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If you're looking for a home based business or a online job you have found the right place!

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To start off you are one of the few lucky individuals to inquire about this opportunity. Why? because of the age we are in and the need for leverage in our hectic lives. first we are no longer in the industrial age. we have moved into the information age where technology and the internet rules. If a huge chunk of your time is spend on the computer why not make money using it. here are some facts about the age we live in compared to the age we came from:

'in the industrial age, all a person needed was academic and professional education. in the information age, those two levels of education are no longer enough. in the information age a person needs to be financially competent as well as academically and professionally competent. a high paying job is not enough. we need to know how to survive when our working days are over and that will require financial education on a large scale.' 

'in the industrial age, all we needed was a good job or profession. in the information age, we will need two professions. one profession is how we make our money and the second profession is how we invest our money. in order to have the second profession, financial literacy is mandatory.'  (kiyosaki)

 At home online jobs are the epitome of leveraging your time in this hectic society. If you could make the same amount of money working a 9-5 job every day in a at home business in half the time would you? That is the 80/20 rule. Making more with doing less. Some of the most successful and wealthiest people of the world have 80% success with 20% of their efforts. In fact only 10% of the population of the world is making 90% of the money. And let me tell you they are not working a 9-5 job and they most likely didn't get a college education or the money they are making didn't require that. They know something we don't know. They are taught something that we aren't taught in our schools. The general population is just taught to be a employee working for someone else and to make a limited amount of money in order to retire on a limited amount of money that will run out. The truth is what really matters is what you don't see.

Network marketing is a invisible business. People are investing and making thousands of dollars from home and online that people at their jobs can never make in a week. Nobody knows of this possibility. That is why you are very lucky to have stumbled upon this opportunity. Here are some statistics:
1. value of the dollar is falling
2. national debt is increasing
3. baby boomers are starting to retire
4. social security and medicare are going bankrupt.
5. *savings are being wiped out.*
6. oil prices are going up.
7. *wages are decreasing*
8. gap is increasing between the rich and everyone else.
9. jobs are being exported to foreign countries.
10. lack of financial education is being taught in schools.

All the more reason to start investing in a profitable business that works. Let me tell you most people that are looking for a at home business are not expecting to pay anything. Those programs that don't require a start up cost or a monthly fee probably have very little pay or you have to do tons of online work to get some money. We have to keep in mind that the rich are rich because they think differently than most people. For example the poor save and play it safe whereas the rich take risks and invest. There isn't any job that is free.

1. a job requires gas to get to work that is a monthly expense of 40 dollars more or less
2. college degree required jobs if not earned though scholarships takes thousands of dollars of student loans.
3. some jobs require test fees
4. some jobs require you to buy supplies, uniforms, shoes and hats.

No job is free so why expect a at home business job to be free. If you put the time and money into it you will see the results. If you can gain more than you put in will it be worth it? There aren't too many cheap easy but yet highly lucrative at home businesses out there. So many have compensation plans that are really complicated and start up fees that are not feasible. I happen to be a part of a company that gives over 150,000 worth of benefits, 200% commission and residual income. I have made hundreds from the business all from a 40 dollar investment. If you think about it we blow that kind of money all the time at restaurants or movies. If you can't afford 40 dollars then you can't afford less than a bottle of water every day for 2 months. That is less than 1 dollar. Almost basically free. If you want to be a part of a business where you can earn 500-1000 each week with over 150,000 dollars worth of benefits you'll need plus up to at the least 7,000 dollars in residual monthly income that only costs 60 cents a day then contact me at the address and number below after looking at the video.

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