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pyramid is not bad

…its the schemes that are. not all pyramids have schemes behind them. some systems or structures are designed to look like a pyramid. just because the egyptian pyramids are shaped like a pyramid doesn’t mean they are illegal. in fact why don’t we call them the egyptian triangles…
most businesses or companies have a pyramid structure to them. every job you worked at has a pyramid structure to it:
1. schools
2. businesses
3. companies
4. families
5. the government
someone is always at the top or head of these structures and in a sense it does look like a tree where at the top is the branches and leaves, the middle is the tree trunk and the roots under the ground are the bottom structures. the most attractive and appealing parts of the tree or pyramid is the top but the most important part of the structure is the bottom that holds up and supports the top.
everyone in life should want to be at the top of a pyramid structure. if you say you don’t like pyramids you don’t like money. the higher you strive and work towards the top the more money you get. people who work at the bottom of a company as employees they get the worst pay and the worst hours. they have little to no freedom. they can never move ahead in life to higher social classes in wealth because they are at the bottom of a pyramid structure. Is that something you want out of life to only make minimum wage your entire life? Apparently this guy does…
this man either worked at mcdonalds for 100 years or he is 100 years and still working at mcdonalds. he apparently liked working at the bottom. some people don’t mind being a subservient worker all their life. thats okay because the people at the top making all the money NEED YOU.
Now here is the problem we all face in this life. everyone of us is a part of some pyramid structure whether you like it or not. if you work a job you are a part of a pyramid structure where you are a employee or manager and the regional managers and the CEO are at the top. you are either going to be at the bottom, middle or top. most people are at the bottom. my question for you do you want to remain at the bottom for the rest of your life making very little pay?
if not then carry on reading this article but you must shed your already fermented notions of pyramids being illegal or that hourly pay is the only way to making money cause if you want to reach the top or even the middle you have to THINK DIFFERENTLY!

a pyramid will make you a lot of money

firstly everyone that thinks hourly wage is the only way towards making money is dead wrong for the reason being that every job you have was started without hourly pay thats the reason why your bosses, managers and ceo make so much money cause they put in the effort to gain a consistently monthly income in order to PAY YOU hourly.
they had to gain customers, build up clientele, market their company, expand their company, they had to invest tons of money into their company to get back revenue. what did you have to do? you just applied and got hired and are doing what they tell you to do. they are the ones that created the money source. you jumped on to get some of that money but they began with no hourly pay. you are privileged to get guaranteed pay by the hour because you don’t know how to make money on your own. this is where many americans fail today.
without pyramids you would have no job. you would have no school. pyramids are the best structure to keep things standing. to keep you getting paid. without pyramids you’d be broke without a job probably out selling drugs or begging for food. you might even get beat up by your manager like this kid..
entrepreneurs and business people built this country with pyramids. now you are benefiting from their hard work by working at their business and making money from their gains but that is very limiting if youre going to stay at the bottom of a pyramid the rest of your life. you are meant to ascend higher. its okay if you start at the bottom but you are destined to move up to the top and get paid for what youre worth.

how to become a ceo over a pyramid

now the probability of you becoming a ceo or moving up to become a high paying employee without tons of schooling and money invested is really low. you have a greater chance of dying than becoming a ceo of a company. the odds are not in your favor.
if you are a employee at mcdonalds the best you can do is move up to manager or something and you won’t have much of a pay difference. what is one to two hours more pay a hour. you are still paid by the hour and you still have to be on that dang CLOCK! that means you cannot make money outside of the work place. that is very limiting.
you see ceos make money even on vacation. ceos make money even when they are not working. they make money from other people that are working that is why they are so fifthly rich. this is the smart way to make money. not to work for yourself but let money work for you and others who have not ascended to become a ceo.
pyramids are built by ceos. most of those ceos stay at the bottom. some very few aspire to take the top. only one is elected to be at the top. with most traditional companies this is the case but not so in network marketing or direct sales.
if you want to start your own company and if it blows up and becomes big you’d be the ceo of that company. but that will take a lot of work a lot of time and a lot of money. most people cant do this.
if you want to start off as ceo of a entire organization you grow that doesnt require a lot of time or a lot of money or a lot of physical hard work then you need to look into direct sales and internet marketing.
the business i am in people call a pyramid scheme but that is not true. it has a pyramid structure to it in fact the way we are compensated is much like a pyramid we use a matrix system where you are over a entire organization of people or volume that pays you. if you sit on top of this volume of people then you’ll get paid accordingly to the volume of people and another pyramid structure business is much like the roots of a tree they spread rapidly and grow in exponential viral manner. this is the type of income you want to grab a hold of.
i am helping people to rise out of their employee subservient position to become their own ceo and make a lot of money on their own. most of all i want to liberate people from having to be employees the rest of their lives so they can work for themselves and live their own lives without having their lives be determined by what time they have to work and where they have to work and how much they gey paid. that is very limiting. we only live once and if you want the most for your loved ones and family then you’d choose to become your own ceo.

if that is you then watch the video below and email me here – c7dalton@gmail.com

become a ceo with me today

NOTE: I haven’t even mentioned trading stocks where your money really grows faster than anything but you’ll need first to build up a residual income in order to have the money to invest in the beginning. most people need at least between $500-14,000 of investor money to grow your account. With a hourly wage job you’ll never make enough to have money on the side to trade with. The next step will be doing what i’m doing or stay as a employee the rest of your life.
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