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Are aliens real or is it a conspiracy?

are aliens real

Are aliens real?

The question of aliens being real has plagued the minds of countless generations since the beginning of time. It is even a question i don’t fully have the answer for. I think its a answer we have to be willing to open our minds to understand. I think we should re phrase the question from ‘are aliens real‘ to ‘what are aliens’. By definition a ‘alien’ is:

‘belonging to a foreign country or nation’.

So basically a alien is anyone who is not from where we live. That is the easiest definition of a alien. This is why we call certain people who don’t have a legal pass to be in america ‘illegal aliens’ or in other words ‘illegal foreigners’. But are they really foreigners. They are of the same human race as us and hold the same dna. Just because they don’t have a legal pass to live in america does that mean they are really aliens? And even if lets say a entity that came from above that didn’t look like us according to science if it lived on another planet that same planet is made out of the same particles and matter that creates what we are. Everything is energy and everything came from each other. We all are connected. No one is a foreigner or a alien. We only call things that because we don’t understand. We say stuff like that of things we don’t know of. So the real conspiracy about aliens being real or not has to do with the lack of knowledge on a particular subject or really just the mis information surrounding a subject.

are aliens real? sounds like another conspiracy

Now that we know that there is no such thing as a alien its just a lack of knowledge on a entity being that we are all connected nothing can be foreign to us. It is only foreign to our understanding. We choose to make it foreign and we choose to make things alien. We like the conspiracy element to keep people wondering, waiting and questioning. The real conspiracy is in your mind. There are no conspiracies. What there is are mis information and purposeful confusion on a entities background. We’ve been made to believe that a lot of things are real that are not. We’ve been made to ask ourselves are aliens real or should i trust this foreigner because he looks different from me. Sure its important to not let anyone into your life without knowing their intentions but the very people that you have the most similarity to can turn out to be your enemies. You may ask yourself are aliens real when you could be staring at one in the face. You may ask yourself are aliens real when one may be helping you out without your knowledge. You may ask yourself are aliens real when you could be one yourself!

are aliens real

are aliens real a conspiracy you should forget

The problem that comes with asking the question ‘are aliens real’ is that you are one yourself. Relative to the entire universe if we want to exclude ourselves from everyone else if one person is alien to you then that same person would consider you a alien to them. So again the question of are aliens real is relative and should be dismissed based on the scientific fact of everyone being connected to each other that we all are made up of the same particles that make up this entire universe and that the fabric of the universe is a element we can feel and touch. The real conspiracy we should be trying to figure out is that which we struggle and fight for everyday which is money. This is what we call the 9-5 conspiracy. The only conspiracy you should worry your troubled minds about.

The 9-5 Conspiracy

These are the questions you should star asking yourself:
if 1-10% control 90% of the wealth and 90% of the population fight after 10% of the wealth then if you are not a part of that 1-10% elite what you are doing now to make money is a flawed system.
1. why does the public tell us to go to school and get a job
2. why are we conditioned to believe that hourly pay is the only way
3. why do we have to work 5 days a week or more to make full time money
4. why do we have to pay to go to school in order to get a job to get money.
5. why should we pay to go to school in order to get a job to make money just to pay back the medium that was meant to help us get a job to make money.
are aliens real
All these questions can be answered really easily. It simply because the top 1% elite and the corporate governmental structure has it designed so that the middle class and lower poverty class work for them and stay there working for them. If we actually knew the truth behind taxes and about how much we could be making a day or even a month then this would collapse the elites system. School was designed to put people in debt in order to make more money through interest. Jobs are meant to control wealth. Hourly wage is meant to keep you as a employee forever. Don’t you see this is a system that is designed without your dream in mind. This system is designed to use you as a slave and to throw you away when youre useless. The 1% controls you because of your need for the dollar bill. They don’t need the dollar bill. If they have power and control they have money. They don’t need the dollar bill what they need is your time. If they have your time and attention then they have money and wealth. This is the 9-5 conspiracy and if you want to know more about how you can dispel this reality in your life through becoming more financially free then click on the image below about this post ‘are aliens real’:
are aliens real
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