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The Cherubim of Glory: The Secret Power of Praise & Worship/Sound, Vibration & Frequency to Manifest Glory

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The Cherubim of Glory: The Power of Praise & Worship

We are going to dive deep into the mystery of the cherubim and how they relate to us. The first place the cherubim appear in scripture is in the book of genesis. This is called the law of first mention. This initial occurrence tells us everything about the cherubim.

The Cherubim of Glory

Eden Cherubim (Genesis 3:24)

In genesis the cherubim were placed in the garden to guard the way to the tree of life. Now the garden of eden was the place where God met with man. Interestingly enough the next and most prominent place the cherubim appear in scripture is in the tabernacle and temple.

The Cherubim of Glory

Tabernacle/Temple Cherubim (Exodus 25:22)

Scripture says that God would meet above the mercy seat between the cherubim. Eden was a temple or dwelling place of God. So in essence the garden of eden was representative of 1: the most holy place/holy of holies and 2. the spirit/heart of man. In light of that the cherubim appear in scripture as guardians of the dwelling place of God or in other words guardians of the glory. Along the same lines one can also say they were protectors of the glory.

The next place the cherubim appear in scripture is as carriers of the glory or as the mobile throne of God. Scripture paints the cherubim as carriers of the glory of God. This is why they are called cherubim of glory. This is why the cherubim in the temple are always covered in gold. (Ezekiel 1:4; 10:19 Cherubim as mobile thrones carriers of the glory) So the cherubim cover/contain/protect/guard the glory as well as carry the glory as vehicles of the LORD. (2 Samuel 22:11, psalm 18:10 - God rides on a cherub) 

However the glory is meant to be dispersed as well. The glory was meant to cover the earth as the waters cover the sea but it’s up to us to release the glory unto the earth and into our every day lives. How do you increase the awareness of the glory of God that is present all around you? I will explain...

The Cherubim of Glory

How to Release the Glory?
Here is the reason the cherubim are so closely associated with the glory:
1. They continually praise and worship God. Praise and Worship is the secret or key to releasing the glory. The cherubim continually cry out to the LORD upon the throne 'Holy Holy Holy, is the Lord God Almighty, Who Was, Who Is and Who Is To Come (3 sequences in 1 - the Godhead/Trinity). The cherubim never stop praising God. The reason why this works is by understanding what praise does. (psalm 22:3 praise enthrones God, Job 38:7 creation and praise)

Scripture says that God is enthroned upon or in the praises of Israel. So you manifest the glory of God and you release the glory of God through praise. The awareness of God or the tangible and
visible glory of God is revealed through praise and worship. Gods throne is established by praise and worship. Now you are Israel. Israel is representative of Gods people in scripture. Israel is also referred to as God's son in scripture. You are Gods people and Gods son/child/heir. So God is enthroned upon the praises of you. (1 chronicles 15 shows david using musicians and singers to carry the ark, 2 chronicles 5 shows how praise ushers in the glory)

The Cherubim of Glory

Cherubic Technologies In Your Flesh/DNA
Now you might ask the question how you can praise God incessantly. This takes us back to the cherubim of glory. The cherubim appear all throughout the temple/tabernacle. The cherubim appear on the curtains, the door knobs, above the ark, in the most holy place, and most notably the cherubim appear on the veil separating the holy place from the most holy place. This is that veil that was torn when jesus died. The veil was jesus' flesh and you are the temple of the holy spirit so the veil represents your flesh as well. 

The Cherubim of Glory

What this means is that the cherubic nature is interwoven into the veil of your human flesh and this cherubic covering technology conceals the glory within you. This is why people cannot see the glory of God in you because of the cherubic veil of your flesh. And your flesh is composed of cells which have dna in each cell. Now your dna vibrates light frequencies that can be transcribed into sounds. In other words your dna can sing. Think about it. If the
heavens declare the glory of God. If the macrocosmic heavens declare the glory of God why wouldn't your microcosmic cellular heavens declare the glory of God. The same material that makes up the outer space makes up your inner space. All of matter and reality came from one single point and we all possess the same fundamental material of elemental 'dust' (oxygen, hydrogen, carbon) God made your body and your flesh which is infused with cherubic technologies to always be praising him. (Genesis 2:7 You are a instrument God breathed into so you continually give off sound/music by the breath of God in you) That is the only way God can dwell in you. The incessant praise weaved into your human flesh. It provides an environmental throne for the Lord to dwell in.

The Cherubim of Glory

Why Should You Release The Glory Daily?

Now the reason why releasing the glory is important is by understanding what the glory is: the glory is essentially the attributes of God. God is goodness. God is mercy. God is love. God is righteous. These are attributes of heaven. The glory is the atmosphere of heaven so the glory acclimatizes you to heaven. And in heaven Gods will is accomplished so where the glory is there is no sickness, no disease, no death, no poverty, no sadness, no sin. This is why God wants you to release his glory to disperse a piece of heaven to earth. Additionally, the hebrew word for glory
in scripture is also used to describe money, wealth, riches, prosperity. God's people were never meant to be poor. The glory makes you rich. In conclusion, if our lifestyle, our walk, our speech, our thoughts, etc. give praise/worship to God then God is able to be enthroned in our lives and the glory as a result is released or the awareness of the glory is made tangible/palpable to our physical dimension.  (Joshua 6:14 vs 1 Samuel 4 -
the ark victory shout principle; necessary right standing with God to defeat your enemies)