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Infinity Downline Scam: is it a Infinity Downline scam or what?

infinity downline scam
you may have come to this page because you are researching about what people call the infinity downline scam.
well you’ve come to the right place because this is a honest infinity downline scam review and i will tell you everything and i mean everything!
you need to know about why people call this program a infinity downline scam before you happen to take action and get involved.
first you should learn a bit about myself add me here => FACEBOOK
i have been in the internet marketing industry and worked as a entrepreneur for a little over a year now. i’ve been in several companies. I know most style of compensation plans and whatever vehicle a company can come in towards promoting the make money online niche.
I have had the privilege to learn and grow under great mentors and take with me some prety awesome tools that have helped me tremendously in my business and those that are on my team. but enough about me. on to this infinity downline review and what people call the infinity downline scam.
is it really a scam? is infinity downline really a scam?
NO!! lol thats real silly to think that.
you can in fact make a lot of money with infinity downline. my sponsor in infinity downline has to this day made over 15,000 dollars in a couple months!!!
would you like to make over 15,000 dollars in what people call a infinity downline scam. after reading this infinity downline review wouldn’t you like to learn how to transfer your bank account into a sea of money?? alright then keep on listening im about to explain the business to you.

Infinity Downline ScamInfinity Downline Scam Compensation Plan?

infinity downline scam
in this infinity downline review you will learn about the benefits of the infinity downline compensation plan.
infinity downline is probably one of the easiest and most lucrative online businesses out there not to mention the business overhead is only $25 which if you join my team you will get a money back rebate allowing you to start for FREE!!
infinity downline is a residual income business which means that the business overhead is a recurring fee but after you refer one person to the company your business overhead will be covered every month.
with your second person you refer into infinity downline you will have to pass up to your sponsor. this is what we call the reverse two up system. you only have to pass up two people and then every person you refer is yours.
although it may hurt to have to pass up two people the power of the reverse two up system works in your favor because every person you refer to the business has to pass up two people in infinity downline.
so lets say you get one person to join you in the business. that one person hypothetically should pass up two other person so each person you bring into the business yields 2 other people. and those two other people will pass up 2 more people and so forth onto infinity!
you still thinking or calling this business the infinity downline scam? i hope not especially after the numbers you’re about to see.
so lets talk numbers in this business called infinity downline. you can hopefully mentally understand how you get paid but lets lay out the numbers to peak your interest even more.
at minimum most people if they only bring in four people
two will be passed up in infinity downline to your sponsor
and the other 2 will be a sale so thats $50 earned in residual income.
given that each person you get passes up their 2 sales this is how your income will look:
2 x 2 = 4
4 x $25 = $100 in residuals with the so called ‘infinity downline scam’
4 x 2 = 8
8 x $25 = $200 in residuals with the so called ‘infinity downline scam’
see how the numbers grow exponentially
8 x 2 = 16
16 x $25 = $400 in residuals with the so called ‘infinity downline scam’
so with 16 people on your team you’ll have earned $400 in residual monthly income in the infinity downline scam.
watch how the numbers grow even more
16 x 2 = 32
32 x $25 = $800 in residuals with the so called ‘infinity downline scam’
the numbers still continue to grow
32 x 2 = 64
64 x $25 = $1600 in residuals with the so called ‘infinity downline scam’
now thats just with everyone only bringing 4 people into the business. lets say if everyone brought 6 people into the business here are the numbers:
you bring in 6 people and each passes up 2 = 12 people total on your team after pass ups
12 x 2 = 24
24 x $25 = $600 in residuals with the so called ‘infinity downline scam’
see how fast you could be earning money if your team is producing a lot of sales
24 x 2 = 48
48 x $25 = $1200 in residuals with the so called ‘infinity downline scam’
see youre already past the thousand dollar mark!
48 x 2 = 96
96 x $25 = $2400 in residuals with the so called ‘infinity downline scam’
see how fast your income grows here but youre probably wondering thats cool how do i get people into the business.
well first as you see from the title of this post you will have a huge advantage joining my team and here is why:
1. you can join for free by signing up with $25 paying via paypal and ill send the money back instantly.
2. you will get 10k home based leads per month to work on. home address, email address, phone number and full name included.
3. tools and software that has helped me get more leads on demand.
4. a youtube video downloader
5. and i will teach you my video and blog ranking strategies to put your business on autopilot so you can start making money over night.

Infinity Downline Scam Training Value Provided

infinity downline scam
the value i provide on my team is enormous cause as i stated you have a no risk business. knowing that in what people call the infinity downline scam you’ll be able to get your money back instantly and start using the tools and software i provide to help you be successful in the business.
the strategies and knowledge i provide are worth far more than $25 dollars in fact you are getting everything for free. so how can this be a infinity downline scam when you can make up to or over $2000 dollars every month without losing a dime????
my sponsor is over $15,000 in residual income and he only has been doing this for a couple months. so you see the proof of the infinity downline scam that it is not even a scam. we actually make good money and we have the BEST the BEST team out here. why????
because this infinity downline scam team has a TRAINING GROUP that will help you rank your videos and blog posts on the first page of google to get sign ups on auto pilot.
oh and i forgot to mention infinity downline has a advanced program that allows you to make $100 per referral. lets look over the numbers with this one using just 2 people in pass ups:
2 x 2 = 4 ppl
4 ppl x $100 = $400 in residuals with the so called ‘infinity downline scam’
as you see this is where the BIG MONEY IS!
4 x 2 = 8 ppl
8 pp x $100 = $800 in residuals with the so called ‘infinity downline scam’
8 x 2 = 16 ppl
16 ppl x $100 = $1600
with only 16 people on your team you’ll be earning $1600 every month!
now this is where the magic happens WATCH
16 x 2 = 32 ppl
32 ppl x $100 = $3200 in residuals with the so called ‘infinity downline scam’!
lets just keep on going for the heck of it lol
32 x 2 = 64 ppl
64 ppl x $100 = $6400
so basically if you have 100 people on your team paying $100 for the advanced program which i offer for free
you can be making this much
100 ppl x $100 = $10,000 in residuals with the so called ‘infinity downline scam’
so what are you waiting on???? this infinity downline scam is not a scam. its a lucrative business man. you can make over $10,000 dollars in monthly income with just 100 people on your team in the ‘infinity downline scam’ and you’ll be earning per year $120,000 in yearly income! you’ll be a six figure earner just by moving past the lies people tell you about this infinity downline scam. imagine what you can do with all that money!!!

if you want to try out what people call the infinity downline scam for free click on the image below and sign up

infinity downline scam

in order to get the free leads, training and tools for what people call the infinity downline scam add me on facebook by clicking on the image below

infinity downline scam
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