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Organo Gold Scam vs MCA Scam. What they don’t tell you before joining!

mca scam

Organo Gold Scam vs MCA Scam

You are probably thinking why should i listen to this guy. Who is this guy talking about my company and attaching the word scam to it. Well, i have in fact been in both companies and know what i am saying. I know about both companies compensation plan, levels of pay and product packages. I know the type of culture both companies are known for. I’ve been to meetings for both companies. I’ve lived the experience. So if you are looking to join Organo Gold or MCA (Motor Club of America) then i’ve got some very important tips for you so listen up.
If you plan on joining Organo Gold what they don’t tell you is if you ever plan on making the big time money that is paraded at weekly meetings you need to join or upgrade to at least the gold level which is 500 bucks. A lot of people can’t afford that so they go for the 200 dollar package but staying here will be pointless cause you won’t be able to make the big time money at the bronze level and isnt that the reason why we’re in this industry? So after i finally found this out i scrambled for more money to upgrade to the silver package but never was able to. I eventually ran out of coffee to sell and i couldn’t ever upgrade to silver anymore cause i missed my chance which screws me over cause i will never be able to make the big time money. After this happened my business died and my faith in Organo Gold.
Not to mention i never made back fully the money that i invested and i hardly made any money that was not out of smyphathy. I may have sold a couple boxes but it wasn’t the big time money. It wasn’t even something noticeable. I had to sell the coffee at booths and explain the same speal over and over again about what ganoderma is and how important coffee is. I was putting more in than i was getting out. Such as those weekly meetings that they started charging for. My dad told me that i would never make any money ande nothing would come out of it. He was right about one thing. Nothing came out of Organo Gold but i have made good money elsewhere. I’m still in the industry of internet marketing.

The MCA Scam replaces Organo Gold Scam

After all this happened i took a short break from internet marketing mainly because i ran out of coffee samples to give out. A lof of the poeople i gave them out to never called me. You can become too much of a sales person which is why i had to change my approach and my business. Not too long afterwards a friend of mine who also introduced me to organo gold showed me a way to raise funds for organo gold coffee products to sell and it only cost $40. He said that by selling a $40 dollar road side service i’d be paid 80 bucks. I couldn’t believe that the company would give you double for what you sell. I knew i would make a lot more money than i could ever make in organo gold. Plus this company paid weekly. Although i did a bit of research and saw everyone calling it a scam. I found out that these same people calling it a scam were people who were in it sellign the service. What was this mca scam everyone was talking about. People were making videos about a mca scam on youtube. There were dozens of videos of people showing income proof. The evidence was clear. I was sold and it was a no brainer cause it only cost $40 bucks whereas with organo gold it cost 200 to join at the lowest level. Not to mention i would be getting a service that i would actually use and not a bunch of coffee to drink. You tell me whats better to sell a business that only provides coffee or a business that provides over 150,000 dollars worth of benefits for only $40??!! I think the latter. And we haven’t even got to how the compensation plan is better than organo gold so if you are a part of organo gold or plan on joining then you want to get the info below!

How the mca scam will make you more money than organo gold

The mca scam as skeptics call it has allowed hundreds of people to make thousands of dollars per week and per month from a simple $40 dollar membership. People have went to making no money to a lot of money. A lot of people were able to quit their jobs and just work the mca scam as skeptics call it. Many people make far more a week working with mca than doing a ordinary hourly wage job. How is this possible? Simply from 200% commissions. Most people make about 80-100 dollars a day. Thats all they can make at a job because theres limited amount of hours in a day. Well with mca you can make multiple full day paychecks in a day. So before the end of the week you might have whats a one months worth income all in one weeks paycheck! Thats the power of this mca scam. Check out the compensation plan below:
mca scam
The reason this mca scam is so much better than the organo gold scam if you are looking for a business to join is for several reasons:
1. mca only costs $40 vs organo gold costs 200 to join at lowest level (gold level = 500, silver – 1000)
2. mca gives over 150,000 dollars worth of benefits vs organo gold only gives coffee
3. mca pays 200% commission vs organo gold pays a lower percentage not even 100% commission
4. mca pays weekly vs organo gold pays monthly
5. mca can easily be promoted online vs organo gold is more of a offline selling job
6. mca monthly auto ship is only $20 a month vs organo gold is much higher
7. mca is by far the easiest company to make money in vs organo gold takes a lot of work
8. mca is fastest money you can earn in a week vs organo gold is a long slow build

Overal we see for the newbie just starting off or a seasoned marketer mca reigns supreme because
1. it provides a service most people need and want.
2. its easy and affordable to start
3. and within a week you can see real money starting to come in

the mca scam debunks the lies about network marketing and keeps people from failing. If you plan on either joining organo gold or mca then you already know where i stand. You need to get in mca right now and start making these 80 dollar commissions cause there is no limit to the amount of money you can make. If you are skeptical about mca now you see the proof and if you wanted to join organo gold i highly advise you not to waste your time. If youre really in to coffee i have another residual income program that will allow you to sell coffee along with a ton of other products people actually want while making a quicker residual than what you would make in organo gold.

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Are aliens real or is it a conspiracy?

are aliens real

Are aliens real?

The question of aliens being real has plagued the minds of countless generations since the beginning of time. It is even a question i don’t fully have the answer for. I think its a answer we have to be willing to open our minds to understand. I think we should re phrase the question from ‘are aliens real‘ to ‘what are aliens’. By definition a ‘alien’ is:

‘belonging to a foreign country or nation’.

So basically a alien is anyone who is not from where we live. That is the easiest definition of a alien. This is why we call certain people who don’t have a legal pass to be in america ‘illegal aliens’ or in other words ‘illegal foreigners’. But are they really foreigners. They are of the same human race as us and hold the same dna. Just because they don’t have a legal pass to live in america does that mean they are really aliens? And even if lets say a entity that came from above that didn’t look like us according to science if it lived on another planet that same planet is made out of the same particles and matter that creates what we are. Everything is energy and everything came from each other. We all are connected. No one is a foreigner or a alien. We only call things that because we don’t understand. We say stuff like that of things we don’t know of. So the real conspiracy about aliens being real or not has to do with the lack of knowledge on a particular subject or really just the mis information surrounding a subject.

are aliens real? sounds like another conspiracy

Now that we know that there is no such thing as a alien its just a lack of knowledge on a entity being that we are all connected nothing can be foreign to us. It is only foreign to our understanding. We choose to make it foreign and we choose to make things alien. We like the conspiracy element to keep people wondering, waiting and questioning. The real conspiracy is in your mind. There are no conspiracies. What there is are mis information and purposeful confusion on a entities background. We’ve been made to believe that a lot of things are real that are not. We’ve been made to ask ourselves are aliens real or should i trust this foreigner because he looks different from me. Sure its important to not let anyone into your life without knowing their intentions but the very people that you have the most similarity to can turn out to be your enemies. You may ask yourself are aliens real when you could be staring at one in the face. You may ask yourself are aliens real when one may be helping you out without your knowledge. You may ask yourself are aliens real when you could be one yourself!

are aliens real

are aliens real a conspiracy you should forget

The problem that comes with asking the question ‘are aliens real’ is that you are one yourself. Relative to the entire universe if we want to exclude ourselves from everyone else if one person is alien to you then that same person would consider you a alien to them. So again the question of are aliens real is relative and should be dismissed based on the scientific fact of everyone being connected to each other that we all are made up of the same particles that make up this entire universe and that the fabric of the universe is a element we can feel and touch. The real conspiracy we should be trying to figure out is that which we struggle and fight for everyday which is money. This is what we call the 9-5 conspiracy. The only conspiracy you should worry your troubled minds about.

The 9-5 Conspiracy

These are the questions you should star asking yourself:
if 1-10% control 90% of the wealth and 90% of the population fight after 10% of the wealth then if you are not a part of that 1-10% elite what you are doing now to make money is a flawed system.
1. why does the public tell us to go to school and get a job
2. why are we conditioned to believe that hourly pay is the only way
3. why do we have to work 5 days a week or more to make full time money
4. why do we have to pay to go to school in order to get a job to get money.
5. why should we pay to go to school in order to get a job to make money just to pay back the medium that was meant to help us get a job to make money.
are aliens real
All these questions can be answered really easily. It simply because the top 1% elite and the corporate governmental structure has it designed so that the middle class and lower poverty class work for them and stay there working for them. If we actually knew the truth behind taxes and about how much we could be making a day or even a month then this would collapse the elites system. School was designed to put people in debt in order to make more money through interest. Jobs are meant to control wealth. Hourly wage is meant to keep you as a employee forever. Don’t you see this is a system that is designed without your dream in mind. This system is designed to use you as a slave and to throw you away when youre useless. The 1% controls you because of your need for the dollar bill. They don’t need the dollar bill. If they have power and control they have money. They don’t need the dollar bill what they need is your time. If they have your time and attention then they have money and wealth. This is the 9-5 conspiracy and if you want to know more about how you can dispel this reality in your life through becoming more financially free then click on the image below about this post ‘are aliens real’:
are aliens real
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How to get 10-20 motor club of america sales a day!

10-20 sales a day with Motor Club of America?

Is it really possible to make 10-20 sales a day in motor club of america? The average rep barely you see promoting mca online spamming peoples walls on facebook or instagram barely make one a day and more often than not its not consistent. Why is this? Don’t they have over 500 friends? What about over 1000 friends. Shouldn’t that be enough? Sure even 200 friends can be enough for a nice check for a couple weeks but you’d have to be lucky to have all 200 of your friends as targeted prospects that want to make money and see the value in your opportunity. Not everyone in a business joins at the same time. Everyone has their own pace. Are you going to wait around for someone to join your business. Are you going to simply try to add 5 people every day risking being put in facebook jail. Are you going to tagged the same 50 people every 3 weeks flashing fake money to try to get people to join. Or do you really want to know how to make money with motor club of america which is a legitimate business. if so keep on reading on how much this company motor club of america can make you if you get 10-20 sales a day.

How much can you make each day with Motor Club of America

Making 10-20 sales a day can become easy if you know what you’re doing. once you set up a strategic science this sales conversation will be a piece of cake. Those that make 10-20 sales a day should expect between $800-$1,600. Now lets say if you get 10-20 sales for 5 days a week. That will put you at $4,000-$8000 paid out to you in a week!!! Thats more than what most people make in a year. This is the power of sales. Although it isn’t necessarily guaranteed but once it comes it makes up for the hours you would have spent working for a few bucks. Why not get paid in one large sum instead of in little increments. The motor club of america will pay you $80 bucks per person that you recruit which is a 200% commission sale!!! If you sign someone up for a $40 dollar membership you’ll be paid double what you sold. This is what we call ‘double up fridays’ because you get paid double the money. Now its not that hard to make a part time or even full time weekly pay with motor club of america getting sales instead of hourly pay because the commissions stay up really fast. With just 3 sales a week you’ll be paid 240 dollars. That is a part time check for a lot of people. Once you get about 5 sales a week that is a 400 dollar check which is more than what a lot of people get a week too. So you see with just a few sales a week you can bring in a sustainable check to make a living. Sounds easier said than done right? You want to know how to get 10-20 sales a day right? This is why you are here right? Keep on reading below.

Secret method i use to make money in Motor Club of America

So how can you tap into a limitless consistent flood of people wanting to join your business where you won’t have to rely on your family and friends to help you make money cause that can become pretty pathetic always asking people to join your business and they see no progress in your life why would they want to even join. Even if you have 4,000 friends on facebook and 1,000 followers or maybe even 10k followers on twitter and instagram thats not thing compared to 100,000′s of prospects seeing your business opportunity every month. Most of the people that already see you promoting mca are not fresh eyes. They know what you’re about to say. They know how you already sell. And they have trained themselves to turn a blind eye. What you really need is targeted traffic, targeted prospects that are interested in buying and have a credit card in their hands. You cannot reach thousands of new eyes on your business opportunity simply using a facebook wall. You need the power of google and youtube. If you can harness the massive flow of people looking for a opportunity to join or a road side assistance better than AAA than you’d have 10-20 sales a day. The best way to do this is by using a blog/webiste or youtube channel. Luckily i already have one set up for you that will help you rank in google over most sites and will get your sharing your content to the masses searching google within no time. If you want to start earning 10-20 sales a day in motor club of america then CLICK HERE:

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what is MCA? is Motor Club of America a scam? aka the ‘MCA scam’

what does motor club of america have to offer?
Motor Club of America offers a wide range of over 150,000 worth of benefits:
1. $500 dollars towards travel assistance and reimbursement. the motor club of america will pay you if you are stranded away from your house on the road. Mca will pay for your lodging, transportation and any other related expenses.
2. 25,000 bail bond to release you from jail. the motor club of america will pay for your release if you’re thrown into jail.
3. 3,000 in legal fees to defend and protect you. the motor club of america will pay you for any legal issues.
4. 5,000 for any stolen vehicle. the motor club of america will pay to have your car found.
5. UNLIMITED road side assistance. unlike AAA the motor club of america will provide towings, gas, etc as much as you need!
6. 1,000 credit card protection. mca will pay to have your credit card protected.
7. prescription, dental and vision discounts up to 80%
8. 500 for any emergencies on the road.
9. 54,750 hospital cash benefit. the motor club of america will pay you up to 150 dollars every day if you are in the hospital for a year.
10. 60.000 accidental death benefit. Mca will cover the losses of a unexpected death in the family.
11. Travel assistance global program. Mca will provide a helicopter anywhere in the world to pick you up!

motor club of america

What is motor club of america used for?

Mca is used for a wide range of things as you see from the list above. This company is more than a money making machine. Its a service EVERYONE needs and would want. Mca has a ton of things to offer. Other than all of the benefits i listed above motor club of america offers a second weekly income for those that are looking for jobs or need extra cash fast. You can earn a days worth of a paycheck in minutes. This is possible through mca’s referral program. What they give is $80 per person that you sign up to the company for a $40 dollar membership. Thats a 200% commission! Where else have you heard of a company giving double what they sell? If i were you i’d take advantage of this awesome opportunity. Don’t be swayed by all the people who aren’t making any money in the company calling it a scam and that it doesn’t work. Let me clear things up if you sign someone up for a mca membership you will get paid. The company won’t pay you for just promoting it. If you are not getting any sales that doesn’t make the company a scam. I personally have made hundreds with this company and i’ve used my mca benefits twice in the same day with no cost! If you still think this is a scam then check out the info below.
motor club of america

Is motor club of america a scam?

Let me dismiss all notions that this company is a scam here for several reasons:
1. How could a company be a scam that has been around for nearly 100 years?
2. How could a company be a scam if they have over 9 million members?
3. How could a company be a scam if they’ve paid out thousands of dollars?
4. How can a company be a scam when they offer services similar to AAA?

motor club of america
You simply don’t know of MCA. All you know of MCA is the money making opportunity. You categorize this as another get rich scheme but that is far from the truth. MCA is not a get rich scheme. Its not a pyramid scheme and its not a scam.

If a company can make you more money than you get a week at your job in a couple days with half the work done would you really care what other people think? MCA could help you reach your dreams:
1. go on a vacation
2. move out of house
3. go to college
4. pay off bills and debt
5. start a business
6. get your dream car

If you have $40 dollars in a bank account and want to do one of the following above i admonish you to take action now and comment below and watch video = >
motor club of america

Ian Watkins Child Sex Crimes! Ewwww. How COULD HE do that??!!! (MUST SEE)

Ian Watkin ‘s sex stories ‘furiously denied’?

ian watkin

Ian Watkins denied his sex crimes probably because the little kids he exploited were FAR TOO YOUNG to even understand what was happening to them. So as long as they don’t know i’m sure Ian wanted everything to remain hush hush do you know what i mean.

Ian Watkin‘s rocked the baby cradle

Ian Watkin

You can’t really find much on this guy and what i do find. What a weird video. Ruby red lips surrounding the stage. Ian Watkin‘s looks like some magician in pajama pants. I wonder what kind of attire he wrapped himself in when he rocked the babys cradle.

Ian Watkin‘s pronounced guilty of sex crimes

Ian Watkin

Ian Watkin‘s plead guilty to attempting rape of a less than 13 year old. Ian Watkins admits he is guilty of pedophile.

Who is Ian Watkin?

ian watkin

Ian Watkin is a welsh rock musician and leading vocalist and lyricist of the lostprophets band. Nothing up to now gives any reason for anyone to believe Ian Watkin could be guilty of such crimes. Ian Watkin, it was said, conspired to engage in sexual activity with a one year old girl!!!! Talk about wild!!!


Ian Watkin

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Ian Watkin