Tuesday, February 11, 2014


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college board

why i never went to a college board

i never went to a college board or completed a college board test because i never intended to go off to college. i was thinking what in the world is a college board anyway? i knew college was the plan but i wasn’t preparing for it let alone a college board exam. i had mostly at best C’s in class from school or D’s. I wasn’t motivated for college board. i didn’t know what i wanted to do in life. the last thing i wanted to take was a college board exam. all motivation was completely zapped from my being. geez i never even liked the sat’s and act’s so why would i want to take a college board exam?
a lot of people like me are in that place. you may have no motivation for college or are not inspired to take a college board exam because of your act tests and sat tests. you may be very discouraged because it seems like every college denied you. if this is the case how then can you get a higher paying job. the truth is you don’t.
If you are pursuing college for the sake of just getting higher paying money then there are many other ways to do this in fact i have multiple methods to help you gain more money in a month than a year working a salary or hourly wage job. forget the college board. make the money.
when you can make money at any time of the day wherever you are at without having to clock into a job you don’t need to go to a college board exam. in fact you don’t need college. KEYWORD is NEED. you can go to college and benefit from it but you don’t NEED it.
college is in fact a very expensive business. think about it. you need money for:
all of this comes to between $30,000-50,000 for a 4 year university depending on your university. for some its even 100,000 to get a degree. Thats a LOT of money!!!
so you tell me you have to spend more money you’ll make in a year at a job without knowing if you’ll get a high salary job?? that sounds like a scam right??
but most people don’t call it that. most people call MLM and network marketing a scam even though i know more people that are making 50k-100,000 a month than i know from people working a job.

how much money a college board can cost you

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college board
college boards can cost you a lot not only that but job applications too because in that 30-1 hour minutes time you could have made a good 20-100 bucks doing the same work. why take tests that don’t make you any money. why apply for jobs and go to interviews that don’t cost you any money.
this is the same thing that applies for college. why study for 4 years AND NOT MAKE ANY MONEY!!!! NO ONE MAKES MONEY IN COLLEGE!!!! you come out of college in TONS OF DEBT!!!
this is why i am blogging and this is why i do what i do its so that people don’t have to go through what i went through even though so many people are being sit out of college every year with no jobs and back where they started except thousands of dollars in debt.
if you go to college and take out student loans you will get into debt most likely and when you come out of college whether you get a job or not you will have to pay back student loans monthly which will keep you from moving ahead. this is why so many people are back to living with their parents cause they can’t afford to move out.
this is the plight many people who take the college board don’t know they will have. they think they are striving after higher education and a higher paying job but that is all a fantasy now.
higher education is over priced and diluted. you are not really getting higher education. its just more classes of the same stuff you had in high school. you just get to choose what subject to major in.
i major in making money not in learning useless stuff. why would you major in stuff that may not be available to you down the road. why would you major in a position to work under someone. why not create your own salary and wealth so that you can create more jobs to help the economy. this is the route and path i take.

the college board of multiple streams of income

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college board
Lets say you pass the college board and you get into the school you want. you pay 10,000 every year for college and you graduate in 4 years. what if you don’t get the job IMMEDIATELY after college?? are you going to work at mcdonalds until you land the job you want? What if you do get that job. Then you’ll have to pay student loans every month until you pay if off. you’ll then be burdened to work just to pay bills. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!!
COLLEGE STUDENT LOANS MAKES THE REAL WORLD THAT MUCH HARDER and it all started with a college board exam but it doesn’t have to end there.
I am now two – three year out of college and haven’t yet got a job in my field of social work. i wasted tons of money for a higher education. i got A’s and B’s in college and was on the deans list for two years. All that hard work and i didn’t get paid. I could have been working towards my future those four years instead of wasting my time and money but thanks to the internet marketing niche and my home based business i am creating multiple streams of income that will eventually pay back my student loans and allow me to live the life i ways always destined to live.
you see the potential of direct sales is awesome because you become the source. you are the one thats getting paid by the masses instead of someone else getting paid and you get paid by them. this is hourly wage and its very limiting. hourly wage is simply the control of wealth. if they give you a hourly wage they are bracketing you into a certain class of wealth and thus denying you access to higher and finer things in life. you have to rank up and get into a better bracket of wealth.
many people are making money over the internet whether it be internet marketing, youtube adsense, trading, ebay, amazon, etc. the power of the internet is ripe. once you become the source you will see why you don’t need a college board or a college degree.

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college board


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