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The Body Mishkan

The original intent of Gods dwelling place was to be in man. Mans body is the temple, it is new Jerusalem, it is where eden and heaven exists. They are all different examples to describe the dwelling place of God. Although the closest God can get to dwell among his people is to dwell in his people. 

The Mishkan dwelling place of God or temple of the Holy Spirit where God resides is your body. Your body was designed to be a dwelling place of God a throne chariot that God rides and lives in. As scripture says the kingdom of heaven lives within you.

The revelation of jacobs ladder shows us that Jesus is the gateway between heaven and earth. However it gets even deeper. The angels that ascend up to the heavenly temple are the same angels that descend to the heavenly temple in your body. As above so below. On earth as it is in heaven.

So if there are millions of angels surrounding the throne in heaven Imagine what goes on in the throne of your heart where jesus dwells. You are an angelic portal.

Now your body is the temple of the holy spirit. It is where the glory of God dwells. It is the mishkan. There is a heavenly mishkan. There is a earthly mishkan which is the earthy tabernacle or temple this was a type of the reality in heaven. There is a human mishkan in which we corporately dwell in which is the body of Christ. We individually are human mishkans. Temples in which the glory of God dwells and we corporately make up the new Jerusalem which is his bride the city of God. We are born from above via the free woman 'Sarah' who represents the heavenly jerusalem the land of promise. Thus we are offsprings or seeds of the city of God as children of promise. So we become microcosms of the heavenly jerusalem seen in the Book of Revelations! 


Now if we are temples or tabernacles of the glory then that means that what is in the tabernacle resembles what is in our body tabernacle. By understanding the earthly mishkan archetype we can better understand who we are as human mishkans.

So let us look at the tabernacle. The tabernacle is divided into three sections. The most holy place aka holy of holies, the holy place and the outer court. Or you can divide it up into two seconds: the inner court which comprises the holy place and the most holy place and the outer court. The first version of three parts describes your spirit soul and body. The second version of the two parts combine the spirit and the soul as one section and the body as a seperate section.

Now the deeper you get into the temple the more the artifacts are covered with gold. The closer you get to the most holy place the more glory you encounter. The outer court has less glory which is represented by bronze metal.

The outer court and the most holy place are separated by two veils or curtains. The curtains or the walls and the doors along with the most holy place are filled with either images or figures of cherubim. The walls/11 curtains that separate the outer court from the inner court has cherubim engraved on the covering. The veil or curtain that separates the holy place from the most holy place is covered with cherubim figures. In the most holy place there are two huge cherubim figures and over the mercy seat there are two cherubim attached as a lid over the ark of the covenant.


Now this imagery resembles the throne room of heaven we see in Ezekiel 1 where there are cherubim surrounding the throne and in revelations referred as living creatures that surround the throne. They are one and the same. The living creatures are the cherubim and the cherubim are the living creatures. These creatures are the central piece that make up the chariot throne of heaven of which the Lord or the glory resides. This cherubim throne chariot is a part of the throne and the Ophanim which are the whirling wheels or the Galgal they make up the altar that is before the throne. The ophanim or the whirling wheels is the altar alongside, underneath the throne and next to the cherubim of which the hot coals of fire that come from the Lords mouth and his fiery brilliance. 

Those hot coals of fire fall down in between the cherubim and in the altar which is the wheels. The seraphim are the fires and radiance of light that surround the throne of God. These seraphim and the fire of the seraphim can be seen in connection with the cherubim and the ophanim because the cherubim come out of the fire and have fiery aspects. The ophanim are described in daniel as wheels of fire. So the seraphim which are fiery serpents or fiery dragons they resemble the consuming fire of Gods love.  They are the burning ones that cry out to God day and night. This fire engulfs the throne, the altar, the chartiot and the wheels. One can say this fire is essential to the fuel of the chariot. This fire is the energy behind the chariot. Considering that fire in itself is energy. Energy is plasma and plasma is fire.


So now that we have that imagery lets tie that into how the cherubim chariot throne is a part of the make up of your body mishkan. When Jesus' flesh was torn it was noted in scripture in hebrews that his flesh was the veil that was torn to open up access to the most holy place. So if jesus' flesh was the veil and we are living temples as well then our flesh is a veil between the most holy place and the holy place or the inner court and the outer court. In fact you cannot enter the kingdom of God in the flesh. Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God. You have to be in the spirit. You have to be transformed. 

This is where the cherubim come into play. The cherubim can be seen all throughout the temple and the tabernacle. If the cherubim are weaved into the veil between the most holy place then that means that your flesh which is the veil has cherubim technologies infused into your flesh! It means that if the veil has been torn the way to the tree of life which is the throne of God Jesus christ himself has been opened. To activate your cherubim nature is to create a gateway or portal to allowing the river of life or the glory of God to flow out from the most holy place the inner court out to the outer court which is your body. This is how transfiguration and immortality happens. This is how resurrection happens! Cherubim technologies in your flesh hold the key to never dying and access to the spirit realm of heavens throne room. Not only that but the cherubic nature infused into your flesh give you certain new creation reality abilities.


As the body mishkan, the chariot throne of heaven where Jesus lives and the glory of God resides you have immense power living within you. Think about it just as God spoke at the beginning of creation so you have that same power in you to speak and create. All of heaven and its angels are listening within you to carry out the word of the Lord. In particular the cherubim throne chariot are a combination of several angelic forces in one. it has the face of a lion, the face of a bull/ox, it has the face of a eagle and the face of a man. It has legs that aren't human either. It has wheels as the ophanim that are a multitude of angels. Not to mention the multitude of seraphim. So the cherubim chariot throne is a juggernaut of angelic activity working as one. This technology is infused into your body and in your flesh. There is power to your resurrection new creation flesh!

Isaiah 40:31 shows us a glimpse of the cherubim chariot throne capabilities. Those that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength and mount up on wings like the eagles. This refers to the eagles powers in the cherubim face. You are able to fly. You shall run and not be weary and you shall walk and not faint. These both can refer to the lion and the ox. This is supernatural strength. Elijah experienced these cherubim technologies. He was able to fun faster than a chariot! He was able to be taken by the wind/spirit and be transported places like a eagle just as God rides on the wings of the wing! You have these powers infused in your flesh but it cannot be activated unless the cherubim veil is opened. Your relationship with God determines the immensity of the activation of the cherubic veil powers that you walk in and manifest.


The different faces of the cherubim also describe shape shifting abilities. We understand from scripture that Lucifer before he fell was a cherub. We see him transforming/shape shifting throughout scripture as a serpent snake, to a leviathan sea creature, to a lion to a dragon. He was able to shape shift. We see the same thing with Jesus. We see him as a lamb in the book of revelation. He is also described as a lion. He is also described as a eagle. The cherubim technologies in the flesh allow shape shifting abilities!

Now the cherubim are also seen as a cloud that angels or the Lord Elohim ride on. Before we see the cherubim in ezekiel we see the cloud and out of the cloud came the cherubim. These clouds are angelic coverings. So when God says he covers himself in a cloud it is also angelic beings that surround him. Remember the scripture that says he makes his angels winds and his ministers flames of fire. When the glory of God was shown in ezekiel it was first seen as a storm cloud or a wind storm and in the windstorm cloud there was fire and out of the fire came the cherubim which resembled man. This whole make up are angelic technologies.


So this cloud and this chariot that the Lord rides is full of light and if it is full of light it is full of sound because sound is light in fact sound precedes light. There cannot be any light without sound. Sound creates light. In the beginning God spoke (sound) and said 'Let there be light'. Light is the result of sound and all matter is light energy which is sound energy. Now these angelic structures of the chariot throne: the cherubim the seraphim and the ophanim are the three orders of angels that give sound/light of praise and worship to God incessantly. This is why there are so closely associated with the glory of God because of the sound of praise and worship in relation to the Glory of God enthroned in praise. God surrounds himself in this cloud of sound, light, colors, scent and music. These forms of energy are angelic clouds. 

So inside your body mishkan there is endless permutations of sound/music and praise to God. The more praise and worship that you give out to God the more the glory manifests inwardly and the more you praise and worship God in your lifestyle the more the glory will manifest in your outward life. However, you cannot exist without your being giving off constant praise, sound, color and music unto God. This is your genetic sound. Everything that exists vibrates. You cannot exist without vibrating. So by the very medium of your existence you continually give off light and praise to God. This sound/praise is light and that light causes life. 

In closing you are the chariot throne of God that He wants to live in. This is the cherubim. You are able to be transported in the spirit anywhere because the spirit is everywhere and as scripture says those that are born of the spirit are like the wind.

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