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If you are fortunate enough to see this you have walked into a gold mind.

This is specifically for people living in michigan who are subjected to the declining economy with its recent pass of the right to work law which means they literally can treat you any kind of way and fire you for any reason and they can lower your wages and you will have to just take it or look for other work. All of the states that have the worse economy are 'right to work' states. No wonder the economy in michigan is so bad and people are struggling to find and maintain decent jobs.

With the kind of minimum wage most people are given even after coming out of college with degrees it is almost impossible to pay rent without going broke each month working full time so lots of people are having to take on second jobs.

How is that freedom in america if you have to give away all of your time just to support a living and make ends meet and you lose out at the end of the day having little time to do what you want and the next day you have to do it all again to get the same predictable pay with the same predictable living situations with the same predictable spending expenses.You basically have become a slave to the work force.

It is time to liberate ourselves with the opportunities presented. The few people among the world that are the most wealthy became very rich because they all took advantage of opportunities and businesses that came their way and they all did what most people weren't doing. The broke minded says everything outside the traditional 9-5 is a scam. The broke minded isn't willing to invest into businesses. The broke minded thinks all network marketing or online jobs are not legit. The broke minded says i can't do it. Poor people spend most of their money and save the little left over. Rich people save most of their money and spend the little left over. You see the difference? In order to change our situations we have to change ourselves first. Being broke or out of work isn't about getting laid off or having no job it ultimately is about you. You are made to examine yourself in the mirror and change the ways you think and do things.

Listen, I went to college for four long years investing thousands of dollars of student loans, which i am now in debt, in order to get a high paying job but came out unemployed for over a year filling out hundreds of applications hardly getting call backs and going to countless wasted interviews. After all that searching i finally landed a job at panera bread making 8 dollars a hour getting bi weekly pay. What i learned while unemployed helped me make more money in a couple days than i did in over three weeks!

We are in the 21st century. This is the information technology age. We aren't so much a assembly line, brute work, sweat of the brow nation where you have to work all day and get hardly no pay. That's what people currently do in third world countries and we call that type of work 'injustice, slavery and maltreatment'. Well the money people make easily off the internet in a matter of minutes with hardly no work involved and no travel all from the comfort of your home compared to the money people make traveling 30 minutes to a job that pays you minimum wage 7 dollars a hour to work 30-40 hours a week in the small store for half the day hardly get paid at all is what we self employed independent workers call 'injustice, slavery and maltreatment' just like in third world countries because in our hectic lives this traditional 9-5 work is becoming not ideal and a unlikely living situation. People are going through divorces, people are losing homes, people are killing themselves, people are starving to death, people are going mentally ill, killing and stealing all because they don't have enough money to live the happy normal life they were meant and deserve to life. You don't have to end up that way.

Now i am not saying quit your job but please do yourself a favor and expand your sources of income. Why put all your eggs in one basket? If you are unemployed, laid off or simply need extra money in your bank account it would be a unwise decision to not consider this. Profits are way more lucrative than wages. 80 dollars commissions add up faster than 8 dollars a hour work pay. People always say they want a hourly job or don't like commission only positions. That is completely fine to need a stable stream of pay but once your job is cut off your income ends also. On the contrary with certain businesses you can receive a ongoing residual income that won't ever be pulled away from you like some jobs that lay people off. This is how the wealthy become wealthier because they are making money from other people and have various sources of income from several businesses or companies they invested in. While you guys are slaving away for a traditional 9-5 making very limited money CEO's, business men and people of power are on vacation living off of your hard work just because they know what it takes to win and aren't brainwashed like the rest of society.

You have literally nothing to lose! The resources are all here for you to be successful and wealthy. You have everything that you need within yourself. If you change your mindset from poverty and broke oriented to wealth and possibility oriented then you will have what you want.

p.s. those that live in the U.S and Canada can also apply

last note: we invest so much money into other people whom we don't know to become richer while we are satisfied with just being entertained. why not invest money into yourself so that you can live the life you've always wanted to live.

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May the odds be ever in your favor

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