Monday, May 14, 2012

BLUE FORCE field and BIG EYED horses! (dream)

i was in this hostel staying with a group of people some of which i knew others i didn't. the people that owned it looked to be asian or hispanic. they had a band playing somewhere in the kitchen because whenever the door was opened i could hear music being played. i ordered a meal as i was preparing to sleep. they had problems making my food so the waiter asked if i wanted anything else. i asked for just soup and bread. 

before she could come back with it the dream shifted into a scene where people were rushing to get out of the place. apparently i had just woken up. didn't know what was going on. everyone was afraid and worried. there was a rumbling in the ground as if the world was crumbling beneath our feet. cops came in and was ordering us out. people left without g
etting their belongings. my oldest brother and my sister were there ready to leave but i went back in to see if i had left anything looking through the kitchen searching the place out. they waited for me.

when i came back to the front as we walked outside the door what i saw was like never before. there were huge crowds of people standing as a army was walking almost hovering on top of them in red uniforms covered in a bluish force field. me and my sister walked past the crowds in dread as if we were about to get killed. there was a sense of fear in everyone. all around us there were huge horses that have not been seen on earth. i noticed they had really large eyes. there were other animals of enormous size that you can't find in the zoo. as we made our way to a car to hide luckily it was open so we got inside and behind us in the rear view mirror we saw the eye of a gigantic animal staring at us. after this the dream ended.

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