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What is Blockchain Crypto Currency vs the Fiat Monetary System | Why Invest into Blockchain Bitcoin?

What is Blockchain Crypto Currency Technology?

Blockchain is a digital technological ledger like infrastructure of collecting, storing, transferring and/or transacting forms of value such as data, information and currency in the language of cryptography. 

This is done on a decentralized network or web of computers spread across the world by volunteers who compete to decode and hash out encryptions via difficult calculations. 

This hashing process produces a web of nodes that communicate with each other organically until a general consensus has been reached. The first person to decode the encryption receives the reward of some bitcoin and is able to share the information that he/she decoded with the rest of the blockchain community. 

The information that was decoded is then verified among the blockchain community as valid. This information, data or value is then stored on a 'block'. Each subsequent block of information, data or value is intrinsically and automatically connected to its previous predecessor for the very reason that each block contains the 'dna' of its former block. 

Therefore these blocks of data, information and value are arranged in a chain like manner hence the name blockchain. By the very nature of how this technology is developed it reinforces credibility in a very secure system to collect, store and transfer/transact forms of value.

What is Blockchain Crypto Currency vs the Fiat Monetary System?

what is blockchain crypto currency

Blockchain Crypto Currency 

  • Decentralized - not run by a super elite party with bias interest. we include the general consensus. 
  • Autonomous - not controlled by one entity. we all self govern each other. we hold each other accountable.
  • Credibility - created in the language of cryptography. In order for a block in the chain to be fraudulently changed the hacker would have to hack all of the computers on the blockchain ecosystem AT ONCE to change one block of information. 
  • No Inflation - limit to how many coins can be mined. Bitcoin has a max supply of 21 million ever to be mined. The federal reserve prints 38 million notes a day!

what is blockchain crypto currency vs fiat monetary system

Fiat Monetary System

  • Centralized - run by a super elite party with bias interest. they are not for the people. these people have their own agenda that aren't for our best interest.
  • Non Autonomous - controlled by one entity. decisions they make are not held accountable. 
  • Credibility - the dollar is debt currency. it has no value. and people can create fraudulent money. Recently the Deutsche bank was raided for money laundering activity. This wouldn't be a issue within a blockchain structure.  
  • Inflation - 38 million dollar bills are printed each day. we are no longer on the gold standard. the dollar is backed by nothing. the more the dollar is printed the more it is devalued and thus becomes worthless. Bitcoin will be maxed out at 21 million. 
Why Invest into Blockchain Bitcoin? 

what is blockchain crypto currency bitcoin vs the fiat monetary system

The current fiat monetary system is obsolete and not secure. Paper money has no intrinsic value ever since President Nixon took the United States off the gold standard. Blockchain Crypto Currency Bitcoin has been compared to gold as the 'digital gold' and blockchain Crypto Currency Litecoin as the 'digital silver'. These blockchain crypto currencies along with ethereum has been declared as assets to grow your money and safe havens to store your money on. 

In fact there are certain blockchain crypto currencies that allow you to buy and own fractions of assets, stocks and commodities without physically holding it. For instance the blockchain crypto currency DigixDAO allows you to buy and own physical gold by purchasing a DGX token which is translated as 1 gram of gold. The DigixDAO company securely stores the gold for you. 

what is blockchain crypto currency vs the fiat monetary system

In the coming days as the dollar continues to decrease in price physical gold other wise known as God's money which is a precious metal and a commodity will start to increase in price along with its counter part the 'digital gold' other wise known as blockchain crypto currency bitcoin. 

Considering the aforementioned it would only be wise to invest in a safer and more secure form of currency, asset and commodity that is built on a technology that is decentralized, crypto secure, autonomous and anti inflationary.

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'the kainos club': the online bible study group FB & YT | Want answers to Bible Questions?

What to Expect in the 'Kainos Club' Online Bible Study Group?

  • a global community of like minded believers in the body of christ aka the kainos new creation
  • bible study lessons
  • motivational and inspirational posts
  • sharing of spiritual experiences, dreams, visions, OBE/NDE, trances and ecstasy
  • conversion experience
  • spiritual conversation
  • prayer requests
  • meet ups in local areas to connect with your local kainos club believer  

A Taste of some of the Online Bible Study Kainos Content

How to Join the Online Bible Study 'Kainos Club'

  1. Click on the link here -> The Kainos Club Facebook Group
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Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury Fight Review Dec 1, 2018 | Bronze Bomber or the Gypsy King?

Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

Start the conversation below what you think about the upcoming fight on December 1st and who you think will win: The Bronze Bomber or The Gypsy King?

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**Crypto Currency Info: Bitcoin Litecoin Ethereum | Don't Be This Guy~ Learn How to Trade Bitcoin!**

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BTC Bitcoin & Crypto Currency

If you are new to the whole crypto currency game let me get you caught up.

Bitcoin is the first of many crypto currencies that have grown in value over the years. 

Bitcoin used to be only worth in the pennies and now it is averaging between 6000 and 8000 dollars. 

So if you had bought a lot of them you would already be sitting on millions of dollars right now.

Bitcoin reached the height of 20,000 dollars last year along with many start up crypto currencies booming in growth from the jump. 

The crypto market nearly reached a billion dollar market cap but after the bitcoin sell off we've been in a bearish downtrend.

The good news is this is only the beginning and bitcoin and all crypto currencies otherwise know as altcoins are starting to pick back up again and gain in value.

So this is your time and golden opportunity to ride out the second wave of the btc bitcoin and crypto currency market boom and make a life changing income. 

If you are already sold click on the IMAGE below:

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

How to be successful with BTC Bitcoin & Crypto Currency

Now the problem is that a lot of people lost money getting into btc bitcoin and crypto currency too late.

You cannot simply guess and throw money at it like the lotto or the casino like its a gambling game.

A big majority of people bought into btc bitcoin and crypto currencies at the absolute high right before the sell off and lost their money. Some lost their entire life savings not knowing how to trade. 

That doesn't make btc bitcoin and crypto currencies a scam or something hard to profit from. You simply have to know how to trade and read a chart. You also need to know how much you can risk.

You see before i got into btc bitcoin and crypto currency i studied extensively and traded forex. I had to learn how to read a chart and know reversal patterns and candlesticks etc. BTC bitcoin and crypto currency charts are no different. Although btc bitcoin and crypto currencies are very volatile trading forex compared to crypto currencies is like a military boot camp or turning a video game difficulty setting up to expert. If you know how to trade forex then you can trade anything else. Stocks, bonds, crypto, etc. This is where i got my training. From learning how to trade forex and i've applied this to btc bitcoin and crypto currency. 

I have bought many crypto currencies and ICO start ups and i was able to generate nearly my entire jobs yearly gross income in a couple months as opposed to a full year of long days and hard work.

All i did was simply research and find out legit btc bitcoin crypto currencies/ico start ups and then invest into them and wait for them to go up in value and then sell for profit.

That is the long term buy and hold strategy that doesn't require much effort. You have to be willing to wait for as long as it takes for the company's price to increase in value.

If you aren't that patient and want to day trade and make daily profits with btc bitcoin and other crypto currencies like litecoin or ethereum you can do that but you'll need to learn how to read charts and understand candle stick price action.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!

How to get started with BTC Bitcoin & Crypto Currency

First you want to create a COINBASE account here (click here)

After you create a account you can buy bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum. You'll need these crypto currencies to buy into other smaller altcoins on crypto currency sites like bittrex, binance, kraken, poloniex,etc. 

For instance lets say bitcoin or ethereum is too high in price to get in (you can always buy in fractions though) there are always many smaller altcoins or start up crypto currencies that you can buy and once that goes up in value you can flip your profits back into bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, etc. 

That is the strategy for buying and holding.

If you want to day trade btc bitcoin and crypto currencies you'll want to create a account with JAFX. JAFX allows you to trade forex pairs and crypto currencies all under the same roof. After you create a account with JAFX you'll want to purchase the the crypto currency product on this page and i'll add you to my facebook group to get training on how to read charts, understand candle stick formations and receive signals.

If you don't learn how to trade btc bitcoin and crypto currencies you may end up buying in at a high or selling at a low and losing your hard earned money. I'll teach you how to profit from the btc bitcoin and crypto currency market. 

If you want to be a part of the next btc bitcoin and crypto currency wave click on the image below and start learning.

I show You how I made $1,006 from $100, then $257,000 from $1,006 with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies!