Tuesday, February 19, 2013


You know it's kinda interesting how 'the people who are left behind financially are often those that are stuck in old ways of thinking and doing things' (kiyosaki). contrast the old industrial age we left behind to the new information age we are now in: 

Industrial Age: more job security and company loyalty. the older you are the more valuable. 

Information Age: less job security and company loyalty. the older you are the less valuable especially in the aspect of technology which is obsolete to the elderly because of irrelevance and lack of teaching but a necessity to the younger generation since our whole world revolves around technology and the internet. 
we spend a huge chunk of our time online whether using Facebook, twitter, instagram, myspace, blogger, youtube, dating sites, shopping sites, amazon, eBay, netflix, Hulu, etc. if you're plugged into the Internet so much why not make money through it. honestly that's the direction this world is heading to. it will become common place. and this is the best time to utilize and benefit from online jobs when a massive influx of people are flooding the Internet constantly. the current of people online is $$$ currency $$$.

the majority of people are not aware of such unconventional methods of gaining income online because it isn't taught in schools. consequently the reason why so many people deem such online opportunities as scams or pyramid schemes when every job you've ever worked at was established by a entrepreneur business owner with a pyramid structure.

 the importance of online professions is the ability to utilize leverage to the end of furthering your lineage on a evolutionary mark. making more money doing less will lengthen and brighten your life. creating a additional stream of income on your down time which could eventually supersede your present day job which already requires a lot of hard work and time. 

we are in a lucky time that people before their 30 years of age can become millionaires and retire so early. this may not last forever so it's best that one get in while that door of opportunity is still open. certainly you'll be more well off when a economic crash occurs,


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