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'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

9 Alpha Male Traits & Mentality Tips in Dating & Relationships

How does a older male who lives at his aunts house and works as a nanny get girls obsessing over him? In this article we will explain how this is possible with 9 Alpha Male Traits & Mentality Tips for Dating & Relationships

ALPHA MALE TIP #1: Achieve higher status and social ranking in society. Status helps with attraction. Status is attraction. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie has status because of his past work as a Dj Legend. People know of his potential. This gives him leverage in the attraction department. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #2: You have to be goal driven and focused on your dreams in life. You have to retain a sense of purpose. Living a purpose driven life helps raise your value in society and therefore raises your attraction level as well. Girls want to tag along with guys who are going places in life. They like to jump on the joy ride of your fun filled life. If you aren't going anywhere in life you have nothing to make your life appealing. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie is goal driven. He focuses on his dreams and purpose in life which is Dj'ing. He doesnt sway from that path and he is confident in what he wants to do. In fact he is stubborn and doesn't care about his age or his past failures. He doesn't given up as a aspiring Dj. Even if you haven't achieved a certain level of success girls will still find you attractive just for the fact that you are pursuing your goals. It will be as if you already achieved it to them. How they see you is how attraction works not just how you see yourself. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #3: You have to be charming. Everyone has their own swag or charm about them. Try to enhance that element of charm in you. Don't appear goofy and nerdy to women. At least try to throw in some charm to your personality. You have to monitor the way you talk around women, your body language, your eye contact, your voice tonation, etc. You want to be relaxed around women. You want to seem in charge of your environment. You want to seem in charge of your life. Don't appear helpless.

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie is charming. He knows how to talk and behave around women. In the show you will see not only from his accent he monitors his voice tonation and by his behavior he acts differently around women than he does around his guy friends. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #4: Be a relationship phobe. By that I mean if you want to get into a relationship before the girl wants to then that's unattractive. The girl should be asking and begging you to get into a relationship. Listen carefully girls will come and go from your life. They will ghost you, cheat on your and leave you for no reason cause their emotions are all over the place and don't know what they want. They can one day want a relationship and then the next day they don't. So by being a relationship phobe you will keep her guessing about you. You will keep her thinking about you. She will start to wonder if shes good enough for you and maybe theres better looking girls out there. This will make her chase you even more cause your value will go up. If you give in too easily to a relationship then she will see you don't have many options and that indirectly shows you have less value. Girls want to feel like they are with a high value male. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie doesn't try to get tied down with Astrid the girl he had a fling/s with. Charlie may lead her on and make it seem like one day they will become a couple or get married but he's more focused on his dreams than her. The fact that charlie is driven in life and doesn't try to get in a relationship with Astrid is attractive to her. In contrast to his friend David who is the nice guy and proposes to his 'wife' 10 times to get more commitment out of her. This turns his wife off even more. David ends up decreasing attraction between his wife and this leads her to become attracted to Charlie. The fact that Charlie isn't trying to get in a relationship shows that he isn't needy. This presents a challenge to the girl which is entertaining. Girls like a challenge. Girls like drama. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #5: Don't be afraid to be a jerk and say conflicting things to women. Don't simply be a jerk you have to mix in some charm, humor and intrigue. You have to make sure you control your vocal tone so the girl knows you aren't serious and are merely teasing her. Being a 'jerk' or 'bad boy' causes girls to notice you. Girls are usually treated so nice just for being pretty. Saying and doing conflicting things that isn't 'nice' or 'agreeable' causes the girl to take notice of you. Eliciting love or hate produces the same effect. It causes the girl to obsess about you. What you don't want is the girl to be indifferent about you. When she is indifferent you are easily forgettable and enter the friend zone. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie says whatever he wants to Astrid and Sara. He is a honest man and people respect him for that. He may seem like a jerk but he has charm so its intriguing and attractive to women. Remember whether you are nice or not girls are still going to consider you a jerk just by being a male. So be a jerk that stands out and gets the girls not a nice guy jerk that is easily forgettable. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #6: Be humorous. Girls like guys who are fun to be around. You need to make a girl laugh. Laughing releases dopamine which is a feel good substance. Its intoxicating and addicting. When you deliver the drug of laughter and fun vibes to a girl she will come back wanting more. She will be hooked on you. She will miss you. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie makes Astrid and Sara laugh. They both talk positive about him. This raises his attraction level when one girl talks about a guy then the other girl starts to become interested. Girls are highly emotional so just as much as they love drama they love positive emotions and laughter. Sara missed Charlie so much that she showed up at one of his events without even telling him. In fact she spent money and flew to see him! Astrid started to think of monogamy and relationships because of Charlie. Laughter and humor is addictive and can be healing. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #7: You need to be in good shape. Most of these tips are null and void if you are 400 pounds and can't walk. Girls like a guy with a flat stomach and have muscle tone. Think about it. Don't you like a girl in good shape. Girls like guys who are in good shape too. Being in good shape helps raise your attraction level. This is one of the things girls will see and notice about you before you even talk. This is one way to raise your level of attraction without even approaching a girl. With a better body shape 50-80% of the attraction work can be done just by exercise and proper nutrition alone. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: It is obvious Charlie is in good shape. He takes care of his hygiene and his body. In one scene he is running on a beach with his shirt off. Charlie works out and keeps himself in shape. This is just a common sense part of attraction. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #8: Don't be clingy. Give girls some space. Don't try to hang out with the same girl everyday. You have to make them miss you. When you are too clingy they will start to feel you have nothing better to do with your life. They won't need to chase you anymore. The fun and the challenge is over when you give yourself freely to women. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: Charlie isn't clingy. He doesn't try to hang with Astrid or Sara every day. In fact when he sees that Sara is becoming too emotionally involved he leaves and does his own thing. Most nice guys would worry about how the girl feels and not leave. They would feel like this would make the girl not talk to them anymore. The fact here is that you need to be more focused on your goals than the girl. The interested part here is that by not being clingy the girl will wonder what you are doing and why you didn't stay with them. This will make you seem of higher value. This presents a challenge. Sara ends up showing up at one of Charlies events without even telling him. She wanted to see him. If a girl really cares about you and misses you she will find a way to see you. No excuses. This shows you how much she values you or not. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

ALPHA MALE TIP #9: You have to be confident. This is the most important tip in this article. This is how a older male in his late 30's to early 40's living at his aunts house and works as a nanny can get girls to obsess about him. Confidence is key. Confidence will make you stand out among the crowd. Confidence is attractive to girls. Girls like a guy who is confident. Why would a girl want to be with a guy who thinks low of himself. She would be stupid to get with a guy who is of low value. What easier way to show you have low value when you display no confidence. This bleeds back into charm. When you are charming you show confidence. When you take care of your body you start to feel confident. When you focus on your dreams you feel confident. When you aren't focused on one girl you feel confident. Confidence is key. 

'Turn Up Charlie' Example: The number one trait that differentiates Charlie from his friend David is confidence. Although David has more money than charlie and has a more structured career and income David lost attraction from his wife and that attraction went to Charlie. Even though Charlie was staying at his aunts house and works as a nanny Astrid and Sara become attracted to him because of his confidence. Confidence is something you have to work at every day for years. Charlie pointed out that David was a loser with girls. Attraction and confidence is something David has struggled with for years because of him using the old school method of dating with 21st century type of women. David buys his wife flowers, takes her on nice expensive trips and proposes to her multiple times but who does she want to be with? Charlie! Charlie didn't do anything for Sara or Astrid. He didn't give them flowers or money but they are interested in him. This is because of his confidence along with the other 8 tips.

'Turn Up Charlie' Trailer Reaction EXPOSED Alpha Male Traits in Dating & Relationships | RED PILL

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