Friday, February 21, 2020

How to Click Your Way to Google/Youtube Ranking & Earn Income Online Every Day!

Why Google/Youtube Ranking is IMPORTANT!
Google/Youtube Ranking is essential for generating traffic. Traffic is necessary for getting sales. Sales is revenue and money. The more you rank and receive traffic the higher the probability you'll get sales and make money. Not to mention when you rank you are ranking for specific keywords. Those specific keywords pull in targeted traffic. 

Targeted traffic allows you to weed out the cold buyers from the hot buyers. You want the hot buyers. What this means is you don't want people who are interested in losing weight and you are selling a product on how to gain weight. You won't get too many buyers. So not only does traffic matter but targeted traffic matters even more and google/youtube ranking helps you rank for specific targeted traffic and hot buyers. 

Without Google/Youtube Ranking or Suggested Sharing of Your videos/content your offer will fall on deaf ears. Google/Youtube Ranking and Suggested Sharing of Your videos allows you to get free traffic. This free traffic creates exponential growth. The more growth you have the more impressions your content will have. The more impressions your content has the more people will be inclined to buy something from you. 

Quality is important but even if you have the best product out there with no traffic nobody will know. For example: there might be better mexican fast food than taco bell but most people eat taco bell when they want mexican food because it is more well known and more accessible. So google/youtube ranking allows you to be come more accessible and well known. This provides the public a source to receive goods and services from you. 
How To Rank on Google/Youtube for MASSIVE RESULTS!
Ranking on google and youtube is simple. There is no magic formula or special sauce to ranking on youtube and google. Although the algorithm for google and youtube has changed over the years. It used to be simply backlinks and views. Backlinks and views do help but nowadays especially with youtube high click through rate and view duration matters the most because of ads. Youtube and google are businesses that need to make money as well. So the more ads that people click on and watch the more youtube and google are paid. 

Now the criteria for youtube or google ranking your content is based on them finding your content more financially advantageous for them to promote to others. If your content is getting a higher click through rate and a longer viewer duration then youtube and google will rank/promote your content to more people. Thus this means automatic youtube/google ranking and this ranking equals traffic and that targeted traffic equals sales and revenue.

Personally, it is easier to rank on youtube than on google. What i suggest is to focus on ranking your youtube videos and link your web article links in the videos. The more juice you get from your videos the more link juice that will drip into your web articles and this will boost the authority of your web page for google ranking. For example you can rank and cause a video to go viral in a day but it takes time for a web page to rank. Not to mention more people are prone to watch a video than read a long article. So you can rank on google via youtube not only by linking your web article in a video but youtube videos themselves rank on google just like a webpage since youtube is owned by google they are sister companies. 
To recap in order to get your video or website ranked on google or youtube it has to be lucrative for the youtube and google business. So the more people that click on your content and the longer they watch your video or stay on your website the more google and youtube will rank your content because it will be financial advantageous for them. Youtube and google will see that your content is producing a lot of ad revenue for them so they'll continue to put your content at the top page of google and youtube not to mention share your content which is a new feature for youtube ranking. 

Now in order to get a high click through rate it depends on your thumbnail image and your title description. That is the two first things that people will see. So having the best thumbnail image and the best title will make people want to click on your link much more. Next we have the view duration. The higher the view duration the more people will view ads. If people only stay on your page or view your video for 5-10 seconds that doesn't leave much time to view or click on ads. Thus, youtube and google isn't making much money from your content. So your job is to find and tweak around with what you might think causes viewers to watch your content or stay on your page for as long as possible. Exciting content helps raise view duration. Highly searched content helps raise view duration. You want to make content on things people are highly interested in and make it exciting. 

Now the positive thing here is that it is far more easier to rank and get known on youtube and google than ever before. Not only does youtube have a creator studio that allows content creators to see what viewers are watching the most, the location they are watching from, the CTR and how long the average viewer duration is. This info helps you reshape your content to get better results. However if you want extraordinary results click on the image below to learn how to rank on youtube and google using a highly effective video marking blaster system that helps you get free targeted traffic!

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