Tuesday, May 12, 2020

SITA AHRA Realm of Darkness TAKEOVER Joe RoganElon Musk EXPOSE Covid19 Pandemic 2020 MASS Deception

Joe Rogan & Elon Musk Discuss Covid19 Pandemic

2020 has ushered in an extra special level of darkness that even has all kind of people talking trying to figure out what is going on beneath all the misinformation, propaganda and rhetoric. However this evil and nefarious plot against mankind globally has been more of a illusion of the night. notice that only evil can exist during the 6 days of creation and 6 represents man and man is imperfect so the world is imperfect. however on the 7th day there is the sabbath day of rest where everything is complete and there is no more night only day which signifies no more darkness or evil. this is why the sabbath day principle is so powerful there is no restraint on the will of God all is accessible and complete in perfection. 

Face of the 2020 COVID 19 Pandemic: 
The Sita Ahra: Realm of Darkness 

So right now we are experiencing extremely high levels of deception a surge of lies on the earth it has become a flood of fear mongering that is plaguing the earth. from everywhere to news media outlets to articles to celebrity posts to radio stations etc.the reason why is that we are being induced into a global consciousness of fear. this is a depressive and dark energy. this is necessary for the other side called the Sita Ahra. 

These demonic forces feed off this global worldwide negative energy of fear and death. what this is doing is its opening a door for the realm of darkness to have reign upon the earth. you got to understand when we stir unholy waters upon the earth by our actions, thoughts and deed and even within the waters of our body it causes a chain reaction to the waters in the heavenlies and this causes unholy creatures, unholy energies and unholy demonic spirits to emerge from the waters or otherwise known as firmaments and this release produces a negative chain reaction upon mankind. all of humanity have creative interaction in how the future plays out. 


The technology behind this is the sephirot also known as the tree of life this the prime pillar of life in metatron's cube which is new jerusalem the epicenter of creation this is where all creation comes from and flows from. all creation good and bad. regardless of it being from the other side realm of darkness or the light realm of heaven God allows all things because no matter what side that manifests things on the earth it works towards the furthering of God eternal plan. So even though we are seeing great darkness, deception, confusion, lies and seemingly nonstop death there is something bigger going out in the background that is working out a eternal plan for Gods purpose. 


Here are the implications of this: Revelations 14:2 says "and i heard a sound from heaven like the roar of rushing waters and like a loud pearl of thunder. The sound i heard was like that of harpists playing their harps". 

The sound you make on earth stirs the waters of the heavens. The waters of your body are connected to the waters of the heaven. The waters that you stir in your life whether good or bad holy or unholy you will cause those same waters to be stirred in the heavens and either on the right or left side of the tree of life the sephirot side of mercy or judgement you will manifest according to your words and your lifestyle. We are now seeing the manifestation of waters stirred on earth in the heavens. When we stir these waters on earth in our bodies by our words, actions and thoughts there are holy or unholy angels that emerge from the waters of the heavens and align to the earth and manifest according to their kind. 

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