Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Xplocial is a INTERNET HOME BASED BUSINESS that provides:
1. 100% COMMISSIONS (weekly & monthly pay directly to you with the option of receiving checks in the mail)


You can start working with Xplocial as early as 18 years old! That means people straight out of high school can begin to earn a income worth of a college degree salary job without having to invest thousands of dollars in the form of student loans to attend a four year university plus a graduate study program afterwards. By t
he time that student finishes college they'd be in their mid or late 20's looking for a job without knowing if their will be any for them. A good decade of their youth could have been saved by building a team of business minded people within their network and skip the expensive college phase or pay for out of their own pocket with the income from Xplocial. So many kids lack the knowledge and skill to make money. They have knowledge in many other things without actually knowing how to earn a income on their own apart from a job. What if the job market is slow? What if they get fired? What if while waiting for a call back they go homeless? With Xplocial you can begin to make money now! Thats the powerful part about it. You don't have to study for 4-10 years before you actually make any money you can start now! You can become self employed now! You can become retired, healthy and happy now! You can live out your dreams now! 


Over 1 Million Per Year, Over 6 Figures Per Month

Let me break it down:

There are two memberships in Xplocial:
The Gold Membership - $29 (plus affiliate fee)
The Platinum Membership - $100 (plus affiliate fee)

Since the company pays you 100% COMMISSION each person that you enroll into the company depending on the membership they come in under you'll either get:
$29 per month for 1 person in your pay line
$129 per month for 1 person in your pay line
Now if you enroll lets say 3 people the income stats will look like:
3 ppl x 29 = 87 per month
3 ppl x 129 = 387 per month
The magic occurs when you recieve pass ups from the people you bring in. Each person has to pass up their 1st, 3rd and 6th sign up on each membership level. What this means for you is UNLIMITED INCOME POTENTIAL!You will be getting sales on AUTOPILOT! You will be making a LIMITLESS AMOUNT OF NEVER ENDING INCOME! Here's how it goes with simply a team of 3.
3 people in your pay line all have to pass up three people each.
a team of 3 becomes a team of 9. a team of 9 becomes a team of 27. a team of 27 becomes a team of 81. a team of 81 becomes a team of 243.
Now imagine if you had 243 people in your payline! Your monthly income would look like this:
243 x 29 = 7,047 per month!
243 x 129 = 31,347 per month!!!!
and this is just beginning with only 3 PEOPLE! Do you see the EXPONENTIAL GROWTH POTENTIAL HERE!


Xplocial is one of the very few lowest start up business franchise opportunities with the highest commission pay out in existence today! We gave out the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF COMMISSION PAY OUT TO MEMBERS MORE THAN EVER IN HISTORY! Not only will you make TONS OF EASY MONEY you will also enjoy PLENTY OF FREE VACATION VOUCHERS to give your FAMILY AND FRIENDS. You will also become eligible to WIN A FREE CRUISE VACATION! These vouchers can be used for current businesses, churches, schools, christmas gifts, birthday presents, etc! As your future sponsor here is everything that i will provide to help GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS:

free capture pages
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video and audio training tools
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2. visit this site click on 'get started' --> 
3. Fill in the information.
4. Pay with Credit/Debit or Pre Paid Card.
5. Wait for email from company.
6. Get in touch with me here -->

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