Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to get 10-20 motor club of america sales a day!

10-20 sales a day with Motor Club of America?

Is it really possible to make 10-20 sales a day in motor club of america? The average rep barely you see promoting mca online spamming peoples walls on facebook or instagram barely make one a day and more often than not its not consistent. Why is this? Don’t they have over 500 friends? What about over 1000 friends. Shouldn’t that be enough? Sure even 200 friends can be enough for a nice check for a couple weeks but you’d have to be lucky to have all 200 of your friends as targeted prospects that want to make money and see the value in your opportunity. Not everyone in a business joins at the same time. Everyone has their own pace. Are you going to wait around for someone to join your business. Are you going to simply try to add 5 people every day risking being put in facebook jail. Are you going to tagged the same 50 people every 3 weeks flashing fake money to try to get people to join. Or do you really want to know how to make money with motor club of america which is a legitimate business. if so keep on reading on how much this company motor club of america can make you if you get 10-20 sales a day.

How much can you make each day with Motor Club of America

Making 10-20 sales a day can become easy if you know what you’re doing. once you set up a strategic science this sales conversation will be a piece of cake. Those that make 10-20 sales a day should expect between $800-$1,600. Now lets say if you get 10-20 sales for 5 days a week. That will put you at $4,000-$8000 paid out to you in a week!!! Thats more than what most people make in a year. This is the power of sales. Although it isn’t necessarily guaranteed but once it comes it makes up for the hours you would have spent working for a few bucks. Why not get paid in one large sum instead of in little increments. The motor club of america will pay you $80 bucks per person that you recruit which is a 200% commission sale!!! If you sign someone up for a $40 dollar membership you’ll be paid double what you sold. This is what we call ‘double up fridays’ because you get paid double the money. Now its not that hard to make a part time or even full time weekly pay with motor club of america getting sales instead of hourly pay because the commissions stay up really fast. With just 3 sales a week you’ll be paid 240 dollars. That is a part time check for a lot of people. Once you get about 5 sales a week that is a 400 dollar check which is more than what a lot of people get a week too. So you see with just a few sales a week you can bring in a sustainable check to make a living. Sounds easier said than done right? You want to know how to get 10-20 sales a day right? This is why you are here right? Keep on reading below.

Secret method i use to make money in Motor Club of America

So how can you tap into a limitless consistent flood of people wanting to join your business where you won’t have to rely on your family and friends to help you make money cause that can become pretty pathetic always asking people to join your business and they see no progress in your life why would they want to even join. Even if you have 4,000 friends on facebook and 1,000 followers or maybe even 10k followers on twitter and instagram thats not thing compared to 100,000′s of prospects seeing your business opportunity every month. Most of the people that already see you promoting mca are not fresh eyes. They know what you’re about to say. They know how you already sell. And they have trained themselves to turn a blind eye. What you really need is targeted traffic, targeted prospects that are interested in buying and have a credit card in their hands. You cannot reach thousands of new eyes on your business opportunity simply using a facebook wall. You need the power of google and youtube. If you can harness the massive flow of people looking for a opportunity to join or a road side assistance better than AAA than you’d have 10-20 sales a day. The best way to do this is by using a blog/webiste or youtube channel. Luckily i already have one set up for you that will help you rank in google over most sites and will get your sharing your content to the masses searching google within no time. If you want to start earning 10-20 sales a day in motor club of america then CLICK HERE:

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