Sunday, August 4, 2013


spoiler --> MARK WALBERG GETS SHOT (hehehe ; )

I must say this was a decent humorous movie. It definitely had its twists a huge one that anyone could see coming a mile away im not sure why denzel was so naive to not realize it he still stayed faithful to the end funny what love can do blind you so much you can't see straight. same thing goes for mark walberg his loyalty as all military men are to their soldiers stayed true til the end. walberg had a solid performance and it seemed like he had fun doing the movie. i think both of them, denzel and mark walberg, were good partners and a nice actor duo. we know walberg has almost acted with every single major male actor in the industry or will soon be but the chemistry between denzel and walberg was palpable. i really enjoyed seeing their companionship. i think the movie could have been more elaborate like denzel and walberg's movies tend to be well at least denzels i can say. overall the added effect of victor quality as both men rose conquerors in-spite of impossible adversities and death sentences prevailed as expected. 

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