Monday, December 2, 2013

Ian Watkins Child Sex Crimes! Ewwww. How COULD HE do that??!!! (MUST SEE)

Ian Watkin ‘s sex stories ‘furiously denied’?

ian watkin

Ian Watkins denied his sex crimes probably because the little kids he exploited were FAR TOO YOUNG to even understand what was happening to them. So as long as they don’t know i’m sure Ian wanted everything to remain hush hush do you know what i mean.

Ian Watkin‘s rocked the baby cradle

Ian Watkin

You can’t really find much on this guy and what i do find. What a weird video. Ruby red lips surrounding the stage. Ian Watkin‘s looks like some magician in pajama pants. I wonder what kind of attire he wrapped himself in when he rocked the babys cradle.

Ian Watkin‘s pronounced guilty of sex crimes

Ian Watkin

Ian Watkin‘s plead guilty to attempting rape of a less than 13 year old. Ian Watkins admits he is guilty of pedophile.

Who is Ian Watkin?

ian watkin

Ian Watkin is a welsh rock musician and leading vocalist and lyricist of the lostprophets band. Nothing up to now gives any reason for anyone to believe Ian Watkin could be guilty of such crimes. Ian Watkin, it was said, conspired to engage in sexual activity with a one year old girl!!!! Talk about wild!!!


Ian Watkin

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Ian Watkin

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