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infinity downline

what is infinity downline vs the xplocial teambuild

You may have come clicked on this site because you are looking to know more about what is infinity downline and/or what is a good xplocial team build.
Well these are two different companies. i have been in both of them. i am currently marketing in infinity downline as a easy way to raise funds. my primary business is wakeupnow. the reason i left xplocial is i wanted more than 100% commissions. I wanted to profit from my entire organization. i wanted to make money on every person i brought in.
within the xplocial teambuild you have to pass up the 1st 3rd and 6th person you recruit into the company on both the gold and platinum levels so in total you are passing up 6 people to your sponsor. what i don’t like is that one of those 6 people you pass up could provide a chain of sign ups to your sponsor and you lose out so the whole xplocial teambuild is inaccurate. it doesnt work.
i’d rather profit from all of my sign ups like in wakeupnow where you are sitting on a organization of hundreds of people that you have not personally recruited.
you may be asking what is infinity downline then. well infinity downline has pass up too but only two and not your first third and sixth but your second and fourth and thats it. you only pass up two people in infinity downline. (if you decide to upgrade to infinity 100 the same applies) but the reason i chose infinity downline over xplocial is because of the no admin fee in infinity downline.
everyone says xplocial is only 29 to join but its really over 50 dollars. with infinity downline its only 25 and thats it. infinity downline allows you many ways to get paid. in fact with infinity downline you can get paid instantly instead of waiting a week. this is mainly why i chose infinity downline over xplocial.
keep in mind i am only using infinity downline to help people get into my primary business although you can make a lot of money from infinity downline but with my primary business wakeupnow i am able to help a lot of people who don’t have the recruiting skills or marketing skills as me to start making money online whereas with xplocial you are pretty much left out on your own.

what is infinity downline review vs xplocial team build review

infinity downline
You see i was once in xplocial. It was a great company and all. weekly pay and tons of good services but i didn’t want the admin fee when i could make as much with infinity downline without having to pay 50 to start. instead with infinity downline i only paid 25 to start.
the gold membership payout is 29 dollars. if you can make about 29 dollars without having to pay 50 to join xplocial would you? if you could get paid instantly instead of waiting to get paid in a week would you? if you could join infinity downline for free and get 14,500 home based business leads every month would you? well you can.
theres no point in joining the xplocial teambuild when you can:
1. join for free with me in infinity downline
2. get paid instantly
3. not have to pay a admin fee
4. get 14,500 leads every month
based upon my experience the xplocial teambuild doesnt work. i will go more into detail in another blog post but i was once one the first page of google on another blog site for the keyword ‘xplocial’ so i was getting a bit of traffic to my blog. i had people joining me in xplocial left and right and i tried my best to get them sign ups but because my link was on my blog everyone was signing up under me. i tried to help everyone make money but it was too hard the way the pass up system is set up. the pass up system is not good for teambuilds. teambuilds are only good in binary comp plans or matrixes like wakeupnow. having seen how much money i can make from my sign ups i wanted to profit from all of my sign ups and not lose out on my heavy hitters. this is why i left the xplocial teambuild and am only using infinity downline to help people raise money to join wakeupnow which is $100 bucks. I will get into why you should join me not for the business but for what i have to offer to help you make money fast.

what is infinity downline training vs the xplocial teambuild

infinity downline
if you are reading this post and are not a part of any business but are looking to get into one you should join me just because of what i have to offer.
first of all i will allow you to join my business for free in infinity downline. its 25 bucks to start. i will send you back your $25 bucks after you get plugged into the infinity downline system to make money. so in essense you will be joining for free cause you’ll get your money back.
secondly you only need to sign up 4-5 people to make 100 monthly not to mention the pass ups in infinity downline. once you make 100 monthly you can either join wakeupnow and bring your infinity downline recruits or join infinity 100 so that you can start getting 100% commissions on the 100 dollar program with infinity downline. for those that want to start at the infinity 100 level i will also give you your money back once you sign up so you can start the business for free.
thirdly i will give you 14,500 home based business leads every month to help you make money in your business. you can use these leads for any business you are in. 3,500 leads are craiglist leads. 10,000 leads are home based business leads and 1000 leads are buyer leads. since infinity downline is paid through paypal which is instant you can offer your business for free and you can offer these very same leads to your prospects.
fifth i will allow you to blog from my site. the more blog posts around our niche the more we will get traffic and the more we will rank on google. when this happens you want to be positioned with me in wakeupnow cause i will be dropping people under you left and right. you can market on social media sites like facebook and instagram but that limits you from the thousands and millions of people searching for what you have. the people on your friends list are not targeted leads. when you start ranking on google you will get targeted leads.
If you want to join the real xplocial teambuild that actually works then you need to start with infinity downline. I will allow you to join for free. This will help you raise funds to join wakeupnow if you choose to but if you blog from my site you’ll want to benefit from the traffic by getting positioned in my wakeupnow organization which allows you to profit from every person you recruit.

join infinity downline for free by clicking on image

infinity downline

email me at to start blogging on my site

again if you have reached this blog site you should take action now. a lot of you are either struggling marketers or new to network marketing. you are at a great advantage joining with me cause i will make the process of learning the industry so much easier. infinity downline is the starting point.
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