Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Legend of Tarzan 2016? | Warner Brothers | Check Out ELO! MUSIC

The New Legend of Tarzan 2016 Music
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I wanted to give you a story background behind the person writing this blog post and about the music video song above but before that let me introduce myself.

ELO! My name is Melo San Chaz a.k.a 'The Golden Toad'. I started aggressively writing and coming up with new songs in the year of 2016 although my interest and participation in music and entertainment stems from a lifetime.

I believe that a new generation of artists and a new sound of music is rising up and i plan to be among the ones that fight to be heard. There are too many talented and great musicians, artists and entertainers that never see the light of day but that ends in this era. 

If you can help me i am trying to get my music out into the spot light so i can collaborate with more people. I have a limitless amount of content and creativity that flows new with every song. 
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The style of this song and the approach i've been using for the creation of my art is completely improv. That is why i call it 'Free Thinking Unrehearsed'. I've found that i produce better music when its spontaneous, free, live and non scripted whereas with the songs i've hand written or premeditated its dry and boring not exciting or full of life. 

What i do is i try to visualize things and from there the song comes about. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so as long as i can visualize something in my head and block out the outside world a new inner world emerges through the medium of story telling i.e music, art and entertainment. Also i try to use emotion which intensifies the image and brings about content.

That is how this song came about through pure improv and emotion. There is no original title to this song which is why i'm trying to utilize it for The Legend of Tarzan 2016 movie out in the theaters. It would be nice if i could collaborate with major companies or other artists to work along side current and future movie, tv show and game productions. We need fresh music in the world and new voices to be heard. Once you listen to this song you will see how it perfectly matches with the nature and story of The Legend of Tarzan 2016 movie. 
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