Sunday, February 17, 2019

Evidence of The Merkavah & Sacred Geometry in Art

Many years ago whilst in high school bored out of my mind I drafted the ELO! character which has evolved over the years.  (while in france it manifested as a flower)

Whenever inspired or disillusioned as a method of motivation I would draw the ELO! character to refocus my attention towards positive vibes. 

Usually music was the primary fuel in this process. It could speak to me in ways nothing else could as if possessing the power to heal. 

ELO! reminded me that no matter how far I’ve fallen or how bleak life seems to be there’s always hope as long as you get back up and keep moving.  

ELO! taught me that some of the most powerful and liberating moments are in your lowest and darkest times.

 Only recently did I realize that the ELO! character I was drawing for years was a Merkavah. If you look at the picture above you can see the Star Tetrahedron which is also called The Star of David or Solomons Seal. Within the drawing you'll notice some of the sacred geometry that makes up Metatron's Cube of which the Merkavah is a part of.

The Merkavah is a light/spirit/body vehicle of ascension that transports you to another dimension. In essence it can be used to manifest your dreams sort of like a shape shifting tool. I used ELO! as a focus wheel and a mechanism to realign my purpose and goals into orbit.

The archetype of the Merkavah is what I plan to attain within my music and performances. To deliver mind altering transformative content that changes people’s lives and transports them into a whole new world. I intend to deliver an energy unparalleled of other worldly experience.
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