Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Heaven is Real: I Saw Jesus In Heaven Looking Down | TKC DREAM SERIES

Questions on Heaven, Jesus & Dreams 
When I was in college in a particular dorm room with a particular room mate i had a lot of strange dreams both pleasant and unpleasant. For example one night i dreamed in my room that there was a dog not too far from my bed. The dog transformed into a upright fox creature. That was strange. Additionally i had a dream where my roommate had a dungeons and dragons card game. The card game box had a circle like emblem in the middle. In the dream the circle like emblem opened up and tons of black insect like creatures came out and flooded the room. That was terrifying. These examples are two of many dreams i had throughout the past decade. One of the more pleasant dreams in that same dorm room was a dream of Jesus in heaven.
How I Saw Jesus In Heaven 
One particular night I had a dream where i saw Jesus in heaven. I didn't see myself in the dream but i saw a group of people gathered together before a stage like platform. I could see the sky and clouds past the stage in the background and at the center of the stage was Jesus on top of a white horse. Now the white horse was levitating in the air like we see in the Santa Claus movies with the reindeer. The white horse was galloping in the air as Jesus sat on the white horse. Jesus had long white hair just as the book of revelations depicts him and his skin was tanned. Not too dark and not too white. The most exciting part of the dream was Jesus' eyes. Out of his eyes came a bolt of lighting almost like a beam just like cyclops from X-Men. The light from Jesus' eyes hit the crowd from right to left as if immersing the crowd of people with his glory transforming them into his image. The light from Jesus' eyes hit the crowd from right to left like a wave til it got to me and once the light from his eyes hit me i woke up. Now when i woke up i could still feel the electricity from the dream. The room in my dorm was electrified and pulsating with his light. The fact that i can still remember this dream less than a decade ago shows that it was a actual experience that imprinted on my soul. 
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