Saturday, November 10, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, people of the world the time has come for a retribution in our labors and striving at work, in life and at school. We put in so many hours slaving away at a job that hardly supports in this present economy and we put in many many long nights and hard days studying for school in order to a earn a degree that doesn't provide us any valuable jobs after college. We get to old age and are left with little retirement income or anyone to take care of us. We are left with thousands of dollars of student loans to pay back and little to no time for our own lives and careers. We thus become a slave to the clock and the diploma. This should not be so my friends. This must end. People in their 40's and 50's shouldn't be struggling with teenagers in finding jobs especially in the land of opportunity. It's not right if movie stars and sports stars are getting all the money and it isn't being properly distributed. Careers like social workers, nurses, teachers and etc should be paid as much or more than robert downey jr. This is not right. Sure actors and singers put a lot into their work I know for myself being a extra in the film 'Sparkle' but how certain professions now a days are valued in present society doesn't spur the current generation towards such careers in a positive light. Now i know the place of entertainment and the place of education in our world. Both are needed equally as much. But people are being greatly deprived financially for the sake of others. It's not right for families to survive off of the dollar menu at fast food restaurants ruining their health because they can't afford healthy meals. Its not right that people are needing multiple jobs working 40 hours a week overtime in order to support their family. After a while burn out will come. But we give all the money to people on the television so we can sit back with our popcorn in a broken down house with no running water. I speak for everyone else when i say : 'i want revenge!'!

The only question is are you ready for it? Are you positioned for it? If not, as james brown put it 'get ready for the big pay back!'. Now i know the context of the song means something entirely different from the entire meaning of this blog post topic but if you look at it we all need a little pay back sometime. Let me tell you that pay back is here if you are up for the taking. It is now time to go get your blessings, to go get your money back, to go get your 4 years of college back and your countless hours of slave work back from mcdonalds. Pay back is here my friends!

The time has come for you to overflow with finances. The time has come for you to be free so that you can do what you've always wanted to do. The time has come for your destiny to come to fruition. The time has come for the big pay back! 'Get ready you mother!' Get ready you father and son. The time has come for the big payback! 

You must listen to me when i say there is a opportunity here for the taking. If you sit back idle and not rise to the occasion when called upon you will miss out big time. There is no better time than now to receive revenge. Nobody gets revenge for you. You have to go do it yourself. The question is are you mad enough? Do you want to succeed bad enough? Does it mean more to you than anything else than breathing and eating? If not then you aren't ready for the big pay back. Until then the movie stars and pop icons will hold your money and you'll have to stick to your regular mundane life with your same lame paycheck every week that won't take you anywhere at the most down the road maybe but it'll be kinda too late by then. Why wait? We are young now! Let us seize the day and become what we've always wanted to be. Why give up dreams? Why lose passion and zeal for what you love? You can do whatever you believe you can! Who can tell you otherwise? The only thing holding you back is yourself! Your greatest enemy is yourself! Conquer self and you will have all! The conquest and fight begins now.

Let me tell you pay back is here hidden under our noses or rather within our finger tips. In this age of technology success and financial freedom can be found simply with access to a computer alone. People are paying back student loans, financing college, funding their dream career, providing for their family and traveling the world with money earned online. The money that movie stars and sports players are making can be yours. Most retail stores or places of employment that people work at may not give away the money you deserve worth the hours put in but there are other places that will pay you gladly over and above your greatest expectations. Click on the link below and i'll show you where the big pay back is:


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