Saturday, October 27, 2012

'PAPER BAG PRINCESS' (short story revised version)

there once was a beautiful princess covered from head to toe in a brown paper bag. all the kings men tried to take off her exterior garments in hopes of winning her love but were proven unsuccessful. only the one who could see through the veil had the rights to disclosing her beauty and furthermore access into her heart.

along came a young dashing prince riding on a blazing red horse with piercing eyes arrayed with a charming countenance. when he laid eyes on her he saw through the brown paper bag a beautiful fairy with long golden dark hair down to her waist. she had extremely attractive luminous skin that seemed like it hadn't been touched by age. she was without spots or wrinkles, bumps or rashes. she had full glorious white teeth. she was in perfect health, perfect wealth and perfect peace. she was a royal daughter of the universe, a queen of awestruck beauty!

as the prince was gazing through her veil the paper bag covering the princess vaporized revealing her hidden beauty. at this all the kings men were immediately knocked down and blinded at her sight. while they were in disarray on the ground the princess quickly jumped onto the horse and the prince likewise galloped away with her to a far away land in search for happiness.

just as they found their safe haven a evil beast was waiting for them at the crossroads threatening to tear them apart. as the prince battled the evil beast the princess was cursed with the venom of demons breath. turns out the beast was only a diversion for the prince so that one of the kings men who was following them from behind could poison the princess out of jealousy. once the princess was fully infected with the venom the evil beast vanished into thin air. looking back in confusion the prince saw the princess wounded on the ground as one of the kings men tried to get away. in rage he used his hypnotizing powers to put the man into a trance and banished him to a place called 'further' which is described as a inescapable realm.

though the kings' man was eternally vanquished the venom powers still laid dormant in the princess caused a breach between her and the prince threatening to sever their ties forever. at this the prince's heart was shattered in a thousand pieces. the closer he tried to get to the princess the more wounded she became. in hopes of freeing the princess of the evil venom power thus uniting them once again he went off on a quest to find a cure for the venom searching far and low.

half way through the prince stumbled into a old lost and forgotten cave that carried the secrets to the universe. inside the cave at the top was the stars in their constellation. there was dusty scrolls, gold bars, diamond nuggets, mummy caskets and dead bones. in the center there was a large door that led to a hidden chamber. there was a inscription on the door that read 'eloi'. the prince pressed upon a lever and entered into the chamber door and found himself within the body of the princess seeing directly through her. searching through her body he finds the cure deep within her heart in the form of a word. after seeing the venom slowly spreading up her back and groin area he quickly takes the cure leaves the hidden chamber within the princess and finds her outside the cave partially covered in a brown paper bag. apparently the venom was returning her former state of veiled appearance and she was somehow able to track down the prince when he was inside her within the chamber in order to warn him of her approaching fate.

but just when the paper bag was about to fully cover her face separating the two from each other forever the prince slowly walked up to the princess and whispered a word tenderly into her ear causing her body to go into ecstasy. as she was in a trance the paper bag began to dissipate. when the princess came back to consciousness she told the prince that she felt as if he had just entered inside of her and emptied her of the venom from the past. the prince seeing through her found no trace of any venom left in her body. she was a entirely new person and all was anew. after entering back into their sweet haven of rest they finally and happily loved each other ever after!

By Korina Wade & Everett Dalton


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