended.