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The Cherubim of Glory: The Secret Power of Praise & Worship/Sound, Vibration & Frequency to Manifest Glory

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The Cherubim of Glory: The Power of Praise & Worship

We are going to dive deep into the mystery of the cherubim and how they relate to us. The first place the cherubim appear in scripture is in the book of genesis. This is called the law of first mention. This initial occurrence tells us everything about the cherubim.

The Cherubim of Glory

Eden Cherubim (Genesis 3:24)

In genesis the cherubim were placed in the garden to guard the way to the tree of life. Now the garden of eden was the place where God met with man. Interestingly enough the next and most prominent place the cherubim appear in scripture is in the tabernacle and temple.

The Cherubim of Glory

Tabernacle/Temple Cherubim (Exodus 25:22)

Scripture says that God would meet above the mercy seat between the cherubim. Eden was a temple or dwelling place of God. So in essence the garden of eden was representative of 1: the most holy place/holy of holies and 2. the spirit/heart of man. In light of that the cherubim appear in scripture as guardians of the dwelling place of God or in other words guardians of the glory. Along the same lines one can also say they were protectors of the glory.

The next place the cherubim appear in scripture is as carriers of the glory or as the mobile throne of God. Scripture paints the cherubim as carriers of the glory of God. This is why they are called cherubim of glory. This is why the cherubim in the temple are always covered in gold. (Ezekiel 1:4; 10:19 Cherubim as mobile thrones carriers of the glory) So the cherubim cover/contain/protect/guard the glory as well as carry the glory as vehicles of the LORD. (2 Samuel 22:11, psalm 18:10 - God rides on a cherub) 

However the glory is meant to be dispersed as well. The glory was meant to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea but it’s up to us to release the glory unto the earth and into our every day lives. How do you increase the awareness of the glory of God that is present all around you? I will explain...

The Cherubim of Glory

How to Release the Glory?
Here is the reason the cherubim are so closely associated with the glory:
1. They continually praise and worship God. Praise and Worship is the secret or key to releasing the glory. The cherubim continually cry out to the LORD upon the throne 'Holy Holy Holy, is the Lord God Almighty, Who Was, Who Is and Who Is To Come (3 sequences in 1 - the Godhead/Trinity). The cherubim never stop praising God. The reason why this works is by understanding what praise does. (psalm 22:3 praise enthrones God, Job 38:7 creation and praise)

Scripture says that God is enthroned upon or in the praises of Israel. So you manifest the glory of God and you release the glory of God through praise. The awareness of God or the tangible and
visible glory of God is revealed through praise and worship. Gods throne is established by praise and worship. Now you are Israel. Israel is representative of Gods people in scripture. Israel is also referred to as God's son in scripture. You are Gods people and Gods son/child/heir. So God is enthroned upon the praises of you. (1 chronicles 15 shows david using musicians and singers to carry the ark, 2 chronicles 5 shows how praise ushers in the glory)

The Cherubim of Glory

Cherubic Technologies In Your Flesh/DNA
Now you might ask the question how you can praise God incessantly. This takes us back to the cherubim of glory. The cherubim appear all throughout the temple/tabernacle. The cherubim appear on the curtains, the door knobs, above the ark, in the most holy place, and most notably the cherubim appear on the veil separating the holy place from the most holy place. This is that veil that was torn when jesus died. The veil was jesus' flesh and you are the temple of the holy spirit so the veil represents your flesh as well. 

The Cherubim of Glory

What this means is that the cherubic nature is interwoven into the veil of your human flesh and this cherubic covering technology conceals the glory within you. This is why people cannot see the glory of God in you because of the cherubic veil of your flesh. And your flesh is composed of cells which have dna in each cell. Now your dna vibrates light frequencies that can be transcribed into sounds. In other words your dna can sing. Think about it. If the
heavens declare the glory of God. If the macrocosmic heavens declare the glory of God why wouldn't your microcosmic cellular heavens declare the glory of God. The same material that makes up the outer space makes up your inner space. All of matter and reality came from one single point and we all possess the same fundamental material of elemental 'dust' (oxygen, hydrogen, carbon) God made your body and your flesh which is infused with cherubic technologies to always be praising him. (Genesis 2:7 You are a instrument God breathed into so you continually give off sound/music by the breath of God in you) That is the only way God can dwell in you. The incessant praise weaved into your human flesh. It provides an environmental throne for the Lord to dwell in.

The Cherubim of Glory

Why Should You Release The Glory Daily?

Now the reason why releasing the glory is important is by understanding what the glory is: the glory is essentially the attributes of God. God is goodness. God is mercy. God is love. God is righteous. These are attributes of heaven. The glory is the atmosphere of heaven so the glory acclimatizes you to heaven. And in heaven Gods will is accomplished so where the glory is there is no sickness, no disease, no death, no poverty, no sadness, no sin. This is why God wants you to release his glory to disperse a piece of heaven to earth. Additionally, the hebrew word for glory
in scripture is also used to describe money, wealth, riches, prosperity. God's people were never meant to be poor. The glory makes you rich. In conclusion, if our lifestyle, our walk, our speech, our thoughts, etc. give praise/worship to God then God is able to be enthroned in our lives and the glory as a result is released or the awareness of the glory is made tangible/palpable to our physical dimension.  (Joshua 6:14 vs 1 Samuel 4 -
the ark victory shout principle; necessary right standing with God to defeat your enemies)

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The Biblical LOA Water Manifestation Two Cup Method | Benefits of Speaking in Tongues/Blood of Jesus

Biblical LOA Water Manifestation

The secret behind the water manifestation quantum jumping two cup method is that you are the cup. most of your human body is composed of water just like most of the world is filled with water. The waters in your cells and all of space hold the frequencies/information/memory from the higher dimension or alternate universe. These frequencies that exist within the water of your cells hold the information and dna of alternate dimensions and multiple universes. What you pour out to the world from the cup of your body is what the cup of the world will manifest. The higher spiritual dimension from within always has dominance over the lower physical dimension from without because the physical dimension is malleable and transient whereas the higher dimension is eternal and more real. So in fact it is your inner world that creates your outer world. When you can control the waters of your inner world you’ll have mastery over the waters of the outer world.

Water Manifestation Two Cup Method
LOA Two Cup Method Explained

Let me break this down:

The cup is the medium from which frequencies flow through
the water is the rivers from the higher dimension
these frequencies are transferred through words or in other words vibrations, sound and light.

scripture says out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. this water comes from the timeless eternal realm. in scripture the river of life is seen to flow from several places:

The Temple
New Jerusalem
The Believers Heart

Water Manifestation Two Cup Method

All of these denote a closeness with God or in other words 'the source'. Where the source is all realities exist, abundance, provision, perfect health, wealth, etc is present. From the source goodness and favor flows.

Now the power behind water is that water is the container, receiver and transmitter of frequencies, energy and thus information.

So the frequencies and holographic information that exists in the river of life from the source flows in you and through you. These realities are dispersed into the world by our words.

Water/River As Words

Water Manifestation Two Cup Method

James equates a fresh spring of water and a salty spring of water to our words. Scripture mentions that the word acts as water. In fact Jesus who is the word of God is also called the water of life. And when that word or water became manifest on the earth it also brought the kingdom from which it came from.

so the words in which we speak channel the frequencies or holographic information of other realms into our present dimension.

Now when those words come into the natural dimension they are also sound and sound is vibration. this vibration causes a friction of the molecules in the atmosphere and this manifests as light or in other words electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic Words
Water Manifestation Two Cup Method

This electromagnetic radiation moves as waves. now sound waves needs a medium to travel through such as water however electromagnetic radiation can travel in empty space at the speed of light. Since we are talking about light it is interesting to note that electrons possess what is called ‘super position’ where they are everywhere in the universe and/or connected to every electron in the universe. Some would argue there is just one electron manifesting as many. So the instant you speak words of light it is already heard. The electrons that make up your alternate future existing in a far away galaxy or dimension living your dream and possessing everything hears and brings that reality into your conscious dimension.

We know that all space is in fact not empty. in fact the energy that is in the vacuum is what provides the building blocks and material to create matter and reality. in fact in every cubic centimeter of space contains more energy than the entire known universe. so in each point of space you can pull alternate universes into the physical realm. God has given us more than enough energy and materials to create what we need. the energy that is in the vacuum space needs the water of your holographic words to mirror creation into your present.

Word as a Seed

Water Manifestation Two Cup Method

Now this gets us back to how the word operates as a seed. our words are holographic seeds that have the dna or genetic blueprint to channel the matured seed or finished product that exists in other dimensions into the now. we may think that words are not things or that emotion, frequency, vibration and sound aren't things but these intangible things actually create the physical things that we call reality. words are actually the seed form of the finished reality in which you are seeking to possess or attain. That is why jesus said that faith must operate like a mustard seed. you should sow believing that your words have the power to shift and change reality as the very words themselves are the substance or seed/infant stages of a fully matured thing. think of a apple tree. though you may sow a apple tree seed into the ground you know that the seed has the potential to become a fully grown tree. same thing with a sperm and a egg though they be microscopic have the ability to create a human being. so your words are the seed form to channel things from other realms into the natural realm as physical.

Wealth In Your Body
Water Manifestation Two Cup Method

Consequently as the rivers of living water flow from the belly of the believer there is a correlation between speaking in tongues or prophesy with creating/manifesting reality because you are allowing that river of life from the source of creation to flow through you into the world through your words. Now another mystery behind your words is that the river of life is not just water it is the glory of God and the glory of God in hebrew the kavod not just means a shining light or a dark cloud but riches, wealth, and honor. So wealth and riches of abundance live within you and are released through your words!
Consuming the Word as Life Blood

Water Manifestation Two Cup Method

Lastly, as mentioned water contains memory, information and frequencies and most of blood is water. Interestingly enough out of jesus' side on the cross came blood and water. Jesus is the temple and water flows from the temple in scripture. so when you take communion or receive of the life of jesus you are drinking and partaking of His frequencies, His DNA, His Thoughts, His Memory, His genetics, etc. All that is contained in the water of his blood. This makes sense when scripture says 'as jesus Christ is in this world so are we' and that we shall be like him when we see Him.

Words to Manifest
Water Manifestation Two Cup Method

In summary the realities that which you want to manifest into the world exists first within you as water flowing from the river in source creation. That river whether life or death, blessings or curses, heaven or hell flows into the world through the frequency of your words. these words are light and they cause life to occur. Your words release energy from the vacuum space and this energy that is mirrored by your words starts 'exciting' new realities around you. All of visible matter is merely excitations in a stream of energy. The energy of your words is what can shift those excitations into what you desire because of the frequency in the water of your words is dominate over the fabric of creation.

All that you speak you become

Friday, November 1, 2019

How to Access The Millennium Reign Kingdom of Heaven Age Now? Law of Attraction Meditation Money!

What Is The Millennium Reign Age

The millennium reign is considered a thousand year period. However God considers a thousand years as a day (2 peter 3:8) This day is the 7th day.

On the 7th day that God rested there was no evening and no night. The 7th day is a day that never ends. This is the kingdom age. The kingdom age is in the 7th day

As mentioned in the previous videos our participation in creation is based off the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and that is the Zayin which is the returning light.

The works that we do are merely a out flowing of what has already been accomplished and finished. the 7th letter refers to rest and completion. 

millennium reign kingdom age thousand year reign

Why Wait For The Millennium Kingdom Age

Since Christ is in us we have the door into the sabbath rest. We can enter into that 7th eternal day via christ within us. In other words we can enter into and draw from the millennium reign kingdom now. because that time period is a realm that is and was and is to come.

scripture says that the last shall be first and the first shall be last. this is a secret to time. time is not linear. part of the future in fact exists as a shadow in the past and part of the past exists as a shadow of the future. so the future and the past and the present include aspects not of a localized time but oscillating dimensions of time that can blend into our present realm.

The fruit and outflowing of the life that comes from the kingdom in us disperses kingdom realities into the world and these kingdom realities are from the millennium reign age. They are synonymous. 

Access The Millennium Kingdom Age Now
millennium reign kingdom age thousand year reign

The millennium reign age is a period where satan is locked up. The believer is above all principality and power seated in heavenly places. The devil is under our feet now. God doesn't want us to wait for satan to be locked up in our lives in the future. Jesus gave us the keys to the kingdom in order to bind and to loose. We are able to bind aspects of the satanic kingdom. The more satan is bound up the more the millennium kingdom manifests.

Scripture relates to the priests of God in relation to the millennium reign in the book of revelation. Isaiah explains our benefits as priests of God in the millennium reign. Scripture says that we shall eat of the wealth of the nations and enter into its riches/glory. The word for reign refers to reigning as a king. You are a king on this earth now. Shouldn't we believe God for it now? What faith will we need when it happens in the future. 

Let me ask you another question: 

  • Are we not priests of God now?
  • Have we not entered into the rest of God already via Christ?

You see God is waiting for people to tap into future kingdom realities now that we possess. 

How to Manifest the Future Millennium Age
millennium reign kingdom age thousand year reign

So as a priest of God you automatically have access to the 7th day kingdom age that never ends. therefore you should manifest millennium reign realities into the present. 

Listen, If Enoch could tap into the gospel and bypass death before christ came on earth then by faith we can tap into the coming literal millennium reign and bring those realities into our now and help bring the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. and how much more those that are a part of body of christ. as sons of God we own all things. we are co heirs with christ and heirs of God. all things are ours. 

You can experience kingdom millennium reign realities now! Why would God want you to wait til the millennium reign to have dominance and authority on the earth. You'll be in your glorified body of course you will. That will be easy. No faith will be needed then. God is wanting people to reach into the millennium kingdom age realm and pull those realities back into our day and time. There are sick people now that need healing. There are poor people now that need riches. There are oppressed people now that need liberation. Scripture says now is the day of salvation the time of of Gods favor. Every second is a opportunity for you to walk in the millennium kingdom realities. These are the new creation realities. 

The Prodigal Son Secret To Manifesting The Millennium Realities of Heaven Now
millennium reign kingdom age thousand year reign

In conclusion there is a secret in the Prodigal Son Parable that Reveals Kingdom Millennium Age Realities: The Father Said to the son: You are always with me and all that i have is yours! Listen, God was willing to kill the fattened calf for a sinner. God was willing to die for his enemy that was us. If God was willing to give his only begotten son the most precious thing to Him in the entire universe then there is nothing in the known and unknown universe that he would not also with his Son give us. That means the earth is our to reign on and dominate. This is the mandate God gave adam and this mandate is fulfilled in the millennium kingdom age that we can walk in now. 

Monday, October 21, 2019


The 'I AM' Secret of Manifesting Reality

When God revealed his name the "I AM' he wasn't expressing the essence of His nature he was also showing us a secret to manifesting.

Scripture says that as a man thinks in his heart so is he. the actually translation is not so is he but so it is. as a man thinks in his heart so it is.

God said to the Israelites that everything that He heard them say he will do to them exactly what they said of themselves and He did.

Jesus said ask anything in my name and i will do it. Jesus said if you believe in your heart and do not doubt you will have what you say.

Jesus said that with faith anything is possible and that with God nothing is impossible.

There is a correlation with faith and manifesting. faith and reality. faith and your future.

law of attraction manifest anything instantly

The 'I AM' Secret of Speaking & Manifesting

What you say and believe will come to past. The more you say it the more you'll believe it and the more it will become a action. And that's where the key is in the action.

As i mentioned in the previous video about the 7th Hebrew letter zayin and its relationship to the sabbath is that everything is already finished and accomplished since the foundation of the earth in Christ. the 7th day of creation was a shadow foreshadowing our position in creation.

Now just a recap about the hebrew letters. jewish thought believes that the hebrew letters are the building blocks of creation like atoms are the building blocks of matter. so the nature of the hebrew letters have creative secrets to them. as mentioned in the previous video the zayin is called the returning light because it is a Vav with a crown on it. 

law of attraction manifest anything instantly

The 'I AM' Secret of the Zayin

The Vav is the descending light from God. Since the Vav is the 6th letter of the hebrew alphabet and the world was created in 6 days that represents Gods works. Mans participation in creation stem from the 7th day of creation which should be out of rest. meaning that every work that we do is merely a walking out of something that is already finished. meaning that everything we do literally has already happened and God is waiting for us to step into that dimension where he has already completed the works for us. That is how the 7th letter of creation works the returning light the zayin.

God gets the glory in all of creation because at the end everything that happens and will ever happen was by his design, foreknowledge and working. No person will be able to boast in their life works because every work we do is merely a walking out of what has already happened and could not have happened unless God didn't finish the works since the beginning.

So going back to the name of God where He says 'I AM THAT I AM'. You have to start speaking that which you want to become because you already are that.

law of attraction manifest anything instantly

The 'I AM' Secret of Superposition

Listen God said that he will send a angel before you to bring you into the place he has prepared for you. Meaning your future, the promised land, etc is not based on a timeline. Its not a tomorrow type of thing. Your future is in another dimension that God already exists in and has prepared for you. And in order for it to exist God has to be there and scripture says wherever Christ is so are you and as Christ is so are you in this world! so you have to start speaking from the place you are at in the spirit with Christ not from the place you are at in your flesh with your natural eyes remember that is temporary and fading its not real. That which is of the spirit is eternal and real.

And as i have mentioned in previous videos about the electromagnetism of the heart and its correlation with the electromagnetic fabric of the external world around us we essentially are creating the reality in which we speak because our words are literal seeds that impregnate he vacuum space around us and all of time and reality in the entire multi universe since all electrons are connected and conscious so the entire universe and universal mind if you will hears you speak. 

what we feed into the universe is the reality we get back. the words we speak are vibrations with dna attached to them and that sound creates light and that light is life or in other words forms of creation. these forms of creation are geometric, fractal and holographic. so the future intent of what you speak is contained in every tiny gluon, quark, proton and electron that transmutes according to the vibration and frequency of your voice. this is the alchemy of creation. this is how God created the world by his words. this is how you create your world by your words.

law of attraction manifest anything instantly

The 'I AM' Secret of Immutability 

Lastly, heres a little bit of determination tips. as focused God is about completing and fulfilling the words that he spoke so should you be. God said that heaven and earth will pass away if His words don't come to pass. You have to act as if the whole world will end if your words don't come to pass. Pray as if its up to God but Act as if its all up to you. It has to become a impossibility. a mathematical improbability. you have to view your future as a mathematical certainty. that it is impossible for you not to succeed that its impossible for God not to fulfill his promises. God will but God responds by faith. So he likes to see you believing in what he says. 

All you have to do is believe since everything is already finished and everything has already happened. And the main ways he sees you believing in what he says is by your words and your actions. this is when the faith doors open up and you can effortlessly walk in the Zayin finished works of Christ. this is when you start to manifest your dreams and goals instantly like magic.

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Zayin 7th Letter of Hebrew Alphabet - Sabbath, Christ the Eternal Rest YHWH Explained

Sabbath, Christ the Eternal Rest 
It was likened that if the tabernacle was God concentrated in the dimension of SPACE the sabbath is God concentrated in the dimension of TIME. It was on the 7th day that God called Moses into the cloud on mt. Sinai. It was on the 7th day that Jesus went up on the mountain and was transfigured. At this sector/juncture in time heaven merged with earth. Moses and Elijah was seen. The cloud of Gods presence was visible. The 7th day sabbath represents heaven on earth.

Sabbath is a time specific dimensional portal where God and all of heaven is more easily accessible. The sabbath represents perfection, wholeness, completeness, etc. it was on the sabbath that God complete his works. Therefore all of time, all present, past and future reality exists in the sabbath. All of creation and everything that can ever exist and will ever exist is completed and finished in the sabbath. You can access any potentiality or alternative reality in the sabbath as all creation is completed in the sabbath which would include all possible timelines and probabilities.

Scripture says the first shall be last and the last shall be first. The 7th day is usually considered the last day of the week when it is in fact the first day from which all other days flow and have their being from. All preceding days lead up to and flow from the sabbath. All sustenance and provisions for the days after the sabbath come from the limitless supply of the sabbath. It is from the sabbath day of rest that all of creation works itself out. There is more power in the sabbath day of rest than the following days of work. God can get done more in one day while resting than all of the universe can do the following days working. The sabbath is so holy that even in Christ’s death on the cross God rested in the grave on the sabbath. In Christ death on the eve of sabbath and his burial God accomplished more in one day than in the entire history of man. From the miraculous sabbath rest of Christ’s death all of creation flows from. That is why it says that Christ was slain since the foundation of the earth. The sacrifice was essential to creation: that is why scripture says all of creation was created by Christ and through Christ. That is why Christ said it is finished on the cross. He mystically ended a old creation and started a new creation by his sacrificial death which was sabbath in nature. All of creation flows from the sacrificial death of Christ. It is by the sacrificial work of Christ that we are able to rest in God and God in us.

YHWH Explained

the type of work we are instructed to do on the earth is based off the sabbath day of rest. As mentioned in the previous video the Hebrew letter ‘Zayin’ is connected with the name of God ‘YHVH’ which describes the structure of reality according to jewish thought and kaballistic teachings. For instance the Yod is a singularity. It’s a infinite point of creation from which all light/energy comes. All of creation starts and ends with a Yod just like every letter starts and ends with a point. The Yod is in every point of space and time. This Signifies Gods omnipresence. Hey is the quantum fluctuations of energy. It is the breath of God. You cannot say any of the Hebrew letters without sound without breathing. Hey is the spirit life flow. It’s the active expansion of life/light from the Yod. Vav is the descending light from the infinite point of creation. The Hey active life flow comes through the Vav. Vav is the connector between heaven and earth, God and man. Vav describes micro wormholes which eludes to quantum entanglement. God connects everything in the universe together all space and time. The second Hey is the contracting active life flow breath of God that works with what is called the returning light. That is the zayin. The zayin is like the vav but it’s the connector between man and God, earth to heaven. The zayin is how we participate in creation. The light/energy that God sends from the yod of infinite energy we use to finish the creation God worked to be made. God allows us to participate in creation by use of the Zayin. However the Zayin is the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet so the Zayin represents the Sabbath so our participation in creation must be from a standpoint and position of rest. It must be from a perspective that all is finished and accomplished. That all creation comes from Him and by ourselves we can do nothing.

Zayin 7th Letter of Hebrew Alphabet 

Additionally the Hebrew letter Zayin has the shape of a sword and its head like the shape of a crown. Since the Zayin is the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and represents the sabbath the zayin has been referred to as the sword of time. As the sword of time, one of the methods by which the Zayin participates in creation is by dividing up time to create and shape reality. As mentioned all of time is already accomplished in the sabbath so as a act of creation you are able to access parts of the future or past realities and merge them into your now via the Zayin the sword of time.

the Zayin as the returning light must be used to glorify God since the head of the Hebrew letter is shaped like a crown. the Zayin also represents the relationship of man representing the glory of God and the woman representing the glory of man. This man here represents Christ and the woman represents the body of Christ his church. As Christ expresses the glory of God we express the glory of Christ. As Christ is crowned with Gods glory we are crowned with Christ’s glory. You are meant to participate in creation so that God can be glorified through you. This is represented by the Zayin, a crowned Vav. God connects his infinite resources to you through the Vav and how you use that descending light to glorify God is your Zayin, your returning light.

Lastly, when christ says he’s the alpha and the omega he is also saying he is the alaph tav. Christ comprises all Hebrew letters of creation such as the Zayin. All the Hebrew letters speak of Christ. All is complete in Christ. Christ is the eternal sabbath. We find eternal rest in Christ. Since Christ is in us we carry the sabbath in us as well as heaven in us. Now anytime is a holy time to access God, He is accessible at all times in Christ and God has created everything and made them available to us through Christ. When you have Christ in you, you are more able to manifest the Zayin to its full potential.

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Bitcoin Halving 2020 Countdown LIVE STREAM - Bitcoin Live Price - How To Earn Free Bitcoin Without Investment!

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bitcoin halving

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Avengers Endgame MGTOW: How THOR went his own way & the SECRET to Infinity Stone POWER! (SPOILERS)

Avengers Endgame MGTOW: The Secret to Infinity Stone POWER!

Infinity stones or gems were originally called soul stones/soul gems. In order to obtain the soul stone you have to sacrifice the thing you love the most as we saw in both Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. 

In other words you have to lose or give up the thing you love most in order to unleash power. This could be the love of your life, your life itself or your love life. Whatever may be holding you back from accomplishing your goals must be sacrificed to obtain power. I don't mean literally as in the Avengers Endgame movie. For example Jesus said that in order to find your life you have to lose it. If you cling to your life you will lose it. He obviously didn't mean literally take your life. He meant that you cannot love your life so much more than following him.  You cannot love your life so much more than following your purpose.  

Now all 6 of the infinity stones: mind, power, reality, soul, space and time allow you to alter reality and create reality. If all 6 of these stones were originally referred to as soul stones then you can have access to these stones via the soul. There is some type of sacrifice to obtain power and it is unleashed via the soul. Giving up what you love most in life could be the way to unleash these powers in your life to alter reality and to manifest your dreams. According to the bible our reality or our world was created by the works of God's hands and the infinity stones are placed on the hands. The power is in our hands to create. 

avengers endgame MGTOW 101 RED PILL

Avengers Endgame: Thor MGTOW (single example)

Thor is a example of a single man who went his own way in endgame. He lost his mother, his father, his girlfriend left him and his brother died before his eyes. He lost everything dear to him. Thor said that 'the only thing permanent in life is impermanence'. It seems like the only thing we can depend on is things not staying the same. He stopped trying to be who he was meant to be and decided to be who he wanted to be. Thor was most depressed not accomplishing goals and felt like he was not fulfilling his true potential by staying on one planet. Thor decided to leave behind his right as king and explore the universe as he was meant to be. Sometimes you have to travel outside of the area you are born in to see the huge potential and opportunities that exist. You have to create new experiences with new people to move past the old or else you'll be stuck in scarcity mindset as Thor was with his past girlfriend Jane. You'll never realize what is out there in the world waiting for you and meant for you to experience unless you venture out and dare to do something new. 

Thor regained his abundance mindset. He began to see many fish in the universal sea. Captain Marvel mentioned that there are many other planets that need help and that don't have avengers. This resonated with Thor. Thor began to see his purpose again. At the end of Avengers Endgame we see Thor going off in the Guardians of the Galaxy space ship to explore the universe. This is how Thor went his own way. 

avengers endgame MGTOW 101 RED PILL

Avengers Endgame: Captain AmericaMGTOW (single then married example)

Captain america is a example of a single man who followed his dreams and eventually found the love of his life but he sacrificed relationships for his goals until he achieved his greatest potential. By going his own way and following his purpose and staying driven he became worthy to use Thor's hammer. He almost became like Thor. He almost became god like as a human. Captain America achieved the pinnacle of his career. It was only after that that he sought the woman that he loved by going back in time. There will always be time to find that special someone along your journey but you don't have all your life to accomplish your dreams. Ironically if captain america had tried to pursue the woman in which he was interested in at the wrong time it wouldn't have worked out anyway. Timing is everything. When the time is right everything will fall into place and you will find the right partner. You will realize that no time was lost pursuing your dreams. 

Captain America was most satisfied living a simple life with the love of his life but not until after he created a legacy. As in the book of genesis God worked 6 days and rested on the 7th. Resting comes after works. It is not the quantity of years that matter but the quality of years. You can go from relationship to relationship and marriage to marriage but if you are restless because of the lack of accomplishments no woman can satisfy or complete you. Abundance comes from within not from some one else. Woman want to see that strength from you and direction in your life. If you don't embody purpose and energy you aren't attractive to anyone. 

avengers endgame MGTOW 101 RED PILL

Iron man is a example of a married man going his own way. Iron man was driven from the start and the woman that he became married to supported the legacy he was creating. You cannot go MGTOW while being married unless its with a woman who has the same destiny and purpose as  you. That woman may be along the same path as your destiny for a quick ride or for a life time. However long the woman stays with you always remember to have people follow you and if they don't then they aren't a part of your destiny anyway. As a man you have to be the leader not the follower. If you follow women everywhere they go you have taken on a feminine role. If they don't want to follow your lead then let them go. Most of the time women will leave you anyway. As mentioned above nothing is permanent. Girls don't stick around forever. They aren't guaranteed however your career and goals are more permanent than a woman. You cannot control a woman but you can control and craft your destiny and lifestyle. Ironically the woman will orbit in the energy that your destiny and lifestyle emits and if the woman leaves you'll still have what makes you happiest. If woman are the only reason for your happiness you are most doomed for a life of disappointment. 

Iron man achieved his greatest potential and elite status by going his own way. Iron man almost lost his wife many times. Iron man sacrificed his marriage and family several times for the love of his work. Ironically marriages are stronger when the man follows his goals and dreams. When the man becomes stagnant then the marriage starts to become stagnant. When the man starts to care too much about the woman then the woman starts to get disinterested and lose attraction. Woman don't always know what they want out of life and want to follow the lead of a man.  

Iron Man followed his purpose and stayed driven so much that he was able to wield the infinity stones as a human. This actually helped save his marriage. It was only after that that he was able to finally rest from his works. Imagine if he didn't give the time machine idea a shot for the sake of pleasing his wife. He wouldn't be happy with himself. He wouldn't be happy with his marriage. By going your own way you inadvertently save marriages, start marriages and find the love of your life or enjoy being single for however long that may be. Regardless don't waste time not following your gut and do what makes you happiest. Don't waste years of your life sacrificing for a woman who may eventually leave you, cheat on you or disrespect you. You will have lost out on creating a legacy in the world and attracting multiple options of partners who actually value your time and worth.

avengers endgame MGTOW 101 RED PILL

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