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imagine if barack obama joined your business and he was passed up to your sponsor


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Welcome everyone. you may have come to this post to find out more about xplocial, what xplocial is about, the xplocial compensation plan and my success in xplocial.
Just to be upfront i am not currently in xplocial not because i didn’t like the company or the pay wasn’t good. xplocial has one of the best compensation plans out there in the network marketing industry. the only thing i didn’t like about xplocial is that:
1. It seemed like a copy or alternative to wakeupnow for people that couldn't afford the $100 membership in wakeupnow. Now xplocial's start up fee for its lowest level is $99 so you don't even have a choice anymore if you don't have $100. Although i have a program for only $35.
2. i lost out on a entire downline of people in xplocial from pass ups meaning i didn’t earn any percentage on the earnings of the people i passed up which is why i chose wakeupnow.
3. most of my team in xplocial could not duplicate the success that i had and i couldn't help them make money because of the way the compensation structure is set up which is why im doing wakeupnow.
4. the 100% commission pass up compensation plan in xplocial is mainly geared to help you earn money not your entire team. theres one flaw in that. one BIG flaw. and that is if your team in xplocial isn't duplicating and you cannot help them make money just like you then they will quit and your residual will go down. that is why i decided to quit xplocial and build a long term strong residual in wakeupnow.
You see when i got serious in xplocial i had a blog like this except on my blogger account. i somehow found myself on the front page of google getting a lot of traffic for the keyword ‘xplocial’. so i would get emails frequently every week about people that wanted to sign up. i was getting people to sign up to xplocial on auto pilot. i wasn’t even pulling these people from facebook by posting everyday or messaging tons of people pitching my offer. people were finding me because of my blog on the front page of google which is something i teach my team in wakeupnow to get autopilot leads without having to market excessively.
xplocial review
Since i was getting automatic sign ups without much effort i wanted to help my team out but the majority of the time people kept on signing up under my link and they were locked into my affiliate link. i tried a couple times to get other people in my team sales but before i knew it the person who signed up was already under my affiliate link in xplocial. that was kind of disappointing cause i wanted to help my team.
After seeing that if the only person i could help was myself in xplocial and if the rest of my team couldn't duplicate they would fall out and consequently i’d lose residual income in xplocial. not to mention my eyes were open to the fact that every one of my pass ups could provide me a dozen of more pass ups that provided a hundred more and if i lost that one person like Barack Obama that would bring in a hundred more people i’d be losing out on a lot of money. that doesn't happen in wakeupnow. i wanted to benefit from everyone that i brought into xplocial and not lose them. that is  crucial. i saw that xplocial didn’t pay you a percentage of the earnings of every person you brought in. they only pay you either on a $29 membership level or a $100 membership level. So i started thinking what if i pass up a gold mine to my sponsor who would bring in a hundred other people i would then be making my sponsor a ton of money. in wakeupnow everyone we bring in helps us make money as well as your sponsor as well as your downline. everyone wins! This is not possible in xplocial even though they now have a waiting room to place people. You still aren't earning a percentage from everyone you bring in. Why would you practically give out sales unless it was a pass up anyway? In wakeupnow if you gave away a sale in your team no matter how far down you'd still profit.
In order to recruit less and make more you can have a few people who make a ton of sales such as the person i mentioned who might bring in a hundred people and you earn a percentage from them. This is how  you can make a lot of money in wakeupnow that is leveraging from other peoples network. Xplocial didn’t have that. Xplocial doesn't allow you to leverage from other peoples network. I wanted to benefit from my entire team and i didn’t want to lose people in my team to other people but at the same time i wanted to be able to help my team make money as i helped myself and my sponsor make money. This is why i dropped out of xplocial and stuck with the company called wakeupnow.

Why i Quit Xplocial

Don't have $99-$300 to join xplocial? 
I have a program for only $40!!
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The main reason i quit xplocial even though i was already making hundreds in it residually is because i saw so much more potential in wake up now. Coincidentally my credit card happened to shut down for some reason. Someone from another country tried to use it so they shut my credit card down because of fraud. This was around the time of when i had to renew my memberships within my businesses. Since i wasn’t able to pay cause i had no credit card to use this gave me the option to think about what business i wanted to keep and really re direct my focus on. I decided to leave Xplocial completely behind me and moved on to wakeupnow for good.
i can always join a 100% commission company like xplocial if i want to because they come out every 5 months but i needed to promote something i totally believed in, something that would last for a long time. There was more of a family in wakeupnow. with xplocial most of the people were in 4-5 other programs and weren't trying to be in xplocial for the long run. Within wakeupnow there was a huge family fun irresistible culture that anybody seemed like they could be a part of. It wasn’t just about the money it was about the lifestyle whereas in xplocial most of the marketing on facebook was of money pics unlike wakeupnow. in wakeupnow it was lifestyle photos. anybody can fake a $1000 bucks or pass around money pics of someone else's checks and jewelry but not everyone can film themselves buying a new Maserati or show themselves traveling the world if they weren't making good money.

At any rate xplocial was a company i jumped into while i was in wakeupnow just to help people raise funds to afford the wakeupnow membership of $100 but i came to find out that even people find it hard to afford $50 (ironically now its $100 to join xplocial on the lowest level). Xplocial wasn’t my primary first business of choice. i joined xplocial only because too many people were scared to invest $100 but later on i learned that it doesn’t matter how much a business costs to join people will attach value to what they want. wakeupnow gives a ton of value more than most companies do. xplocial seemed like any another company that wouldn't be around forever. you can make residual in xplocial but i decided i wanted to make residual specifically in wakeupnow not xplocial because the company's values and beliefs resonated within me.
all in all it doesn’t matter what company you are looking into as much as what kind of training and mentoring you get. i have had the privilege to see and be trained by several of the best leaders in the network marketing industry so when you join in under me you are getting what they taught me as well. when you join my team you are joining a successful team because i make sure i care for my team providing tools, marketing methods, software, training, etc outside of what the xplocial company gives.

What i offer outside of Xplocial

if you are planning on joining xplocial you must ask yourself does xplocial offer:

  • 14,500 home based business leads for free every month to their team???
  • does xplocial offer a craigslist harvester for free to get up to 50 new leads every day from people looking for jobs???
  • does xplocial offer you a magic list pro email scrapper to target any company in the network marketing industry for free??
  • does xplocial offer a instagram bot for free that helps drive traffic to your offer and build a list on autopilot???
does xplocial offer you training on:

  • social media marketing
  • how to make money with a blog
  • how to make money with youtube
  • how to rank your sites/videos on the first page of google and/or youtube???

If xplocial doesn't offer you all this value then you are very less likely to earn money in the program.
all these things combined has helped me bring in three wakeupnow sign ups in less than 48 hours on auto pilot without me talking to people!!! in total the methods that i teach has helped me recruit over 50 wake up now members on auto pilot! i got only 2 pass down sales from my sponsor. i have recruited a lot of people from the training i give out for free on my wake up now team.
all these tools are methods that will help you make money. does xplocial offer you these things??? if xplocial doesn’t offer you these things then you need to join with me and i’ll give you all of this for free in my #ATM BIZ so you can dominate any business. 

Again i cannot stress this enough don't get caught up in the 'this business club' is better than yours and 'that business club' is not better than ours. What most people don't realize is its not so much about your business that makes you successful. its not about xplocial and its not even so much about wake up now its about the team you join, the mentor you have and what training tools you implement.

i mean you found me searching for either the keywords 'xplocial, xplocial review, xplocial reviews or xplocial scam' which have combined together over 50,000 monthly searches. all this traffic is coming to this one blog. so why not listen to me who knows how to rank blogs and videos on the front page of google to get massive exposure, leads and sales on auto pilot? or else you'll just be scamming people's inboxes all day with your offer, blasting your social media site with pitchy posts and tagging 100's of people on facebook getting minimum results.

if you join my wake up now team i will automatically include you in my mastermind group that i personally work with people individually to train them on how to rank their videos and sites on the first page of google but you have to be a active member paying $100. if you don't have $100 you can join me for only $40 down below and i'll still give you all of the marketing tools, 10,000 leads and social media marketing/self development mindset training and you'll get access to our secret mastermind group.

wake up now has a #15 rank while xplocial has a #112 rank. numbers don't lie
xplocial has a lower percentage of popularity than wake up now. wake up now is nearly at 100% popularity. 

wake up now has the most results out of all these companies
there is a far greater interest for wake up now than xplocial

Don't have $99-$300 to join xplocial? 
I have a program for only $35!!
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What to do next?

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imagine bringing barack obama into your business and his entire network of a million people. in wake up now you'd profit off of all of his downline. in xplocial you'd only get a few pass up sales. in fact barack obama might be passed up to your sponsor!! yikes. thats why you should join wake up now to leverage from the network of all of your sign ups.
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