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NFL Network (9 Billion) vs MLM Network Marketing (126 Billion)?

The NFL Network only grosses 9.5 Billion...
 You may have come to this post because you are wanting more information on the NFL network.

Although if you are looking to go into the NFL network there are some things you must know. 

When it comes to a feasible career and income the NFL network is a increasingly difficult industry to land a spot in.

Not only that but the NFL network only grosses 9.5 billion dollars. That may seem like a lot but compared to other networks like the MLM industry which grosses 126 billion in revenue the NFL network stands as a dwarf.

Now if the NFL network is your interest and career choice i'm not trying to deter you away from becoming a professional football player but on average a professional football players career is only 5-10 years in length tops if no injuries are incurred. 

After that you will need someone to live off of. Not only that you have to consider what source of income will you use before you start working in the NFL network.

The NFL network only is limited to a select type of people:

1. males
2. males over 5'11
3. males over 200 pounds

if you don't fit this criteria for the NFL network you have a less of a chance to making any big money in the NFL network.

This leaves out females and males who aren't 6 feet tall or over 200 pounds. Sure those people can go into different types of sports. 

But in order to increase your chances while pursuing a sports career in the NFL network or any other field you'll need a secondary income. 

Now it would be really hard to work a job while  preparing for a NFL career. The NFL network is very demanding. 

It would be very advantageous to have a reoccurring income without having to be present at a job. You cannot do this with the NFL network.

Although this is the lifestyle of the MLM network marketing industry. Up to now your image of the MLM network marketing industry is negative. You probably think its a scam or a pyramid scheme. 

But if the MLM network marketing industry grosses 126 billion in revenue that is proof that it has paid out. The mlm network marketing industry cannot be a scam if it pays out way more than the NFL network. 

There are in fact more six figure earners and millionaires made from the MLM network marketing industry than the NFL network.

In fact you could become a six figure earner while pursuing a career in the NFL Network. Let me show you how.

NFL Network Vs MLM Network

NFL network

There are approximately 316 million people that live in the united states. The odds are in your favor in a MLM network although the odds are not in your favor in the NFL network.

Lets say you have a $1 product you sell online and 1 million people bought it you'd be a millionaire off of a $1 product. 

The potential there is enormous. Whereas in the NFL network you are competing against hundreds of other athletes to make a lot of money. You are dependent on your team to be successful and win a game. You are dependent on the leadership of your coach in the NFL network. 

Whereas in the MLM network you only need a $1 product and traffic to reach 1 million people more or less. No team required. No coach needed for direction. 

Now lets say you combined the potential of the NFL network with the MLM network you could be making a passive income of $2500 or more a month while enjoying your NFL network career. 

This way by the time you finish your NFL network career or before you even start you'll have livable income without having to rely on a successful NFL network career. 

You know what they say. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you put all your eggs in the NFL network basket you could get a injury and your NFL network career would be cut short. 

It is important to learn how to make money on your own outside of the NFL network career if things don't go too well. 

This is exactly what i do. I have a degree in social work but i know that one source of income is not enough. You need to have many sources of income this day and age. 

The mlm network marketing industry allows you to have multiple sources of income without having to train for many years and compete with other people for money. 

Ironically the pool of money in thet MLM Network industry is greater than the pool of money in the NFL network industry while the competition is greater in the later than in the former. 

The mlm industry is a small community that pays out big time. Its a small community because so many people think its a scam and are discouraged not to go into it. but id rather work in a industry that grosses 126 billion than just 9 billion.

There is a greater chance of making money in the MLM network industry than in the NFL network industry. 

If you don't believe me check out proof of my $1000 in a day video below:

NFL Network Formula for $1000 a day

In order to make $1000 a day or in a week you'll need to become a part of a MLM network company. There is more work involved into getting into a NFL network career than there is getting into a MLM network company. 

I am involved in several MLM network companies. When you join these companies you are investing into a business product or service to market or re sell.

You may not like the aspect of 'selling' but everyone does it. Just image the thousands of dollars left on the table every time you use a social media network. When you talk about how great a movie was or a book was that is marketing. When you share with your friends how great that restaurant was that is marketing. 

The only thing you are not getting paid when you are not a affiliate of the company. You can rave about your NFL network team all you want but you won't get paid more than what your salary is. 

The more people and the more attention i get around my business the more money i get and there is not cap to my income. In the NFL network there is a cap to your income. This is why i choose the MLM network so my income level has no limits. 

So if you wanted to make 100k in the MLM network industry you could although with a lot of other careers that isn't possible. You get what they give you. With the NFL network career you can't choose how much you'll get paid. 

Thankfully i have a NFL network formula to triple your income in 60 days if you take the challenge. The NFL network formula involves partnering with me to reach six figures income. Once you partner with me i will share with you how i was able to retire from my job and live out my own dreams and not the dreams of a coach or a boss. 

The NFL network formula allows you to have the time freedom to do what you want, whenever you want and however you want whatever way you want. 

If you are up to the NFL network formula i'd highly advise you to click on the image below and watch the video:

NFL network

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