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Skinny Body Care Reviews: Lessons of a Online Entrepreneur

Skinny Body Care Reviews: Intro

My first exposure to skinny body care was from a ex brain abundance top income earner.
ever since the ex brain abundance top income earner switched from brain abundance to skinny body care i started hearing more about it on instagram and facebook.
so i took a look at the skinny body care‘s product and its compensation plan mostly. it was obvious that skinny body care was another diet pill mlm and its compensation plan was another forced 2 by whatever matrix.
i had been in a coffee company and i had been in a forced matrix before. none of them held the same value and pay out as the companies that i am in now.
so how can this skinny body care transition that the top income earner from brain abundance happen successfully?
simply by effective NETWORK MARKETING and i mean NETWORKING at its finest.
The top income earner of brain abundance for years built up a relationship with his list on facebook the way everyone in the industry should do it. he started to get more popular and as his income grew he added another stream to his belt.
the ceo of brain abundance happened to get on his list and saw that he was promoting a different company than brain abundance even though he was told that having multiple businesses was okay in brain abundance.
what i figured is that since this top income earner had so much influence over a lot of people the ceo felt threatened so he suspended and terminated his account.
THIS DID NOT STOP HIM or kill his income completely and i’ll explain that in the next section.

Skinny Body Care Reviews: YOU ARE THE BUSINESS

skinny body care review
As i was saying him being terminated did not stop his business because he was the business. since people joined HIM and not brain abundance everyone on his team or most people followed him to his next venture which was skinny body care.
what is funny about this is that this top income earner posts fast food pics and whatnot on his facebook offering to buy people fries from mcdonalds as he is promoting a company called skinny body care.
you see people don’t join into skinny body care they join into you cause if you get terminated or if you decide to switch to another company where else are you going to get your sponsorship.
skinny body care is only one of the many many vehicles people use for financial freedom. but its not the vehicle itself. its the people in the vehicle that keep you going.
most of these businesses are the same. cyclers, matrixes, binaries, 100% commissions. ive seen most of them all. so you can pretty much take your pick. but you cannot get any kind of mentor to sponsor you into these businesses that help you succeed.
you can join any of these businesses but if you don’t have the right mentor that makes it fun, enjoyable and productive then you’re wasting your time.
skinny body care is just a diet pill company with a forced matrix comp plan theres nothing special about it. its the people that are in the business that make it special.
skinny body care could have the best comp plan ever but that won’t matter if you don’t have a good mentor to help bring out that comp plan. so the magic is not in the company as much as in the team and mentor you join under.
so it doesnt really matter what company i promote but what i bring to the table outside the company. i will explain why you should partner up with me whether its skinny body care or not.

skinny body care reviews: what i have to offer you!

skinny body care review
before i go into what company i am making money in i want you to know a bit about me.
i am a 25 year old ex college student. I work no job. I am a full time network marketer. I have been in the industry for a little more than a year and have made hundreds online.
I have recruited nearly 100 people altogether in all the companies ive tried out. I have learned from a lot of different sponsors and this has helped me tremendously.
I put together my own BIZ TEAM called #ATM. #ATM stands for auto money. our motto is ‘withdrawing unlimited incomes on autopilot. i teach my team how to be a online entrepreneur or in other words a network marketer. i show them and equip them with the many tools and strategies to building their business and getting customers. Here are some of the tools i provide:
10k home based leads per month
craigslist harvester
magic list pro email scrapper
instagram bot
youtube video downloader tool
ranking secrets to dominating the first page of google and youtube
so if you came to this post to learn about skinny body care reviews you’ve probably come to the wrong place cause i’m mainly giving you something more important.
you see it doesnt matter so much about the business. sure the vehicle has to at least fit you and be of your taste but once you find something within that ball park it doesnt matter so much as the content and value you get from your team and sponsor.
skinny body care reviews can differ based on each persons experience do you see this is why your outcome is mainly determined by the influence of your inner circle or lack thereof.
if you don’t have a skinny body care inner circle or tools to help you succeed in skinny body care then you will have a hard time become successful.
I am not in skinny body care neither do i want to be but if you lack a sponsor i can help you make money in any business because like i explained above its not the business that matters most its YOU.

want to make money with me? watch video below (u.s and canada)

comment below if you live outside u.s and canada


skinny body care

b. Call or text me 248 320-6059 for direction on how to sign up.

c. Add me on -> facebook and/or email me -> once you have signed up so i can send you the training material and leads.

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Work From Home Forum

Work From Home Forum

work from home forum


i created this blog post to be a work from home forum in which in the comments section all work from home related discussions can be held.
everyone that is i the make money online niche or is looking to get into that will have a taste full reading through this blog post and especially my site on the work from home forum.
you can even call my site a work from home forum because i talk about work from home opportunities and people comment and discuss on my pages.
well what you will learn about on this work from home forum is not only about how you can work from home but also the benefits you get when you become a independent business owner.
in this work from home forum you can talk about everything related to working from home, internet marketing, mlm, network marketing, affiliate marketing, small businesses, etc.
those that qualify to participate in this work from home forum is everyone that works from home or has some kind of online business.
in addition at the end i will teach you how to work from home and make money online and show you the training provided for my #ATM BIZ team.
but before i get into that i want to share about my life before i created the work from home forum.
before i started the work from home forum i was a year long old internet marketer. i had been in a handful of other businesses prior to my current primary one. i also do another business on the side to funnel newbie marketers into my primary business.
as you can see im a blogger and a videographer. I make videos and rank them on the first page of google for specific keywords. this is how i get a majority of my traffic and leads. this is how i do business.
most people in the internet markting game or that will post in this work from home forum will do business the traditional way as in writing down a list and talking to them. they will spam their facebook pages and call up their friends. more often than not they will get rejected and them they will be discouraged.
this is not the way to go. those that want to take a step further in this work from home forum and get personal training from me can join my #ATM BIZ team.

Why you should join our work from home forum

work from home forum


in the work from home forum you will learn everyones biased and unbiased views. it will not simply be my thoughts but the entire work from home communities thoughts.
you will be able to participate in the work from home forum get your questions answered from a multitude of people.
you will be able to debate, argue and discuss opportunities, mlm’s, network marketing companies and marketing methods in the work from home forum.
the work from home forum will serve as a platform for people that want to hear up to date fresh opinionated posts on the most recent mlm and work from home news.
and possibly in this work from home forum you will network with other similar minded individuals, do business and make money on the side.

How i can help you in the work from home forum community

work from home forum


After reading everything its time to take action. You may have researched about the work from home forum community and participated in our discussions or just read the comments. now its time to get involved and start making money on your own and here’s what i’ll give you:
work from home forum kit item 1: 10k home based leads every month
work from home forum kit item 2: craigslist harvester tool
work from home forum kit item 3: magic list pro email scrapper tool
work from home forum kit item 4: instagram bot tool
work from home forum kit item 5: facebook training group and site
work from home forum kit item 6: ranking secrets to dominating the first page of google and youtube.
The instagram bot tool has got me sign ups in my biz on autopilot without talking to anyone. the facebook training group and site helps me place people into a nurturing environment once they join so they can grow and develop. the magic list pro tool helps me target people in other companies and network with them. the ranking secrets has helped me get my blog posts and videos on the first page of google for targeted leads and traffic. you will get all this once you start from our work from home forum into our work from home community.
In addition i am in some of the best work from home forum companies that pay out in 200% commission and give residual income. once you join my #ATM BIZ team ill introduce you to these companies in fact you’ll get the information down below. With these companies i’ve been able to make hundreds in the work from home forum. I don’t join scams or pyramid schemes that are impossible to make money and don’t pay out. I am in legit companies that will and do last long.
so now that you’re more informed on the work from home income opportunities and what my #ATM BIZ team has to offer you let me extend the invitation to get started on my team. simply click on the photo below and follow the steps you see. Looking forward to working with you!
work from home forum
4. Add me on to stay connected and be added to facebook training group
5. Comment on this blog post that you joined or any questions you have.