Monday, December 2, 2013

what is MCA? is Motor Club of America a scam? aka the ‘MCA scam’

what does motor club of america have to offer?
Motor Club of America offers a wide range of over 150,000 worth of benefits:
1. $500 dollars towards travel assistance and reimbursement. the motor club of america will pay you if you are stranded away from your house on the road. Mca will pay for your lodging, transportation and any other related expenses.
2. 25,000 bail bond to release you from jail. the motor club of america will pay for your release if you’re thrown into jail.
3. 3,000 in legal fees to defend and protect you. the motor club of america will pay you for any legal issues.
4. 5,000 for any stolen vehicle. the motor club of america will pay to have your car found.
5. UNLIMITED road side assistance. unlike AAA the motor club of america will provide towings, gas, etc as much as you need!
6. 1,000 credit card protection. mca will pay to have your credit card protected.
7. prescription, dental and vision discounts up to 80%
8. 500 for any emergencies on the road.
9. 54,750 hospital cash benefit. the motor club of america will pay you up to 150 dollars every day if you are in the hospital for a year.
10. 60.000 accidental death benefit. Mca will cover the losses of a unexpected death in the family.
11. Travel assistance global program. Mca will provide a helicopter anywhere in the world to pick you up!

motor club of america

What is motor club of america used for?

Mca is used for a wide range of things as you see from the list above. This company is more than a money making machine. Its a service EVERYONE needs and would want. Mca has a ton of things to offer. Other than all of the benefits i listed above motor club of america offers a second weekly income for those that are looking for jobs or need extra cash fast. You can earn a days worth of a paycheck in minutes. This is possible through mca’s referral program. What they give is $80 per person that you sign up to the company for a $40 dollar membership. Thats a 200% commission! Where else have you heard of a company giving double what they sell? If i were you i’d take advantage of this awesome opportunity. Don’t be swayed by all the people who aren’t making any money in the company calling it a scam and that it doesn’t work. Let me clear things up if you sign someone up for a mca membership you will get paid. The company won’t pay you for just promoting it. If you are not getting any sales that doesn’t make the company a scam. I personally have made hundreds with this company and i’ve used my mca benefits twice in the same day with no cost! If you still think this is a scam then check out the info below.
motor club of america

Is motor club of america a scam?

Let me dismiss all notions that this company is a scam here for several reasons:
1. How could a company be a scam that has been around for nearly 100 years?
2. How could a company be a scam if they have over 9 million members?
3. How could a company be a scam if they’ve paid out thousands of dollars?
4. How can a company be a scam when they offer services similar to AAA?

motor club of america
You simply don’t know of MCA. All you know of MCA is the money making opportunity. You categorize this as another get rich scheme but that is far from the truth. MCA is not a get rich scheme. Its not a pyramid scheme and its not a scam.

If a company can make you more money than you get a week at your job in a couple days with half the work done would you really care what other people think? MCA could help you reach your dreams:
1. go on a vacation
2. move out of house
3. go to college
4. pay off bills and debt
5. start a business
6. get your dream car

If you have $40 dollars in a bank account and want to do one of the following above i admonish you to take action now and comment below and watch video = >
motor club of america

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